Reflections On The Fourth


Reflections On The Fourth (Randyjw; July 4, 2016l)


My title is deceptive. Being that it’s July 4th, I’m sure your expectation regarding this article’s contents will surmise this post to be some exposition of the founding principles Americans hold dear: Freedom. You would be correct, but not in the way I relate it. I’m sure it should be thought to describe the past: it does; just not via the Founding Fathers (and here, many peoples under our nation will be explaining their own stories).


But, here we are, all together, describing different parts of the same story which makes up our ultimate whole. And that’s the best one there is. So, let’s make sure we can keep on telling it like this, for the infinite futures of our next generations.


Today, as I do most days, I read the internet news subscriptions that amass in my electronic inbox, describing what transpires in Israel and around the world, as seen through the Jewish lenses of our eyes, Leftist as they may be.


This news is entirely different than the news in American media; this news speaks of bombings, knife murders, vehicular homicide, and the myriad ways Arabs have just succeeded in killing, or attempting to kill, my Jewish brethren/kin/people around the world. It’s focus isn’t on Israel, because Arabs hunt us into the far reaches of the world, always on our heels, ever ready to kill.


Where we go, they will follow. Where we build, there will they then be. Tracing our footsteps, they bear resentment to our fruitful endeavors, rather than utilizing this knowledge to create positive good in the world. What they do learn from us is the methodology of success, combined with a destructive obsession to tear the Jew down, as a means to the ends of raising the Arab up. This becomes their primary focus, as opposed to truly finding their own sense of purpose and a goal to better the situations of their people.


So, while I’d rather be barbecuing hamburgers and hotdogs, instead I’m looking at the still-boxed, cheap barbecue I’ve never used in the many years since its purchase, long ago. I’m listening to the never-ending cacophany of powerful blasts of fireworks that have been raging for three days straight, wondering if any of those blasts are cover for a more serious crime of a shotgun blast or a bomb explosion. I’ve never seen combat, and there’s no PTSD for me, but I’m sure alot of our veterans can relate. One year, I even called the police, having forgotten it was the July 4th holiday weekend. Siege mentality, persecution syndrome — it’s not exactly fanciful imaginations in the subset world of Jewish inhabitation.


So, that’s what I’m doing — relating how our freedoms can become eroded while we let violent murderers gain a foothold to commit their terrorist acts against all we hold dear. It might not be the American story we wish to hear, but the Jewish story has an incredible wealth of insight for those few that can hear its strains.


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  1. Howdy, Pilgrim!
    Happy 4th to you, too! Hope it was happy for you!


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