Farm-Raised Shrimp


Farm-Raised Shrimp (Randyjw; July 23, 2016)


We’ve plucked the weeds

and cleared the land

Spread our seeds

Thanks for the hand!


We’ve dug the lakes

and piped a line

Nailed in stakes

Thanks for your time!


The rocks removed

out of the soil

You flat-out proved

that you could toil!


The fruit is picked

The beets in rows

Thank you, Shrimp,

Could you pass the hoe?





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2 responses to “Farm-Raised Shrimp

  1. Thank you. I just thought the title was ironic. The farm-raised shrimp get white spot disease. It was a good premise, but it seems that thwarting nature has its repercussions.This is an odd thing to say, but they seem like nice, sweet little creatures. I was in a boat at night one night with someone catching shrimp. They’d shine a spotlight down on the water, and the shrimp would come up from the depths to see what was going on. Even though they’re crustaceans with little pea-sized brains, they really did seem nice as I stared at them there. I felt bad for them.

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