Kaine, and Able


Kaine, and Able (Randyjw; October 4, 2016)


Tonight’s vice presidential debate on television introduced me, for the first time, to both candidates. I’ve been a Trump supporter for at least four years prior to his decision to even run in this election. I’ve explained that I’ve heard Trump’s positions and opinions in interviews with conservative radio talk show hosts over the years, and I’ve agreed with mostly everything he’s had to say.


I’ve felt nervous about the man who would be second-in-command of the most powerful nation on the earth. Who is Mike Pence? And who is Tim Kaine, Hillary’s running mate? Tonight, I found out.


Tim Kaine continually interjected himself by trying to talk over Mike Pence, as Mr. Pence was trying to answer the moderator’s questions. I learned nothing new, yet I learned everything I needed to know — there’s Kaine, on the one hand.


And on the other, is a very Able candidate, by the name of Mike Pence (Republican).


Please read Donald Trump’s policies, at his website, here:



And his press releases, here:





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