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Terrorist ABC’s


Terrorist ABC’s (Randyjw; July 20, 2016)


The Taliban is so outré,

And that al-Qaeda? Just passé!

ISIS is the most JayVee

So, what comes next? We’ll have to see.



A= Abbas, Mahmoud. Head representative of Palestinian Authority. Signed the checks as head financier of the Black September Palestinian Liberation Organization (PLO) terrorists who killed 11 members of the Israeli Olympic team at the summer games held in Munich, Germany; 5th-6th September, 1972.

B= Beirut, Lebanon: Bombing of U.S. barracks/ 220 U.S. Marines killed; 18 U.S. sailors killed; 3 U.S. soldiers killed; 58 French paratroopers killed; six civilians killed; October 23, 1983.

C= Charlie Hebdo / Paris, France satirical magazine, inside the offices of which Arab terrorists conducted a massacre, killing twelve and wounding eleven on January 7, 2015; Another attack in November, 2011 occurred in which the Charlie Hebdo offices were firebombed and their website was hacked.

Caliphate; wished-for hegemonic Islamic world-rule.

D= Daniel Pearl / Jewish journalist killed in Pakistan; February 1, 2002. Daniel was investigating a story on American convert to Islam, the “shoe bomber”, Richard Reid, for The Wall Street Journal, when he was kidnapped and then beheaded by Islamic terrorists, solely because he was Jewish.

E= Ehud Goldwasser and Eldad Regev / At around 9:00 a.m. on July 12, 2006, Lebanon started a war and launched missiles into Israel. They then attacked an Israeli border patrol, where they abducted Ehud Goldwasser and Eldad Regev and brought them to Lebanon. Both were killed. An additional four Israelis were killed while in pursuit of the abductors, when their Merkava tank hit an improvised explosive device (IED). Ehud and Eldad were returned, dead, two years after the murder, in an Israeli exchange of Hezbollah prisoners. Israel determines they were killed at the time of ambush.

F= France: Paris massacres: Charlie Hebdo, twelve killed (January 7, 2015; see Charlie Hebdo, above) and HyperCacher, January 9, 2015, four killed. Separate incidents, which were committed by Arab jihadists. HyperCacher is a kosher supermarket, serving the Jewish populations of the local areas.

Flatow, Alisa / Alisa was a 20-year-old Jewish American student killed from a car-bombing attack upon an Israeli transportation system bus in Gaza (Kfar Darom). Seven Israeli Army staff were also killed. The attack occured on April 9, 1995, via Palestinian Islamic Jihad (PIJ). Alisa passed away on April 10, 1995. Her father, a lawyer, helped to expose the unlawful activities of BNP Paribas, a bank which violated sanctions for dealing with Iran. Due to the Iranian connections to terrorism and in helping to fund PIJ, the Government of Iran was court-ordered to pay the Flatow family $247.5 million.

Fatah / Arab terrorist organization.

Fort Hood, Texas / Jordanian-American Major (Revoked) Nidal Malik Hassan served in the United States Army Medical Corps. His internship and residency at Walter Reed Medical Center put him into contact with injured and returning U.S. war veterans, whom he oversaw under psychiatric care. For six years, his behavior there was considered extremely odd, and he concluded lecture speeches and written reports with the Islamic war cry of Jihad, “Allahu Akhbar”. An investigation by the FBI of Hassan’s email contacts with alleged al-Qaeda replacement leader to terrorist Osama Bin Laden, Yemeni-American Anwar al-Awlaki (deceased), the former Imam of a Falls Church, Virginia mosque, were considered of no import and were deemed authorized professional research. Similarly, benignly conclusive results by the Department of Defense classified the deadliest terror attack, which Nidal Hassan conducted against his fellow colleagues by mass shooting, on U.S. soil since September 11, 2001, a matter of “workplace violence”. He admitted to the murders at his trial, and was stripped of his rank and sentenced to death by execution. November 5, 2009; 13 killed, 32 injured (plus Nidal Hassan = 33).

G= Gilad Shalit / Gilad is an Israeli soldier who was kidnapped from Israel during a Hamas raid through underground tunnels; June 25, 2006. He was the first captive soldier in 26 years to be released alive. He was held for over five years, until being exchanged on October 18, 2011 for 1,027 mostly Arab terrorists from Israeli prisons, who had, collectively, previously killed 569 Israelis.

H= Hamas / Arab terrorist group.

Hezbollah / Arab terrorist group.

I= Islamabad, Pakistan:

November 21, 1979 / U.S. Embassy, Islamabad, Pakistan – Attacked and burned to the ground, killing 4, as well as 2 of the attackers themselves.

