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Rainwater (Randyjw; November 30, 2016)


The leaves might take their course

falling through the rain

on the softened earth


The ashes might rise from soot

Soaring from embers

and brightened hearth


The stone might find the brook

Cascading on ripples

and light of foot


The sea might find the tide

welcoming home

this berth it had cried

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Folded Notes


Folded Notes (Randyjw; November 30, 2016)


Words arise in morning poetry,
aleap the brightened time;
nuanced seeping imagery,
paintings envisioned of mind.

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Big Gifts


Big Gifts (Randyjw; November 27, 2016)


Because of our ability

to channel our great worth

Born of responsibility

to tend to all on earth


Of nothing asked we freely give

to which we’re tasked we do

When people mock and scorn all this

We choose life, that you live


No greater place on earth was made

to live in free repose

United States, so full of grace,

to free the world its woes.

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Little Gifts


Little Gifts (Randyjw; November 27, 2016)


They fit in boxes

wrapped in bows

They’re found in lockets

Up they go


They hide in trees

Or behind doors

They skin their knees

Upon the floor


They sleuth and caper

Building forts

Which wrapping paper

will they sport?


Cuz some are simple

Some are loud

Some are dimpled

Others proud


But each one

is a special thing

when all is done

Each gift they bring


You might have thought

these gifts were theirs

But each one brought

their gifts to share


The rich, the poor

we know what’s true

Not found in stores

But meant for you

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Unapologetically Not Apartheid


Unapologetically Not Apartheid (Randyjw; November 26, 2016)


Palestinians receive the most financial aid per capita than any other people on earth. Think of all the wonderful projects that could be accomplished with such largesse. Heck, the youth could spend their days surfing in the wash that brushes the beaches of the coastline of Israel’s cities: Tel Aviv, Yafo (Jaffa), Ashkelon (Askelon), Ashdod, ‘Aza (Gaza)… Oh, wait… They already do spend their days doing that. What a life!


You see, prior to the unilateral and illegal removal of Jewish people from their homes in ‘Aza by the Israeli government, done so with the hope of appeasing Arab terrorist attacks on the Jewish state, the people in Gaza had beautiful homes and thriving businesses. A multibillion-dollar hothouse industry, representing a large chunk of Israeli export business, was left behind in the forced evacuations of the Jewish population in the region. It was hoped that by (illegally) removing the Jewish presence from their midst as requested, the Arabs would be happy to have received free land and homes and would quit their murderous attacks on the Jewish people. Instead, the hothouse has been razed, the synagogues there torched, and the unnecessary “aid” money they’ve received has been diverted to fund the ongoing Arab war of attrition against the Jews.


Instead of building more schools to accommodate their burgeoning population, they build tunnels under Israel from which to commit attacks against the Jews. They build rockets, missiles, and bombs, which they launch from heavily-populated civilian areas into Israel, rather than build hospitals or theaters to enhance their society. They’ll still send their terrorist leaders and footsoldiers to Israeli hospitals for medical treatment, though.


Recently, though, they did build a multi-million dollar museum to showcase the history of the “Palestinian” people, but there is nothing to put into it. It lies empty, because the actual people considered “Palestinian” by the British when they administered the Mandate for “Palestine” were the Jewish people. It was called thus by the Roman conquerors of Judah/Israel at the beginnings of the first Century of the Common Era, to remind us Jews of our ancient, mostly-vanquished nemesis of old, the Falastin, there in the land during the reign of King David.


But, Israel was in the land even prior to David — for a very long time — beginning with Avraham by our Biblical account, with a following foray into Egypt for several hundred years due to an initial famine and then settlement there, leading eventually to enslavement. Moses led us out of Egypt and back to Israel during the Exodus, at which time our religion was proclaimed and our Passover holiday was born.


You can read about this, if you care to, within the pages of our several-thousand-year-old historical/religious tome, known to us as the Torah, and to others as the Old Testament, a.k.a., “The Bible”. The second portion of what people consider “The Bible”, isn’t even ours! It pertains to the Christian faith — and even this source confirms the presence of the Jews in the land, and the Jewish Temple in its place, before the Roman destruction of it. Fancy that! An outside source, antithetical to the propagation and continuance of our religion and culture, confirms the historical statements of the Jewish sovereignty in that land!


And even beyond that, when the Arabs expanded outward from Arabia (known as Saudi Arabia today, under monarchical rule by the Sa’ud family clan, and hence its name), the sourcebook for the Arab faith they compiled after the death of the one they ascribe as a prophet was laced together with references both Judaic and Christian in origin, and in which acknowledgement of the land of the Jews is affirmed to be Jewish. The linear progression of these events being acknowledged in the Koran in their consideration of Jesus being solely a “prophet” and the Jewish rights to the land of Israel, clearly indicate their agreement and acknowledgement of the undisputed logic of these facts and that Islam was preceded by the two faiths before it.


It doesn’t make for good propaganda though, so they appeal to the public through emotional pleas and apply belligerency if challenged to some truthful debate, in which case the concept of “taqqiyah” (artful lying to assuage the deceived infidel in order to establish an Islamic Caliphate across a vast expanse of the world) applies. If you’re unaware of the word and its meaning, you should look this up, as well.


