The Versatile Blogger Award


To feel genuinely appreciated for what you do or for just being you can brighten your outlook and change someone’s life. That type of inspiration is a quality found in the wonderful Meenakshi Sethi, whose uplifting encouragement and acceptance has penetrated to my being, and who reaches out to so many others to offer more of her storehouse of kindness. What a rarity and a delight to find! I’d like to introduce you to her, through her beautiful website, Wings of Poetry. She will carry you along with her wisdom and her words, and together you will go far. Congratulations on winning your award, Meenakshi, and thank you for the honor of bestowing it on me.


See Meenakshi’s website, here:


Here are the rules for the Versatile Blogger Award:


1. Thank the person who nominated you.


2. Share the award on your blog.


3. Share seven random facts about yourself.


4. Tag ten bloggers with less than 1,000 followers and let them know they have been nominated.



Seven Random Facts About Me:


1. I usually walk, bicycle, or commute via public transportation, and have done so for more than a decade.


2. I engage politically to raise my voice and awareness of issues of particular importance to me: writing legislators, signing petitions, volunteering for political campaigns, blogging, and more.


3. I paid for the privilege to defend my peoples’ lives, honors, and namesakes, by serving as a volunteer for almost nine months at an army base, working in a supportive, non-combat capacity. I had to work hard at my goals to get there to achieve them. I received, in return, the satisfaction of defending my brothers and sisters against a pernicious evil that would see us wiped off the face of this earth. I receive no pension or benefits from having done so.


4. In further humanitarian work, I have been a Committee Member for a major organization which impacts those with physical challenges.


5. My mother worked for an organization assisting those with cognitive challenges. As my brother was developmentally delayed, I am familiar with many of the barriers which face those dealing with such issues, as well as on the other end of how one can help to raise awareness and attempt to overcome these difficulties, at many levels.


6. I’ve been helping to acclimate a “scaredy-cat” feral cat to humans, so that she can be helped to grow and live. She can be quite the cuddle kitty, it turns out, though she’s mostly become an outdoor cat. Can’t entirely take the wild out of her spirit, though; she refuses.


7. Each of us encounter many battles in our lives. I’ve faced them all, whether standing up to, or running away from them. In my eyes, I’ve won them all — as have you.


Since many people don’t list their multitude of followers and it is too wieldy to wait for replies, I make my nominations, without this knowledge (or perhaps with willful disregard to overages, here or there), to the following blogs/people of an adult level (by approximation):













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