September 20, 2008 / Marriott Hotel – Bombing; killed 54, injured 266.

October 20, 2009 / International Islamic University – Twin suicide bombings; killed 6, injured 29.

March 3, 2014 / District Courts Complex F8 – Grenades, shooting, and suicide bombings; killed 11, injured 25.

Israel / sites of terrorist attacks, bombings, stabbings, vehicular homicides, arson, war, etc.

Iran / major financier and supplier of arms to Jihad terrorists worldwide.

J= Jihad / war; Arabic term.

K= Koby Mandell / Teenage Jewish civilian victim, 13-years-old, killed in Gush Etzion, Israel with other teenage Jewish civilian, Yosef Ishran, 14-years-old; May 8, 2001 by being bound, beaten with rocks, and stabbed by Arab terrorists.

Khobar Towers / Car Bomb attack on the Khobar Towers housing complex in Khobar, Saudi Arabia; June 25, 1996; killed 19 U.S. servicemen, wounded 498 others.

L= Lee Rigby / British Army soldier, Fusilier Lee Rigby, was murdered in broad daylight; May 22, 2013. First run down with a car, and then brutally hacked to death with an attempted beheading during the attack on him in the streets of south London, United Kingdom, by two Nigerian British Christian converts to Islam.

M= Muslim Brotherhood / Egypt-originating terrorist organization.

Madrid, Spain / site of numerous bombing attacks, due to historical Muslim attempted take-overs of Spain. Basque ETA separatists also involved in many of Spain’s conflicts. El-Andalus reference of previous height of Muslim occupation. Muslims, along with Jews, were expelled from Spain in 1492. Kingdom and Monarchies of Spain, as well as its Christian nature, determined to keep its territorial hold in the region. Muslim desire for conquest has caused many of its previous wars, as well as modern-day terrorist attacks, which plague it, due to this reason. Recent bombings include: 1974, 1979, 1985, 1986,1993, 1995, 2004, 2006. The one most remembered in recent times is the 2004 Madrid bombing, being the deadliest terrorist attack in Spain. Backpack bombs were placed on trains. March 11, 2004; 192 killed, 2,050 injured.

Mumbai, India / site of numerous attacks in India, as well as in the rest of the country. India has a similar situation to Israel, with conflicts arising from the Muslim minority in its midsts, which constantly attack the other groups. This led to India’s acquiescence to cede land for a Muslim state (now called Pakistan) during the same 1947-1948 time period of Israel’s formal declaration of independence from its remaining land (given over, by the British, to become Jordan). From 2005 to July 2006, terror attacks inside India have killed 707, and injured over 3,200.

N= Nice, France / Car-ramming / Vehicular homicide; July 14, 2016; Car-ramming attack in which an Arab terrorist indiscriminately mowed down and ran over 84 people, including men, women and children civilians,  killing them with a large truck, at a parade on France’s Independence holiday, called Bastille Day. As many as that, and more, were additionally injured in the attack.

al-Nusra Front / Syrian terrorist group.

O= Osama bin Laden / Yemeni-Saudi Arabian leader of terrorist group, al-Qaeda, responsible for multiple, ongoing terrorist attacks around the world. Born to a financially well-off family, prominent in the construction industry as a chief provider of tenders for the Royal family. Killed by U.S. Navy SEALS in his Pakistani hideout, May 2, 2011.

P= Paris, France: Muslim massacres (see “France” description).

Pakistan / (see Islamabad, Pakistan).

Q= al-Qaeda (“base”) / Arab terrorist group.

R= Ruhollah Khomeini – Sayyid Ruhollah Musavi Khomenei, also Ayatollah Khomenei. Leader installed under Islamic Revolutionary coup, replacing Mohammad Reza Shah Pahlavi, the Shah of Iran. Twelver Shia religious adherent. Issued fatwa for life of author Salman Rushdie. Declares death to the United States (the “Great Satan”) and Israel (“the Little Satan”). Desirous of nuclear technology, despite ample other fossil and natural resources such as fuels, deposits, and other rich assets. All this, and yet TIME magazine declares him “Man of the Year” for 1979.

S= Syrian civil war; Shi’a; Sunni; Salafi; Sufi

Sbarro: Restaurant location of terrorist attack in Jerusalem pizzeria. August 9, 2001; 15 killed (including 7 children and a pregnant American woman), 130 injured.

T= Tanzim 17 / Old Palestinian terror group under Yasser Arafat.

U= United Nations / Prejudiced against Israel.

USS Cole (see Yemen).