The beautiful area of Gaza left, not without tears and loss of livelihood and life, behind by the Jews, is still visible in this propaganda video, made by Hamas to solidify in the Arab mind the gains they can hope to further accomplish given a vote for their leadership in (possible) upcoming elections — never mind that Hamas is a terrorist organization bent on the annihilation of the Jewish people. I’ve provided the article, in which I initially viewed it, here:


Forman, Abra. “Watch: New Hamas Propaganda Video Showcases Beautiful Gaza Paradise”. Breaking Israel; August 9, 2016:





For the Jews, bereft of their homes and occupational trades, they are many of them still left without homes or compensation. They still cannot find full employment — search on “Gush Katif” to follow their plight and learn more. The Arabs are well aware that their claims are specious and know full-well that Israel has been the Jewish home for thousands of years. They will, at times, admit to it — but then realize that doing so means that their speeches are contradictory and non-sensical; but, what does that matter, when lies and violence bring about so much bounty?


Why, here is a Supreme Moslem Council publication from 1924 describing the inviolable claim by the Jews to the site of the Temple Mount, but which recently the UN under UNESCO “made Arab”, with the swipe of a pen. Because Muslim rule of 57 countries outnumber the minority Jewish state in the United Nations’ membership, the majority declare falsehoods as if they were factual truth. What a bunch of baksheesh, I say!

"The site is one of the oldest in the world. Its sanctity dates from the earliest (perhaps from pre-historic times). Its identity with the site of Solomon's Temple is beyond dispute. This, too, is the spot, according to the universal belief, on which "David built there an altar unto the Lord, and offered burnt offerings and peace offerings". - A Brief Guide to Al-Haram Al-Sharif; Supreme Moslem Council, Jerusalem, 1924.

“The site is one of the oldest in the world. Its sanctity dates from the earliest (perhaps from pre-historic times). Its identity with the site of Solomon’s Temple is beyond dispute. This, too, is the spot, according to the universal belief, on which “David built there an altar unto the Lord, and offered burnt offerings and peace offerings”. – A Brief Guide to Al-Haram Al-Sharif; Supreme Moslem Council, Jerusalem, 1924.


Is their something wrong with either your vision or your perception in that you can’t see the incessant rocket fire from Gaza on Israel’s citizens, the suicide bus bombings, the stabbings, the “Intifada”, the car rammings, and the continual terrorist acts as something beyond the flat-out war that its actions most definitely belie? Do these resemble what peaceful overtures are supposed to look like, or do they rather belie some demented psychotic dissonance, denying the admission of a reality clearly presented before their eyes?


Is the existence of just about every conceivable denomination of religion, its houses of worships and its attendant communities, actively engaged and fully-functioning in Israel’s lands indicative of the truth of religious tolerance or do they form a basis for the lies claimed of “apartheid intolerance”? Is the fact that Israel’s kindness to share space within its old city walls in one of its most sacred areas to Jewish history in Jerusalem indicative of respect to the differences of “other” peoples with “other” faiths, or do you still further wish to perpetrate the lie of “apartheid” being committed by Israel?


Israel has given a home to the Armenians to share their history (you can see their tiny museum in the Armenian quarter of the Old City of Jerusalem — I have!), when the rest of the world fails to acknowledge them. Frankly, we know that feeling well. The Old City also has its Arab, Christian, and, of course, Jewish Quarters. Didn’t you know that, or can’t you wrap your head around the propaganda you’ve consumed which is contradictory to this fact?


It’s okay… I used to extoll Israel’s technological and medical achievements, still somehow irreconciled to the screen in my brain which portrayed only camels and sand, devoid of the skyscrapers and advancements existent in the present millenium! Dissonance. That, of course, changed, when I visited Israel, and saw with my own eyes that the disjointed images that had formed in my mind were just residual notions perpetrated from myths that had surrounded it.


But, somehow, the “apartheid lie” puts forth the false narrative that these people of more than eighty countries living within it manage to amazingly avoid each other through the deliberate rule of the democratic Israeli Parliament separating each community. This august body of governance, known as the Knesset, encompasses even Arab party members, hostile to the state, by the way, who hold official Ministry parties and positions. Somehow, this 17% – 20% minority Arab population of Israeli citizens still manage to become municipal leaders, mayors, students, doctors, taxi drivers — in all facets of Israeli life, just as the rest of society does, too.


Perhaps you do not know what an “apartheid” policy, such as that maintained in South Africa, until only fairly recently defeated, really means? Let’s take a look at what Kenneth Meshoe, a Black member of the South African Parliament who lived under apartheid rule, has to say about the fallacious claim of Israeli “apartheid” in this YouTube video from Prager University:




Many people express their opinions on myriads of subjects, and that is one ideal of freedom of expression, which means so much to us in the United States. Although the Jewish people have never been the only people to have been castigated in the world and to have been killed for who we are, we still receive a disproportionate and unfair amount of invective and injustice hurled at us from all directions.


We have to live with such situations as best we can. We’re quite familiar with this existence, having honed survival to a fine craft, such that the Dalai Lama wishes to know our secrets? We have none. We live on the ground with it, while praying to the One Most High. That is our “secret”, which cannot be claimed as a “secret”, when we’ve made it transparent to the entire world over the course of the past several thousand years.


