The Mantle

The Mantle (Randyjw; July 23, 2016)

The spiralled, spinning galaxies
were thrust from nowhere known
its oft-debated heresies
made rife with strife and sown

And somehow one-celled wonders
Grew to walk bipedalled fame
And monkeys reaped the plunder
of the men they took in name

The rains from heaven separate
the seas which laid below
And G-d’s tears mist the vapors
of the silky driven snow

They puddle in the crevices
and fill the flattened plains
For no-one here on earth can hear
the sounds of G-d in pain

The vents which lie between each space
pour forward forth its hearth
For sweet of time and lichened moss
repurifying earth

the molten core which lies beneath
the mantle of its crust
must quash its inner rumblings
‘ere we all are turned to dust



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