V= Vienna, Gates of Vienna (Austria) / The Siege of Vienna, September 27-October 15, 1529, was the first in several attempts by Islam/Turkish Ottoman Empire to conquer Europe. They conquered some areas, but were repelled in Vienna, and continued over the next 150 years to make war on Vienna. On July 14, 1683, the Ottoman Turks again attempted to conquer Vienna, but a coalition party of territories in the region fought back in what is known as The Battle of Vienna, begun September 11th, 1683. It lasted through September 12th, and drove the Ottoman Empire out of European lands in a decisive victory. The Ottoman-Habsburg wars were a clash for power for territory between the Holy Roman Empire and the Ottoman Empire. This cuckolding loss to Ottoman Muslim honor can be seen for the basis of the timing of the September 11th attacks on the United States, where historic dates, combined with losses, fuel the Muslim fires of raging fury.

W= Wahhabism / Saudi Arabian interpretation of Islam based on strict beliefs of Sunni Muslim theologian Muhammad Ibn Abd el-Wahhab, persisting since 1700’s until today, and what we would consider the basis for Sunni Muslim practice today.

X= Xinjiang, China / Uyghur Muslims of China detonated bombs on three, separate busses on transportation lines numbers 2, 10, and 44 in Urumqi. February 25, 1997; 9 killed (including three children), 74 injured.

Y= Yasser Arafat / terrorist; former head of PLO — now deceased. Father of Palestinian terror group, Palestine Liberation Organization (PLO).

Yemen / site of ongoing and multiple Islamic terror attacks. U.S. Navy was attacked by Sudanese terrorists when they detonated between 400-700 pounds (200-300 kilograms) of explosives in a suicide bomb blast directly impacting the hull of guided-missile destroyer, USS Cole, docked for refueling in port of Aden, Yemen; October 12, 2000; killed 17 U.S. Navymen, 39 injured.

Z= Zamboanga City, Mindinao, Phillipines / Four bomb attacks during the month of October in 2002. Bombs set off in two deparent stores, a karaoke bar/restaurant, and at Fort Pillar shrine. October 7th, 2002; October 17th, 2002; October 21st, 2002; 11 killed, 180 injured.

Znamenskoye, Nadterechny District, Chechnya (Russia) / Znamenskoye Grozny suicide bombing delivered by truck bombing perpetrated by 2 women, 1 man into a local government administration and into the Federal Security Service of the Russian Federation (FSB) directorate complex. May 12, 2003;  59 killed, 200 injured.


The Japanese Sarin gas attacks in the Tokyo subway systems and the Anthrax spore attacks in the United States are two additional, major terrorist acts, among many more, not elaborated here.

Information for the above article can be found in, under various headings; accessed July 12, 2016 – July 20, 2016.

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Attempting Freedom


Attempting Freedom (Randyjw; July 18, 2016)


Amongst the war cries and the power struggles for primacy in the Middle East, we have another attempted effort by the population to subvert the oppressive yokes on their shoulders weighing them down into subservient sheep of their masters. Just as the Arab spring started a movement, begun in December of 2010 in Tunisia, which rapidly spread throughout the region, it has continued, unabated, even to the present, with no apparent end in sight.


In Bahrain, the civil uprising was put down by government and Saudi intervention.


In Egypt, president Hosni Mubarak was overthrown and given life imprisonment. Mohamed Morsi was next elected to the presidency. His status deteriorated, and he was then replaced with Abdel Fattah Saeed Hussein Khalil El-Sisi.


In Iran, occasional people’s revolutions kept trying to gain a start and a foothold, but they were outnumbered and lacked sustaining momentum, eventually quashed. Spontaneous outbreaks of Pharell Williams’s “Happy” song were sung by students and young adults everywhere, only to find disastrous results, such as jailings, for the participants — definitely a most unhappy outcome. Previously, they had known a more jovial, secular time under the reign of the Shah of Iran, but not every “Revolution” results in the rule of democracy, for, in 1979, Iran underwent an Islamic revolution. Now the country is under very strict laws, where women dress fully covered, and the genders are more separated, etc. It is this way, still, today.


In Jordan, constitutional changes were put into place.


In Kuwait, changes in government were begun.


In Lebanon, governmental changes were also begun.


In Libya, an uprising against the 42-year reign of Colonel Moammar Khaddafi began, eventually supported with military action by France, the United Kingdom, and the United States, and a later coalition of 27 additional European Union and Middle Eastern states. Khaddafi was killed.


In Mauritania, there were civil protests.


In Morocco, there were new reforms made to the Constitution.


In Oman, governmental changes were made.


In Saudi Arabia, there were protests.


In Sudan, there also were protests.