I get it, though. There are those living in the aeries of their crenellated towers who wish to claim the upper hand from their perches where reality cannot reach. India has a similar circumstance to Israel. A dissatisfied Muslim population living within it wished to receive land from India for the secession of their own, autonomous state. This occurred in 1947, at which time Pakistan was formed. The cries for peaceful resistance in India, although noble in their dignity, were met with these results: a truncated state (India and Pakistan), and ongoing battles for yet more land: Kashmir. Did the separation result in lasting peace? No. It raised the ante that additional concessions, whether by force or by pressure, would be given in the ceding of additional land. Tell me how you have solved the fractious divisions over Kashmir. Let me know its results one year after you cede yet additional land. India is a vast swath of land; Israel is rather tiny. Muslim countries are 57; the Jewish state is only one.


Soapboxes that attempt to reach heaven will be confounded at Babel.

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Prophets Are Always Right — Never Left


Prophets Are Always Right — Never Left (Randyjw; November 25, 2016)


It’s Friday. According to G-d’s calendar, that makes it Shabbat. We reckon this in several ways: first, in the delineation determining daylight and evening. We know that darkness was upon the face of the deep, because it is revealed to us in the opening paragraph of the Bible, stating this is so, in the sentence following G-d’s creation of the heaven and the earth. We can confirm that the universe is mostly dark, except for emitted gases from our stars, such as the sun (the large light), and its non-gaseous, smaller, reflective body, known as the moon (the small light), reflecting the grandeur of the sun’s emissions, because in the time since the Bible’s transmission, we humans have propelled ourselves into this chasmic void, and found it to be true.


G-d spoke Light into existence and divided the light from the darkness. And G-d “called the light Day, and the darkness he called Night. And there was evening and there was morning, one day.” (Koren Publishers Jerusalem translation).


Because G-d has specifically called these things according to His words, and set them according to His will, we follow them in a literal sense, assigning the time past sundown (with a few extra fail-safe determinants for certainty), and its extension to the following time just before it again, one “day”. Other cultures divide a day at the antemeridian and post-meridian times of noon and midnight. Some cultures divide a year into many more months than is our accustomed tradition of division by twelve.


When we count, in Hebrew, the days of creation listed, we start with “one day”; “a second day”; “a third day”; “a fourth day”; “a fifth day”; “the sixth day”. Each is counted as one would count a regular number. The seventh day we call Shabbat. Hebrew is so incredible and so Holy, but I don’t really speak it. But let me explain, if I can, what I see in this small paragraph about this day.


Let me read you the English translations and tell you about their derivative Hebrew words. The Hebrew provides deep insight into the meaning of the English-language words used in their stead, as well.


I’ll start here: “And by the seventh day G-d ended His work which He had done;…”. Here it states “…bayom haSh’vi’i” (“by the seventh day…”). Hebrew relies, generally, on a core of three-lettered root words, from which conjugations and other words are formed. Thus, we see that this is a conjugated form of the word meaning “seven”, which is “sheva”: for example, as in “Be’er Sheva”, or “Batsheva”.


Cool, right? But, it becomes even more so. In Hebrew, the sentence continues, thusly: “VaYishbot bayom haSh’vi’i…” In English, the words relay: “and He rested on the seventh day (…from all His work which He had done.)” We can see that the root letters comprising the number for “seven”/”sheva” are the “Sh” sound of the letter, “Shin”, and the soft ‘v’/’b’ of the letter, “Beit”.


Since Hebrew was formulated using pictographic representations for its letters, it means that each letter is represented by some type of object or idea. Hebrew letters, in a sort of simple cipher, where “a” equals “one” and “b” equals “two”, and so forth, also form the basis for creating numbers. The “Shin” is Kabbalistically a crown, of sorts. The letter, “Beit”, is pictographically a representation of a house, and also, not coincidentally, is the word for “house” (for example, “Beit HaMikdash”, or “House of the Holy” (essentially, or, The Jewish Temple).


Using another derivative of those root letters, “Shin” and “Beit”, we find the word, “Yoshev”. What do we do as the ultimate relaxation, especially when we are to relax and do no work on Shabbat, the seventh day? We sit and relax inside our homes. Glorifying G-d, our “crown”, and our “crowning” form of relaxation, we “sit” inside our “homes”. “Yoshev” means “to sit”. Therefore, “Shin”Crown/”Beit”Home forms the words for “Shabbat” (seventh day, when G-d rested), “seven”, “sit”, and others.


The paragraph continues: “And G-d blessed the seventh day, and sanctified it: because in it He rested from all His work which G-d had created and performed.” The Hebrew words for the portion, “because in it He rested…” read, in Hebrew, “ki vo shavat”. Because “beit” and “veit” are the same letter with just a distinguishing mark to separate them, “in it He rested” is so close to “bo Shabbat”, or “Come, Shabbat”. Neat, huh?


The Hebrew word for “heaven” is a word found in a plural form. We find this usage in English, as well, although it’s falling out of fair usage in these latter times. Sometimes we’ll say “waters”, instead of a singular word encompassing the “many” particles combined into one, which form the “water”. The same can be said of the plural or singular form of “heavens”, or “heaven”, as well as others.


