Impossible Peace


Impossible Peace (Randyjw; July 17, 2016)


“How can we live in peaceful co-existence with someone, who won’t even let us live?”

– Randyjw



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2 responses to “Impossible Peace

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  2. My statement comes from a Jewish person thinking about the Arab enmity toward us, which dates back thousands of years, and hasn’t changed since. It’s noted in the Koran, but it likely preceeded Islam in cultural/tribal warfare, etc. Nothing new under the sun. I debated clarifying the parties to my thoughts, which I do in the tags, but left it intentionally blank. People can each apply it as
    their own. I guess that is what you are doing, but I’m not following your linear thoughts. If I try to, and insert who I meant, the Jews, into what you say, you say that we need to change so that we don’t deserve to die, makes it seem that you think that the Jews deserve to be attacked and killed. We’re
    not doing anything to deserve to be the victims of irrational, murderous hatred that manifests in brutal, vicious killings. Jews, by the way, have been instrumental in human rights, including in the civil
    rights movement (in fact, there was divisional disagreement within the Black organizations on whether such heavy involvement by the Jews was adding to, or weakening, their perceived power as a
    people. Some highly resented it, and felt like their power/control was being diluted, and it tore them into two sides. We stayed involved, and even gave
    our lives to the rights of Black/all, and the movement did, eventually win, with Black people empowering themselves to be active. Lawsuits were continuously filed to argue against the states which didn’t want to change, again and again, until they were won. This is entirely a different matter, though, than dealing with violent murderers, and nobody has been able to change them in four thousand years (or whatever). What does that mean? Noone can force them to change. The only ones that can change them are they, themselves.


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