Life Forms


Life Forms (Randyjw; September 12, 2016)


Is it quite fair?

Or is there more?

To live one’s life

as metaphor.


Or do we dare?

to make it worse?

In living life

in candid verse.


We ought to care!

And so it goes…

We should live life

in simple prose.


Inspired by the poem, “Oh Dear Life!”, by Meenakshi Sethi at Wings of Poetry:




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3 responses to “Life Forms

  1. Thanks, Margot! It was one of those things that started out to be something else, but the rhymes sent it elsewhere. I’m glad you like my unintentional “accident”. 🙂


  2. Meenakshi!!! Hi!!! ❤ No, you're too kind! That's so sweet! My actual thought was so different, but this is what happened! What I wanted to try to say was that there are simple people, like me, who just don't get it. Life IS full of metaphor, but I mostly don't grasp that and so live life going about it without learning those lessons, doomed to repeat the same mistakes, over and over. In the Passover seder, which I celebrate, being Jewish, we retell to our generations our story. We are to explain it to the children in the way in which they can grasp it; i.e., simply, to a "simple" son (such as myself). I take most things in life at face-value, or, quite "literally", making me a fundamentalist (and often gullible). I see the Bible that way, believing that everything in it happened exactly as it says, even though I know it is a multi-layered composite of all things in life, filled with the actual, the metaphorical, the metaphysical, the hidden and coded, etc. Even the simple has its complexities! Thank you, hon! 🙂

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