The Hebrew does that in the same way with those two examples, and others, such as the plural usage of one of the words used for G-d, as He embodies everything, all in one. The Hebrew word for “heaven”, or “heavens”, is “hashamayim”. It’s sortof like saying, “that which waters”. “Of the sky”. The sky waters with rain. G-d formed the rains and the waters. The root letters actually form a name for G-d, which, if said, means “the Name”. Interesting, huh?


And “Mayim,” which means “waters,” has interesting formative roots. The Egyptian heiroglyphic symbol for the letter “m” is formed by the wavy squiggle one draws to indicate waves on the water. This letter, in Hebrew, is called “mem”; it sounds close enough to the English, “Emm”, right? It is basically written like a squiggle in the Hebrew script used for informal, non-Holy, writings, which have a different script than their more formal counterparts. This would be similar to the two, different alphabetic scripts used in English: the cursive and plain-hand versions. Moses has his name because he was “drawn from water” out of his basket floating on the river by the Pharoah’s daughter.


What has prompted me to write what appears here, today, is a response written by a person calling himself “Fresno Joe” to an article I read in an email blast today from United with, reblogged from the Clarion Project’s original November 23rd article on the subject, about a possible tie-in being investigated between a company, which processes a certain familiar branding of turkey, with an individual or others who might have had possible dealings with the terrorist organization, Hezbollah.


“Fresno Joe” — whom I don’t know, and vice-versa, I suppose — found it appropos, I guess, to quote the Hebrew prophet, Ezekiel, as a response to the article. He uses a translation from a Bible of which I am unfamiliar, and so it perhaps, then, is a Christian one. I like the way he’s written it up and made it so convenient to utilize, so I hope that G-d, Jews, Joe and that publisher will forgive me this requote:


You said, “These two nations, Israel and Judah, along with their land, belong to us. We will take possession of them.”

But the LORD was there. That is why, as I live, declares the Almighty LORD, I will do to you what you did to them. When you were angry and jealous, you acted hatefully toward them. Then you will know that I, the LORD, heard all the insults that you spoke about the mountains of Israel.

You said, “They have been deserted and handed over to us to use up.” You bragged and continually talked against me. I heard you. ” ‘This is what the Almighty LORD says: The whole earth will be glad when I turn you into a wasteland.”

“You were happy when the land of Israel became a wasteland. I will do the same thing to you. You will become a wasteland, Mount Seir, and so will all of Edom. Then you will know that I am the LORD.’ Ezekiel 35:11-15 ((GOD’S WORD® Translation)


The whole takeaway from this rehashing of a Jewish prophet, speaking from G-d, is that this was one seriously right-wing dude. Really. I can’t think of many, if, any, at all, of the Hebrew prophets who might have been left-wing, can you? Okay, we’ve got contenders in a few who didn’t feel confident in their abilities as speech-driven nation-leaders, such as Moses and Jonah, who both felt unequal to the challenge, but I can’t say that that personality aspect ever served as a deterrant for the garrulous, progressively-bent left-leaners. Nope, to me, our prophets were always conservative, right-leaning voices, occasionally bleating out the sole, proper course of action amidst a bunch of yakkers always doing what’s right in their own eyes.


Time we “right” this course.


Staff, The Clarion Project. “Butterball Turkeys Funding Terror?”. The Clarion; November 23, 2016:

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Irony for Oleg


Irony for Oleg (Randyjw; November 23, 2016)


Oleg Atbashian is a freedom fighter. He’s an activist with the David Horowitz Freedom Center (, which monolithic group is responsible for some major investigative digging into the movements antithetical to democracy. While to stifle differing views and political groups such that democracy would cease to exist would be folly, there are also times when fighting for our democratic way of life becomes a literal endeavor when an attack on our system is encountered. Such attacks might manifest outright, as they did on December 7, 1941, when the imperial Japanese army attacked the United States at Pearl Harbor in Hawai’i, instigating the beginning of the United States’ involvement into the Second World War.


It could also occur in a more insidious manner, through anarchists attempting to turn and subvert the populace into committing an eventual overthrow of government, or for stealth groups or cults leading their followers down a destructive path.


The David Horowitz Freedom Center succeeds in uncovering the people and connections behind such movements, to expose their deeds and corruption, and attempts to prevent the scandalous benefit by these people through their continuance of the same.


Powerful men, brave enough to confront the jihadists in our midsts, have had the support of the Center behind them. Their work and their activism has helped bring these issues before the government, as well as helping to bring the perpetrators to a front-row seat in the halls of justice.


Beneath the banner of David Horowitz lies: FrontPageMag (; Jihad Watch (; (; and more. Besides producing articles for their multiple websites, the Center often produces pamphlets for distribution to politicians and the public, as well as posters to place on college campuses and in other locations to bring awareness and education about the issues and physical people actually promoting these destructive viewpoints into the limelight. The dissemination of information for the purpose of education is just one of their methods to help combat these problems, but activism is another, equally important, component. To read more (or to help them out), you can visit their websites.


