Not So Subtle Signs Of Anti-Semitism


Anti-Semitism on WordPress


Due to my technical limitations with my equipment, or lack thereof, my WordPress functions are limited. As I’ve mentioned previously, my “like” button rarely loads, and so my often only recourse to let someone know I’ve appreciated their work and that I stopped by for a visit, is to leave a comment. I’m also rather verbose (in writing); hence, a natural fit.


One day I was commenting at a site, to which another individual “liked” my apparent reply. I tend to respond similarly, to look that person up and visit their site, as well (and, of course, make a comment on it), provided that they don’t seem like an altogether fake scam site, forfend.


So, I went to this site, whose moderator had already “liked” my comment. I probably wouldn’t have known about or have visited this site, unless I’d been tapped to alert, as I was. Meaning: No, I’m not “trolling”. There, I found a site about Christianity and Islam. Its sole focus is on comparative religion between the two, being that it’s moderator had been a Christian convert to Islam, I believe I recall reading somewhere. I have no beef about that, nor even his slightly sharp retort to my opening comment, where I espouse the doctrinal lack by both faiths of love for the Jew, to which the reverse accusation was made.


I’ve found a number of sites which denigrate Jews without even speaking about them. They just omit them entirely from whole genres, such as “kindness”.


I’ve already written pieces referencing such issues in “Cornering the Kindness Market” ( and “Letters to Editors, Etc.” ( I never did receive a reply from Mr. Fineman at The Huffington Post regarding the fact that the Kindness Blog featured by one of its subcontractored authors leaves out Jews, Judaism, and Israel from its “kindness” categories, but instead places them into “war” and “violence” categories, while placing all references to Islam and Muslims in “kindness” categories.


At this site, bloggingtheology, I was left with the same impression of Jews being purposely left out, to mean that they are rejected, insignificant. Of course, it’s a person’s prerogative to write about any subject of their choosing. I believe that all I did in making my comments was to lay out and to state some facts. My opinions never degenerated to name-calling. But another respondent felt inclined to reiterate the same emotional appeal without any facts, whatsoever. Plus, he called me a cruel, Zionist Jew. He says I would like to annihilate all Palestinians (no; but I WOULD like it, very much, if they would stop trying to do so to the Jews). And, he called me a terrorist. Nothing like getting your facts confused, huh?


What you’re witnessing here is anti-Semitism, as it exists in the real world. MY WORLD.


Here is one of my similarly-written comments at the site:



Compared with theirs:




Just another day in Paradise, I guess…


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