Can You Feel Me?


Can You Feel Me? (Randyjw; July 7, 2016)


I can feel your tears fall, from here

I can hear your heart break, from fear

I know that the next step, we take

Needs to raise a life, that’s at stake


What’s it gonna take, til we find

Another act of hate, when we’re blind

All that we needs do, speak our minds

Come and save a life, yours and mine


It’s just as much for me, as for you

I don’t know where to start, what to do

I just know when we start, then it’s true

It benefits not one, but does two


So, get yourself involved, learn the facts

Expand your scope, so you can then act

Your weapon is your mind, you will wield

You’ll bring your one-self kind, as a shield


Embody all the words, you might preach

To learn to love the world, as you teach

Another open mind, you will reach

The world of love for all and to each


I hope you’ll do as much, that you can

To add your extra touch, to each man

To make his life be what, you would live

Were it for not for that, you might give


And so it is for this, that I feel

We’ve got to make it bold, make it real

Just take a little step, act today

Don’t let the time go past, slip away


We didn’t build it up, in one day

We sat and talked, and met our delays

We gathered and wrote laws, that would be

Foundations for each man, to be free


It took a lot of time, till it took

Each simple little Act, on the book

We had to stand our ground, make the fight

Until we knew we’d found, what was right


So, gather with your friends, start right now

Consider where it ends, and the how

Can you feel the strength, in my mien

Can you feel me now, sight unseen




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6 responses to “Can You Feel Me?

  1. In speech, I’m slow to thought and short on expression. Writing gives me a chance to at least try to say some of my thoughts, but, here, too, they go off on all tangents and I forget where I was going. I need to marshall my ideas, better, but I’m enjoying the opportunity, and I’m really happy you’ve taken the time and said something nice to me. That means alot to me, Shelly. Thank you so much.


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