Oleg Atbashian is one such person. In the evening before an annual conference of Students for Justice in Palestine (SJP) taking place on the campus of George Mason University recently, Mr. Atbashian was placing DHFC posters around the school grounds, when he was arrested by campus police and held for fourteen hours in jail for “destruction of property worth at least $2,500” as a “class 6 felony.” The Freedom Center got him released from jail on an $8,000 dollar bail, but he, and the assistant with him, now face probable criminal court with possible further jail time.


The irony in this situation is that Oleg Atbashian was a former Soviet dissident, protesting Communism under that totalitarian regime. He knows what such tyranny produces, and that is why he so strongly fights against its rise and expression when it gains a foothold within one of the freest countries in the world.


The group meeting on campus, Students for Justice in Palestine (SJP), slanders the state of Israel and Jewish people by erroneously declaring Israel an “apartheid” state, which it is not; they often heckle and interrupt gatherings in support of Israel, such that speakers cannot be heard, students are attacked, and scheduled meetings are cancelled; they promote an illegal Boycott/Divestment/Sanctions strategy and actions against Jewish businesses, academicians, and others; and support terrorist sympathizers, individuals, and groups, and more.


Isn’t it ironic that Oleg was jailed for fighting for democracy, yet the ideologies and the people who want to dismantle our freedoms live freely as an agitating source from within to trample our rights and everything we hold dear?

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Sense Remembrance


Sense Remembrance (Randyjw; November 21, 2016)



Sense Remembrance –


Ode d’Joy



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Renaissance Writer, Reborn


Renaissance Writer, Reborn (Randyjw; November 19, 2016)


Alas! Alas!

All is not lost!

That one can exist

with words such as this?





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The Great Debate


The Great Debate is already won; already decided: Donald Trump will be our 45th president of the United States.


As you know, I couldn’t be happier. I believe the slogan that, together, we can “Make America Great Again”. And we can. It’s going to be just as painful for the Left, now, as it was for us on the Right over the past eight years. I am so thankful that these times will be fast behind us, because I’ve suffered long and hard throughout this administration’s policies, as has, not only the country, but the rest of the world.


I hope to find work in the new economy, which will be revitalized and will bring jobs to the millions of unemployed who want to work, but who have instead been classified as no longer searching — I know, because I had to continuously fight to keep my name and status in that position, when, time and again, they wanted to remove it, so that they could report low unemployment figures. Not with me, they didn’t.


They did manage to jettison me from receiving any benefits, each and every time making me resend inches of documents I’d already sent. They must have an internal note to themselves to reject everything I send them; it’s not cheap to make all those copies and send them certified — but, they know that; that’s a tactic they use in their bias arsenal.


People are scared that their benefits will go away, and they might actually have to work. I’d be relieved to be doing so, if there were jobs which were hiring and would hire me. Speaking to another older person with decades of technology specs in the telecommunications industry, he believes that age discrimination is a factor in his inability to get hired. I’d have to agree that it seems to be a situation. I don’t think hiring managers are hiring older folks, much. If you look at the job fair pictures in the newspapers, they’re always overloaded with older job applicants — and, that’s a sad state of affairs to find ourselves in.


If you look at pictures in the papers or online about the protests regarding the election, it is all young teens and twenty-somethings. I don’t think older people would be caught dead going to these violent mob scenes. First of all, they have a head to realize that the election was won, fair and square, and that it’s a done deal. Second, I don’t believe they could bring themselves to the level of thuggery and violence taking place across various locales in America. Perhaps, now that they’re working to save money for homes and cars, or even their own businesses, they don’t want to see all their hard work and accomplishments smashed up by these ne’er do-well lawbreakers. Let them smash their own homes. I know… they can exchange one for one, and smash the homes and cars of fellow protesters, that way they can see what it’s like to have fair participation all around.


We sane ones will stay home and read about it online.


Here’s a great post explaining why many of us want a Trump presidency; she explains it better than I ever could: “Profile of a Trump Supporter”. November 10, 2016:




I’ve just recently read an article that Vice President Michael Pence has Jewish Israeli cousins living in the Golan! Ah, Mishpachah!


And here’s an article reiterating Donald Trump’s statements about Israel. The Left, and especially the protesters, are affiliated with anti-Israel, BDS supporters, which I’ve written about in other pieces (“The Bias of Unions”; others), who often receive their funding from The Open Society of George Soros, who is Jewish, but pursues hostile actions to Israel via support of these violent Leftist organizations)., one of among maybe sixty affiliated subgroups of the Black Lives Matter movement, supports BDS, as do a number of student associations on American campuses.


