Not Without My Anisa


Not Without My Anisa (Randyjw; October 1, 2016)


There was a poem flowing through my mind

a few short minutes ago

And now that it’s fallen behind

I’m extracting it quite as I go


It was about the affairs of our lives

the gifts we’ve been blessed to receive

the ones attributed to G-d

that we never knew we’d need


For we never realized its worth

Nor that even it came with a bow

For did anyone else here on earth

wonder how it could even be so


My gifts were useful and plenty

In your face wore your family’s descent

I could distinguish a Jew from a Bedouin

And this gift worked with rightful intent


Being far from the Source in my exile

I needed this gift to stay safe

In the midst of the whole, mixed-up pile

I could no longer tell Adam and Saint


Removed from the close-up perspective

small bits of this gift were returned

And due to their hateful invective

G-d knew that they must be removed


But what of the ones who continue?

And why does their hate still persist?

They never received of G-d’s blessings

the gifts they could never regift



Dedicated to the persecuted; those under oppression; those jailed for their religious beliefs.


This is a poem for our beloved WordPress blogger, especially mine and who will always hold a place in my heart, Anisa Kazemi. Her cousin in Iran has been jailed, apparently not for the first time, for his religious beliefs. He is Baha’i, as is Anisa, in a country where the majority are Shi’a Muslim.


Since 1979, when the Shah of Iran was overthrown, the Islamic regimes which have replaced it have shown less tolerance to Western ideals of freedoms, and a more close adherence to strict fundamentalist Sharia law. Moral and religious police wander in plainclothes to “catch” people committing public displays of affection, co-mingling of the sexes who are not married, inappropriate display of arm or leg skin by women, etc. — things which Western culture pooh-pooh as being overtly prudish and of no-one else’s concern; yet, here, they are.


Anisa’s cousin just happens to be of the wrong religious persuasion in a country that only values the viewpoints from a Shi’ite vantage. He was brought into custody, along with 12 other souls, and that is all that can be known at this time.


Anisa’s cousin is a married father with two children. His seven-year-old daughter wrote a letter to Iran’s High Court to petition for the release of her father. I have also written a multitude of letters, in the hope that a connection to someone, or with someone, somewhere, will have an effect upon somebody else’s will and make them have compassion to release these individuals. I’ve written to: a middle-eastern monitoring agency; a rights advocacy group for Iranian dissidents; a Jewish man who founded a group to utilize his Middle-Eastern contacts to rescue Yazidi and Christian minorities from the war-torn areas of Iraq/Kurdistan/Syria; a newspaper; individuals; and others.


You, too, can get involved by raising awareness of this issue, educating others, and taking action. Write to your senators, congressmen, and lawmakers to redress this grievance. Use your business and personal contacts to inform friends — someone might just be able to help. Our six degrees of separation can work to bring us all together.


Please pray for Anisa Kazemi and her family, and offer her your support and assistance in whatever way you know how and can do.


Thanks. We’re counting on you, and the grace of G-d.


Please read Anisa’s article about this, here:



Update: Finally, at twenty days, Anisa’s family was able to visit Vargha, Anisa’s imprisoned cousin, at his location at Adel Abaz (Shiraz). Anisa reports on October 18, 2016, that he has been placed in solitary confinement in prison. Her article on this is here:

20 Days In Hell

She gives us a good site, which has reported on the imprisonment in Iran of those of the Baha’i faith. The site is in English and it is stated to not be affiliated with the Baha’i faith, itself. You can read her selection, here:

Nine Baha’i Children and Pre-Teens Deprived of Parents’ Embrace


Update: I just found this great article by United with Israel on this subject, complete with some statistics and a little background on the overall phenomenon of Baha’i persecution in Iran. Please read about it, here:


Update: Anisa’s cousin is now released, with four others (nine still detained; I guess this is a total of fourteen, altogether, then), as per a further report written by Anisa, here:

Good News


Update: Here is another great article from the staff at World Israel News, with contributions from Associated Press (AP):


And these:


And this:


Additional Reading:


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