Job Opp: Calling All Foodies


Job Opp: Calling All Foodies (Randyjw; October 22, 2016)


Foodies, foodistas, and foodettes…


Want to write about your passion, your love, your reduction glace’? Enjoy discussing a proper beurre blanc, as opposed to blank stares over French terminology from culinarily-impaired folks committing food faux-pas?


Fret no longer! The perfect-sounding job opp has just opened up with Chef’d, in El Segundo, California. This town of 149 Trip Advisor-listed restaurants includes several of Middle Eastern and Japanese influence, along with the ubiquitous American burger bistro.


Touted by (Friday, October 21, 2016) as an innovative start-up company, this position gets you in on the ground floor with an exciting opportunity to work with celebrity food bloggers, chefs, and others, translating food-talk into recipe form. If you have a way with words, in both written and verbal form; if you have a background in writing, and instructional communication is your forte, then this job might just be for you.


See new dishes come to fruit-ion as you eyeball a pinch of this and a dash of that. Was that 1/4-teaspoon, or 1/2? Are you able to convert gallons to litres, in the shake of a lamb’s leg (with rosemary and mint jelly)? Know the difference between dry measures and liquid? More importantly, would you like to see more people eat well, due to your initiative?


This company delivers its results to end-users — and, hopefully, you can deliver yours! Become a content writer of chef- and cook-created recipes, sent out with all the fixin’s, to Chef’d clientele, and you’ll be helping to develop literal home-made cuisine gourmands.


Good luck, and a chef’s hat off to you!


For further information and details, please see entries for Chef’d at (and as a disclaimer, please be advised that I cannot warrant the information provided, being a non-participatory and non-involved entity for any of these agencies/entities, and, so, positions may/may not be available and may/may not be as described; and no liability should be proclaimed as a result, etc.)


Company: Chef’d

See the positions which have been listed previously on with this company, including the recent one, “Content Writer – Writing Recipes!”, described, here:’d/jobs



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  1. It sounded like it to me, too. Once in awhile, something really nice-sounding comes up, and I feel like somebody nice should know about it. A good writing job is also hard to find, so I just had to do it!

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