Vaya Con Dios: Songs As You Fly to Spain


Vaya Con Dios: Songs As You Fly to Spain (Randyjw; August 31, 2016)


Songs of Spain, by Spain, about Spain. A look at how an interpretation of various associations of the meanings inherent in one culture are borne out or portrayed in another. Romantic. Occasionally embattled. Viewed with another lens.


Spanish Harlem – Ben E. King



Spanish Eyes – Elvis Presley:



The Clash – Spanish Bombs:



Three Dog Night – Never Been to Spain:



The Rain in Spain – The Civic Theater in Auckland (2009 production):



Vox Vulgaris – Spanish Bombs:



Vaya Con Dios – Les Paul and Mary Ford:





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5 responses to “Vaya Con Dios: Songs As You Fly to Spain

  1. Thanks! It’s open to additions and suggestions! I’ll call this genre: Americana-Espana. In another mode, I really love classical guitar and was blessed to see in concert its #1 artist: Charo. She was just incredible. I’ve been wanting to recommend another song for you: Autumn Leaves, in both its English and French renditions. Here are links, if you’d like to listen (sorry; deleted them, because they became video. Replaced them in the playlist, Chanteuse: Smoky Set for Jazz and Piano, though).

    Autumn Leaves – English (Frank Sinatra)

    Les Feuilles Mortes – French (Yves Montand)

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