In Syria, a civil war between president Bashar Al-Assad’s government forces and various civilian opposition groups has been raging without stop, causing a major exodus of Syrians fleeing the country. This has spurred the impetus for a flood of migrating Middle Easterners to safer havens of refuge in free countries, due to the perceived willingness toward an open-door acceptance to all. This has overwhelmed Europe, especially with its Shengen Agreement allowing open borders and passage through all countries in the European Union, swamping resources under the tremendous influx of migrants.


In Tunisia, president Zine El Abidine Ben Ali was overthrown, and citizens ensconced the main Islamist party, Ennahda, to a constituent assembly, which would draft a new constitution. Forty-two women were elected. Parliamentary elections and presidentials were held, making Beji Caid Essebsi president, bringing his secular party, Nidaa Tounes, which he founded in 2012, to the fore.


Beyond doubt, what we keep seeing are akin to the forces of dark versus light, good versus evil. We briefly have a bout of democratic-minded citizens finding the courage to break out against their oppressive rulers, only to not be ready to take over and make it stick.


There was a period of carefree living in the world, back in the 1960’s and ’70’s, even in the Middle East, which saw the sexes blending unreservedly, and freedom of dress really did result in freedom of movement.




(Iranian women cracking the books at Tehran University, Iran during the 1960’s or 1970’s; to me it appears it is the 1970’s, based on the fashions popular during those times)


Undoubtedly, we also saw the extreme inverse, with groups such as Black September, a terror group formed of the newly-minted people known as the Palestinians, from their newly-minted terrorist group, the P.L.O. (and all its various pop-up factions splitting off when discrepancies in methodologies arose), whose main goal was devoted to wresting the land of Israel from the Jews, committing terrorist acts, such as the 1972 Olympic massacre in Berlin, where 11 members of the Israeli athletic team were murdered by them. This was the dawning of airplane hijackings, bombings, and other cruel Arab acts of terrorism, despite the loving mood of people in the world, elsewhere.


The sense of Arab unease and disenchantment with their lives can only be seen as one, among many, symptoms of discontent with their political system, as well as, perhaps, its never-ending proportional battles to concile the religious aspects of their lives into its political realities. The violence which emanates from the culture cannot be dismissed. It doesn’t seem to matter whether the government is a religious one, or a secular one.


Nevertheless, I was disappointed that the recent attempted Turkish military coup on July 15, 2016 to overthrow the increasing adherance to Islamic rule extending over the people through forceful government motions ended in one day, with the soldiers partaking in the exercise surrendering themselves to authorities in government. Many lives were lost, and they did not receive the expected support from other military factions, nor even from the populace, who were either too scared of the repercussions from their government to join a freedom-setting alliance, or were too incubated in Islamist ideology to fathom that freedom could also grant the practice of Islam to them, as well.


I don’t know. That’s the way I see it, anyways. Another massive loss of lives in another wasted opportunity to taste the beauty of freedom, without oppression, in the Middle East.


Article information found in “Arab Spring”,; accessed approximately July 17 and July 18, 2016:



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Micropoetry (Randyjw; July 18, 2016)













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Impossible Peace


Impossible Peace (Randyjw; July 17, 2016)


“How can we live in peaceful co-existence with someone, who won’t even let us live?”

– Randyjw

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Audrey Hepburn Quote


“People, even more than things, have to be restored, renewed, revived, reclaimed, and redeemed; never throw out anyone.”

– Audrey Hepburn


Audrey Hepburn. (n.d.). Retrieved July 17, 2016, from Web site:


Thank you to Veena at Recollections at Fall for pointing me in the right direction in locating this beautiful artwork by Melinda Matyas. If an artwork moves me to tears, it means that it has struck an emotional nerve with me. This mixed media drawing, called Traces, does so for me. This link may only load to the page; if so, just find the forward-facing little girl in the yellow dress in the Drawings section; you’ll see which is the one.


Melinda Matyas


Mixed Media on Paper

68cm x 35cm

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(Tribute to Nice) Randy’s Recipes (Mom’s): B.F. Onion Soup, Served With Jewish Six Toast-Points Of Light


Our hearts are with you, France

(In-Memoriam July 14, 2016)


This recipe makes the best french onion soup I have ever had. It was created by a Jewish gourmet home chef, whose professionalism entailed installing commercial quality appliances in his home kitchen decades before it became popular. They are his initials, but I’m sure you will insist it means “Best French”, no?


Because this recipe serves twelve, and I am only one, the soup you see in the accompanying picture is a singular adaptation made with ingredients on-hand (I had no sliced cheese, an absolute imperative for the top!).