Israel, David. “Complete List of the Trump Campaign’s Promises to Israel”.; November 9, 2016:

Complete List of the Trump Campaign’s Promises to Israel


An additional article from Ruthie Blum, managing editor of The Algemeiner, is another well-written piece on why the Right aligned with the vote for Trump:


Blum, Ruthie. “Alt-Left Delete”. The; November 18, 2016:

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Thanks to Give (a little poem for Thanksgiving)


Thanks to Give (a little poem for Thanksgiving) (Randyjw; November 15, 2016)


This cozy place

that sure looks great

Thanksgiving’s grace

besides our plates


Our families seated

Our hands are clasped

The portions meted

The meanings grasped


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A Perfect Vision, Version III


A Perfect Vision, Version III (Randyjw; November 15, 2016)

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A Perfect Vision, Version II


A Perfect Vision, Version II (Randyjw; November 15, 2016)

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A Perfect Vision


A Perfect Vision (Randyjw; November 15, 2016)

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Stolen Art, Stolen Lives


Stolen Art, Stolen Lives (Randyjw; November 14, 2016)


Echoes of the Holocaust, once fading into time, are returning with a vengeance in the passage of laws against the Jews reminiscent of those enacted in Nuremberg during the Nazi era. The European Union, in an effort to single out only the Jewish people, recently made it mandatory to require labels on Israeli exports which were produced in the heartland of Israel known as Judea and Samaria (check your Old Testament — they’re in there), and which others erroneously refer to as the “West Bank”, so that consumers will be able to more easily enact a boycott to avoid their purchase. The E.U. didn’t make it mandatory for anybody else but Israel, and there are certainly other lands where disputed conflicts exist, like Tibet, or Kashmir, or any number of other places — but, no… only against the Jews have they done this.


The Socialist/Communist/Marxist leanings of the Leftist teachers who took things a bit too far during the heydays of the ’60’s with their communal living, uninhibited personal contact, and experimentation really took hold as they spread their ideals and supposed utopian idealogy to the young minds at universities across the U.S. Along the way, anti-Semitism gained a foothold in the professions of education, and its felt impact, formerly thinly-veiled, has now burgeoned into outright blatant manifestation. In the myriads of student associations on campuses across the nation, they have voted to promote Boycott/Divestment/Sanction (BDS) actions against Jewish people, preventing the free flow of academic cultural exchanges, such as visiting professorships, scientific cross-teaching arrangements, and other matters. This is reminiscent of when Europe began denying education to the Jews, removing Jewish teachers from their positions and Jewish students from the classroom. In Vienna during those times, Albert Einstein was even fired from his post!


The permissiveness of the society to have let this happen indicates how degraded it is and how weak it has become. In less than a decade, the choice of the current administration to have adopted a self-hating posture of insignificance has allowed the nations with stronger stances to walk all over us and to treat us as doormats, in the way we have shown them we wish to be treated. Race relations during this time have suddenly turned extremely violent, with seething masses of humanity angered at the lack of happiness in their lives, since the economy, as well as its possible rejuvenation, has also been curtailed by design, to bring the nation to subservience on its knees. Hmmmmm, I wonder where that imagery comes from?


The Jewish people are not responsible for this; the Democratic administration is. Yet, unreasonable people need to take out their anger on other people, and the minority Jews seem to them to be a good choice (I have news for you…).


Anti-Semitism within the United Nations is not a new phenomenon. It’s predecessor, the League of Nations, while still anti-Semitic, managed to recognize the Jewish state of Israel while still complete with its both halves of Palestine (Israel/Jordan) as the national home of the Jews. Yet, the United Nations, with its substantial number of Arab and Muslim-dominated countries and their sympathizers outnumber the singular Jewish nation and obsessively pass resolution after resolution condemning Israel, to the exclusion of working on many other matters of concern in the world.


Recently, the branch of the United Nations, known as the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO), tasked with the responsibility to identify, preserve, and maintain the sites of global significance to the world, has declared that sites holy to the Jewish people for thousands of years, with ties going back to the patriarchs of our religion, not only do not belong to us, but are being given to the Arabs (who have appropriated the name from OUR Bible (not theirs) of our ancient nemesis, the Philistines), instead. It is being declared the Arab’s heritage. These false pretenders are stealing our heritage and our land by impersonating the Jews and appropriating everything that is ours. This is identity theft and they are identity thieves.


In previous millenia, both Christians and Muslims have appropriated Jewish buildings and converted the structures for their own use. It was a particularly common practice of Muslim rule to specifically seek out these structures to purposely change them, and that is why Muslims have always chosen to build on top of our holy structures. There is no reason that the al-Aqsa (silver-domed) mosque, nor the Dome of the Rock (gold-domed) is situated on the Temple Mount in and of itself, except that the place most revered by the Jewish people was also there, because the Jewish Temples had been there. The entire Temple Mount, and not only that, but the Wailing Wall which restrains the earth upon which the Mount sits and is the place where Jewish prayers have been uttered since the last Temple’s destruction, has now also been declared the possession of the Arabs.


The place where furtive notes of prayer are folded and tucked into its cracks; the place of even Christian pilgrimage in the past centuries; the Kotel; the Kotel Ha’Maariv; the Western Wall — they somehow are pretending that this is the Arabs’ and belongs to their heritage. Yes, they actually voted this outrage into reality, if that doesn’t explain just how anti-Semitic they are.


