Distant Desert Convoy


Distant Desert Convoy (Randyjw; August 26, 2016)


In the back train of the convoy

the pace proceeding slowly

A Bactrian bears an envoy

Both humbling and lowly


Proceeding forth with message

With gifts of wealth to bring

Upon this noblest dressage

Befit the uncrowned king


For days we bore the passage

The chamsin wind-swept sands

The pounding heat, the sun’s barrage

Assembled from our land


Gamal, gamal, the wind does howl

and tells us of its commentary

Gamal, gamal, the wind-shorn scowl

atop the two-humped dromedary


Of long-lost kin, from kaan to ken

erased the mottled air

The fights which throttled lesser men

Forgiven in Se’ir.


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