Sap for Sad Eyes


Are you a sap for mewing baby kittens? A sucker for sad, little puppy dog eyes?


I’ll admit to having poured more than a fair share’s worth of seek-and-find missions into searching out considerably cute kitties on YouTube videos: kittens in baths, kittens at play, and kittens doing what they do best — sleeping.


That’s entertainment? It’s one form of mine…


Anyways, here’s a link to one of my recent followers’ websites, and it’s all about animals. I have to say that these are some of the best photos out there of cute animals in one place that I’ve seen. The captions don’t always seem to match, but, with wet, little bunnies in towels and dog snouts in slippers, does it truly matter?


Here’s a looksie for yourself:




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