Prior to this intransigence, a few months ago they also ruled that several other of our extremely holy sites, those most associated to the Jewish people and our association with the land, were not actually ours, but are the Arabs’, instead. These are: 1) the tomb of Rachel (which is my Hebrew name), who is the wife of Jacob and the sister of Leah, and who died near Bethlehem on the way to Efrat after giving birth to Binyamin (changed from BenOni). She is one of the Matriarchs! 2) the tomb of Joseph. He was one of our Patriarchs. He was the Grand Vizier of Egypt, who saved the Egyptians and the Jews from starvation during the seven years of drought. We had been slaves in Egypt for hundreds of years, until finally Moses led us out of there. It was the Exodus. This Exodus we were commanded by G-d to celebrate every year, and we have done so since that time. The festival is known as Passover. Joseph had requested that his bones after his death not remain in Egypt and should be removed from there and brought to Israel, which they were. And now this tomb ascribed as his has been given to our mortal enemies, who only wish us dead. 3) the cave of Machpelah. This is the burial tomb of our Patriarchs and Matriarchs: Abraham and Sarah, Isaac and Rebeccah, Jacob and Leah. The cave and surrounding field and trees were purchased by Abraham for four hundred shekels of the children of Chet from Ephron the Hitti — and now this is being given to the Arabs. The cave is in Chevron/Shechem, which is ironically also being claimed as the false, unofficial location termed as “West Bank”.


To be a Jew, according to the world’s anti-Semites, is an odious thing; but, nevertheless, everyone pretends they are the new Jews: suddenly-found long-lost tribes; liberation and replacement theologists; the new Jerusalem; the old guard.


Most precious to us is a good name — this means a good reputation. It also means being of good character, a stalwart individual, a mensch, and observant of our Jewish heritage, as well as our traditions. Besides that people want to steal our history and land from us, they also want to steal everything we’ve acquired along the way. Everything they can get to increase their fortunes and to diminish ours is considered by them as fair game. Trash our books and torch our synagogues to eradicate the physical presence of our existence. Our bodies and lives — taken from the heaps where we were piled like refuse from our deaths in the Zyklon-B gas showers of the concentration camps and thrown into the crematoria of the Nazi ovens.


In enacting the Final Solution, Adolf Hitler’s mass-genocide extermination plan for the Jews, Hitler could have won World War II, if he had not been so intent on killing the Jews. Instead of utilizing the trains which were the main mode to move large quantities of war materiel needed for supplies to his troops on various fronts, he instead loaded train after train with the boxcars full of human materiel: we Jews. While six million of us perished, it was we, and the way that the L-rd would have it in the end, who brought Hitler to his bitter end, so rightly deserved.


The limited possessions we were allowed to take with us during these transports to the concentration camps were seized upon our arrival and sorted according to their contents. Piles of clothing. Piles of shoes. Suitcases. Later, these would become piles of people; piles of gold fillings from our teeth (which were melted down and reused in the mouths of Germans. Does that not just make you sick?).


Back home, there were homes and the possessions in them to distribute. Businesses and equipment. Bank accounts and safety deposit box valuables. Property deeds. Insurance contracts. Art, gold, silver, jewelry. Most of this was put back on trains and was redistributed among the German Reich officers. It has been a battle for the Jewish people to receive reparations for any of it. Eventually, some small recompense was eked out after much fight. If you don’t believe it, the trials of the Nazis at Nuremberg, available to watch on video, ought to give you an idea of the level of denial and obstinance with which the Nazis maintained their machiavellian evil.


News, from time to time, pops up about missing artwork and “ghost” Nazi trains. This arose not too long ago, when individuals thought they discovered a possible Nazi train in Poland, but this was quickly hushed out of the limelight. Today, a news article states that, for the first time, Germany is going to allow Jews to be on the Nazi looted artwork committee. There is great German reticence within its ranks to allow this, with one of its members stating publicly that they don’t want to do this, as the “only one” who would be “biased” on that panel would be the Jew! What chutzpah! Will the anti-Semitism never end?


Imagine my surprise when I found my family name amongst those whom Nazi collections of artwork have been stolen. Now, I can’t say that these artworks belong to any known relatives; for one, I’m adopted — although I’m still considered a child of my adoptive parents. Two, the name is listed with a variant spelling. This doesn’t mean that these can’t be relatives, as immigration officers could list names in varied ways, as could registration clerks in offices, or through inconsistencies in the methods by which our last names had been changed in going from ben and bat (son of, or daughter of) to ones more anglicized.


I didn’t know that this was the reference attached to a Google search bringing up my family name. It appeared in a small blurb of mild interest, but it was nagging at me to explore further, which I would hardly ever do. But I screwed up the courage to delve deeper into this odd occurence of my name, and discovered this artwork situation.


I made an inquiry into its source, and some time later, I received back some rather gut-wrenching information. The documents were declassified from papers held by the Office of Strategic Services (OSS), the name given to the precursor of the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA). Before the Department of Homeland Security was created to consolidate disparate intelligence services and agencies, the Central Intelligence Agency was the group which handled all foreign/external matters, while the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) handled all domestic/internal matters.


The first of the pages sent to me is a cover letter referencing the parameters of the search (my name), the records searched, and a synopsis of the findings. The rest of the documents contain a translated-to-English letter, but whether the originating language might have been French or German is not certain, and a list of art collections, in which my surname, or a similar one (hereinafter shortened to just “my” surname) is included.


The translated letter is dated to 1941, and lists a French address. The subject line lists this matter as regarding “Securing of art properties” and lists the enclosure: “7 lists”. A German word “DEVISENSCHUTZKOMMANDO” and “(Foreign Currency Control)” in parentheses below it appear at the top of the letter. As the signature page of the sender was not included (“need-to-know-basis”; no information with my surname on it in that page, so no page), I cannot tell which regime or administration this references. Is this the French one, as per its address? Is this from the French-occupied German one? Or is this from an Allied agency or other, handling some type of oversight?


