Randy’s Recipes: Canned Fruit and Cardamom


Recently, I’d been on a quest to track down cardamom, that sweet, specific spice common to the Middle East. I found that it wasn’t entirely absent from the spice shelves of the local supermarket, but that the probable reason for its scarcity was due to the lack of usage in the United States, and its concurrent high cost.


Whether this is because of conditions in its growth or harvest and bringing it to market, or because of its unfamiliarity in this part of the world, I have found this spice to be a difficult to source ingredient. Additionally, where economies rely more on wholesale movement of goods and production, local sourcing often disappears.


Thankfully, this trend is reversing itself with a back-to-nature movement, where people are establishing little gardens and artisanal endeavors in their backyards and at home. Yay! I’m all for this artsy-craftsy stuff and for preserving the tradecraft of all those who have paved those paths ahead of us, literally, and figuratively-speaking, of course.


G-d answered this one and brought me cardamom to market at half-price! Spice certainly hasn’t been first and foremost in my mind as I was potentially facing homelessness, that was for sure. I was very lucky to have Him looking out for me, right now, and saving me through my mother, who came to my last-minute rescue. I can’t thank both enough. I still have some non-essential foodstuffs I am thankful for, and these include some coffee, which I can’t seem to do without (it’s that addictive caffeine which prompts that), and my spice collection, which I’ve carted about with me in many of my moves.


Have Spice, Will Travel! I would have been quite at home, in another time and place, to have found myself leading a nomadic lifestyle replete with camel crossings and tentpoles, wending my way along the Spice Route in the production and marketing of spice and other fineries. Do we all have these thoughts, or is it part of an ancestral heritage carryover, seeping into my consciousness, from times past?


Well, perhaps we won’t know about that — until it then becomes known. But, meanwhile, I’m going to share with you some uses for cardamom in the next couple of individual recipes I’ll be providing: one, first; and then others in soon-to-be released posts.


This first one I discovered last night. Was I in some palace, as I sampled first one way and then another? No, I was on a journey of discovery, placing first one apricot half on my spoon, and then combining it with other spices or additions to sample its results.


Verdict? The ones that get printed are worthy, most worthy. This one marries the perfect complementary tastes together: apricot, in syrup, with cardamom. You’ll want to figure one can, per person, it’s just that good.


Randy’s Recipes: Canned Fruit and Cardamom (Randyjw; September 14, 2016)


One can per person, canned fruit: apricots in syrup (substitute other canned fruits, or use fresh fruits, if desired) (speaking of syrup, you could add other syrups, if desired, but I didn’t)

Cardamom, to taste/preference


Sprinkle cardamom, or add as an infusion, to canned fruits (here, I used halved apricots in syrup) for a perfect blend of opulent indulgence and resplendent, refreshing relaxation.


8.5 Yums Up


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