Rudy Giuliani for Vice President!


Rudy Giuliani, former mayor of New York, would be my first choice for Donald Trump’s running mate as Vice President.


Everybody loves Rudy Giuliani — except for crooks and chagrined Saudi royals offering blood money for the 9/11/2001 terrorist attack perpetrated by 15 Saudi individuals of the 19 total (in physical, not supportive, roles; those are probably still at-large) who brought down the twin World Trade Center towers in New York City that life-changing day.


His unwavering commitment to uphold the rule of law and the rule of justice included his zeal to equally prosecute corrupt police officers, as similarly as it did to capture and to bring to justice criminal syndicate groups and gangs, which had been running the streets of New York until Giuliani’s active intrusion into their business ended their profiteering ventures.


Wall Street inside-traders had nowhere to hide, as Giuliani tackled brazen breaches of confidence in the financial systems, and established not only entry, but new policy, in the inner sanctum workings of a formerly sacrosanct entity known as the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC).


In his eight years as Mayor, New York City saw an overall 57 percent decrease in crime, a whopping 95 percent reduction in incarceration crimes, and a 40 percent reduction in police shootings — an issue of utmost importance in today’s uproarious protests of civilian thought on the matter.


His integrity to focus on the issues and the laws shows a man of character not privy to choosing political sides where actions are needed, unlike the present political climate, in which potentially treasonous acts regarding the nation’s security of its information has been recklessly disregarded under the present administration in which Hillary Clinton removed information from locations under heavy guard when she used personal servers to harbour that intelligence under less-watchful and secure protection and/or protocol.


Giuliani has held the following positions, and is no stranger to the workings of our government:

Assistant United States Attorney – New York, Southern District

United States Attorney – New York, Southern District

Chief of the Narcotics Division

Associate Deputy Attorney General

Associate Attorney General

Executive United States Attorney – Department of Justice, Washington, D.C.


With income now regained to the New York City treasury with his crackdown on the money being lost through criminal enterprises, he was able to turn budget deficits into major surplusses, and simultaneously cut taxes while improving the safety of local neighborhoods, raising property values and making the city become one of America’s safest large cities at the time, according to the FBI.


Giuliani, alas, is no G-d. It turns out he is human, just like the rest of us. He has been through both divorce and cancer. These struggles may have been added to his life burdens at one time, but he came out the other side of it strong, and as determined as ever, to pursue justice and a life of service.


His integrity still keeps going. He recently spoke out about his former protege, head of the FBI’s Jim Comey, whom he has criticized for his decision to underplay Hillary Clinton and her staff’s roles in their usage of federal information and intelligence on personal servers located offsite.


I believe this will be the best man to be Vice President of our country. I hope to see him selected for the position.


(I list him among my previous Presidential Cabinet Picks of the 2012 elections; you can read my post in the archives, here:


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