As a Jewish person, myself, I know only too well the sorrows left behind in the wake of a terrorist’s attack. Our people, and the world, stand along with you, France, in remembering and paying homage to the innocent victims of this attack.


This recipe from a Jewish chef is presented from another Jewish person. The toast-points were created in the shape of the Jewish Star, with its six points, to show Jewish solidarity with France in her time of need. The Jewish Six Toast-Points Of Light sit on a tempered glass dish, shaped in the form of a fish, from Arcoroc France. It, like the Jewish people’s support, has stood the test of time and has remained as true and strong as ever.



(Tribute to Nice) Randy’s Recipes (Mom’s): B.F. Onion Soup, Served With Jewish Six Toast-Points Of Light (July 15, 2016)


8 Large Spanish (Vidalia) Onions

1/4 lb. (1 stick) margarine

15 beef bouillon cubes

Worcestershire sauce, two dashes

Tabasco sauce, a couple of drops

Kitchen Bouquet-brand Browning and Seasoning Liquid, dash or two

Garlic Powder, good shake for soup, and also sprinkled on Italian bread

Black pepper, small shake

1 Tablespoon Flour

Sherry wine, shake or two

Grated Parmesan, good shake for soup, and also sprinkled on Italian bread

Italian Bread Slices, for each bowl

Sliced Swiss Cheese, for each bowl

Sliced Mozzarella Cheese, for each bowl

Bread Crumbs, a sprinkle on top for each bowl


Cut eight (8) large Spanish (Vidalia) onions into pieces (not rings) and sauté, uncovered, in 1/4 lb. margarine, until soft and golden brown. Set aside.

Dissolve 15 beef bouillon cubes in 1 quart (= 4 cups) hot water. Mix with: Worcestershire sauce, Tabasco sauce, black pepper, garlic powder, and Kitchen Bouquet.

Mix flour into sautéed onions. Add the hot water mixture and then add another quart of water. Put on high heat. Boil, covered, for 10 minutes, then simmer for 30 minutes.

Add sherry wine.

Cool “a little” and add a good shake of Parmesan cheese.

Smear Italian bread slices with margarine, garlic powder, and Parmesan cheese, and toast until very lightly browned.

Place into individual crockware bowls in the following order:

Bread (on the bottom)

Soup (leave room for expansion in bowl)

Cheeses: sliced Swiss and Mozzarella

Bread Crumbs

Bake at 450°F for 10-15 minutes. Remove and place under broiler element, watching carefully not to burn the topping, to melt the cheeses and brown, slightly, the top. Remove with potholders; it will be broiling hot. Enjoy.

10 Yums Up


Randy’s Recipes: Jewish Six Toast-Points Of Light


Bread of choice, sliced

Softened Butter or Margarine

Garlic Powder

Grated Parmesan, or other, Cheese

Spices of your choice

Spread softened butter or margarine on a plate. Sprinkle spices and cheese on top. Fold in and stir, to mix well. Spread on open bread slices. Toast until lightly browned. Remove and cut into triangular pieces. Form into six-pointed Jewish Star around plate. You can make a dip and serve it in a bowl in the middle of the Star.

4 Yums Up



This is the drawing I made for the one-year anniversary of the Charlie Hebdo and subsequent HyperCacher terrorists attacks in Paris, France, which began on January 7, 2015. It is a Jewish tribute to the terror victims, and features symbols of solidarity between the cultures: symbols of Judaism under terrorism: foreground, coiled and barbed wire; the Dome of the Rock in Jerusalem, Israel; symbols of America under terrorism: the World Trade Center’s twin towers; French symbol of fraternity with the United States: the Statue of Liberty; lightly drawn symbol of France: aforeground to the Statue of Liberty, the Eiffel Tower. The Hebrew message, in show of solidarity with France, and in “reverse copy” of France’s message to the Jews, “Je Suis Juif”, in solidarity: “Gam Ani Yehudi” (“I Am Also Jewish”).


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Sap for Sad Eyes


Are you a sap for mewing baby kittens? A sucker for sad, little puppy dog eyes?


I’ll admit to having poured more than a fair share’s worth of seek-and-find missions into searching out considerably cute kitties on YouTube videos: kittens in baths, kittens at play, and kittens doing what they do best — sleeping.


That’s entertainment? It’s one form of mine…


Anyways, here’s a link to one of my recent followers’ websites, and it’s all about animals. I have to say that these are some of the best photos out there of cute animals in one place that I’ve seen. The captions don’t always seem to match, but, with wet, little bunnies in towels and dog snouts in slippers, does it truly matter?


Here’s a looksie for yourself:



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