Insane Iran


Insane Iran (Randyjw; October 4, 2016)


As if jailing religious minorities just because of their differences were not crime enough, Iran is banning women from riding bicycles.


Yes. Do you remember those happy Iranian millenials breaking out with happy feet and hearts, singing along to Pharrell Williams’s song, “Happy” two years ago? It was the start of a newfound sense of optimism in the Middle Eastern region. The Arab Spring had sprung, and it was a time of potential to create new and modern democracies in the region.


But, the time passed and the enthusiasm was tamped back down in crackdowns of authoritative oppressiveness, and things went back to normal. More wars, more casualties, more drudgery, more backwardness, and more bloodshed. Seems they just can’t help themselves.


The participants of that video that went viral on the internet were tracked down by the Iranian government, which imposed suspended jail sentences of up to one year and a whipping of 91 lashes upon each of the “Happy” Iranian celebrants. Gee; in America, we’ve done away with whippings — oh, back in the slavery era. Yeah, that’s really showing your forward-thinking spirit, Iran.


And to further stall modernization efforts, the government has banned the riding of bicycles in Iran by women. So, you see — the latest offense to the Iranian government is the potential liberation of women. If women were to be able to ride a bike, it would mean the need to rid themselves of the ladylike dresses or full-length coverings worn, lest a peep of forbidden skin be shown. Worse yet, women would then have a better method of mobility, and they’d be able to move about more freely than if just relegated to walking. And, that would be something the government and Iranian society seem to say that they just aren’t emotionally secure enough to handle.


Okay; well go back to your cave-fighting, then, you advanced society, you. And I won’t be holding my breath for any of the human rights groups to say a word, since they’re all run by seeming terrorist sympathizers, anyways.


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