Well, the war hadn’t yet ended. Additional comparison with historical happenstances would put this into better perspective. It could be an internal memo from one German to another, as it mostly seems to be. It could be from a German to a French office(r), of the so-called Vichy regime. It could be entirely French. Or not.


Here come the goosebumps; get your sweaters. A small paragraph opens the letter, preceding a synopsis of the seven art collections listed. Here is the verbatim text from this letter:


“Enclosed please find lists of art objects which I have put in safekeeping. According to a decision of the Reichsmarschall of the Greater German Reich, the art properties have already been taken over by the Einsatzstab Rosenberg. The following collections are included:”. The lists are then indexed, and I only have six names (the seventh apparently falling on the excluded page following).


In no particular order, leaving out identifying names for the sake of privacy, to me, as well as to others, here is where you see the targetting of Jews and the fanaticism to which the extent of the process of discovery of Jewish identity plays into the Nazi extermination of the Jews. The name followed by “Collection” is noted by them in their listing. Not all is included, but much I leave in, in their words:


1.. The collection belonged to the Jewess (first name/last name). She was formerly domiciled in Paris. She fled from there and is said to be staying in Nice.


2.. This collection is made up of the effects of the late (occupation/title/last name). (Initial last) was a Jew… His heirs are living in Paris.


3.. The owner of the collection was the Roumanian citizen (first name/last name). It was not possible to ascertain positively, whether he is a Jew. His actual residence could not be found out.


4.. The collection was owned by the Jewess (title/last name), who was domiciled in Paris. Her representative could not indicate her present residence.


5.. Up to this time the collection was in the possession of the Dutch citizen (first name/last name), who at present lives in Monaco. It could not be ascertained positively, whether (last name) is Jewish.


6.. The art objects were the property of the Jews (first name), (first name) and (first name) (last name), who are said to have resided in Holland, and who allegedly are now staying in un-occupied French territory.


My family name again appears in another listing, this time in a French-language listing. Only included is one page of this listing where my surname shows. The list shows the artist of each work; the work’s descriptive title; dimensions; and proprietors. It seems that the number at the top of the page references its page number, which is a double-digit already well-into several tens of numbers comprising this list. There are about one-and-one-half dozen artworks listed — most are attached to individual owners of collections, but two on this page are listed to different museums.


Therein lies the rub: provenance. Much of the artwork has seen the underground and the black market. Some have never seen the light of an honest, new day. They pass from hand-to-hand, with fake provenance listed, sold by dealers and others. Museums have fought Jewish owners, saying that they had acquired their works through art dealers/brokers. A chain of true sale is hard to find.


The sheet on top of the French list looks to date at 1947, but the copy of the stamp is kindof light. The stamp is from the French Republic, from the Commission of Artwork Recovery in the Ministry of National Education. It’s title, to the best I can figure out, is “List of Works of Art taken by the Germans and not recovered”.


When the Germans lost World War II, their documents became part of their surrender. Reams and reams of papers stuffed into boxes were confiscated and stored in miles upon miles of shelves in warehouses. Much of their contents contained information on the plan of extermination for the Jews and how this was to be carried out, as well as its affects. It also dealt with all the after-affects.


Jews have been trying to tell the world about their plight for years, but nobody would pretend to notice. It is said that reconnaissance planes had taken photos of the German concentration camps, but the U.S. and the world remained mum. Newspapers reported on it, but the Jews were met with inaction. They were denied entry to many lands, including into the U.S., and were turned back en-route from escaping the Nazis to their deaths back in Europe.


Afterwards, those who had escaped finally found a voice after several decades to begin to question the timeline of events and when knowledge had become known regarding events of the Holocaust. Answers were said to be not known, but we always knew that many things had been covered up.


Documents should have been released to us to ease our suffering and to help recoup our already devastating losses. They were said to be unknown. But, that’s not the reality, really. On the back page of the translated 1941 letter listing the collections is the reproduction stamp from our own archives. It only became declassified in 1984. Did they only just finish documenting, indexing, and translating the miles of shelving holding these records and just get to this 1941 document by 1984, or had they already completed this task many decades ago and deny the knowledge of its contents, to the Jews and to the world, obscuring the trace of artistic provenance in the information tightly kept in classified files for a further four decades, long past the provenance date of Jewish expiration?


Links of related interests:















Also –

(Added June 20, 2019):

Arutz Sheva Staff. “Has Venezuelan dictator trafficked in Nazi gold?”.; June 19, 2019:



(Added January 15, 2020):

Ghermezian, Shiryn. “Nazi-Looted Art at Palace in Netherlands Set to Be Returned to Heirs of Jewish Owners”.; January 8, 2020:




(Added: March 7, 2020):




Update (Added: March 7, 2020):


It appears that the painting, an old Dutch master dated just prior to the mid-17th century, was confiscated for the collection of Reichsmarschall Hermann Göring. The painting was restituted to the similarly-named surnamed person’s heirs toward the end of October of 1947. The painting was then sold in Paris at the end of November 1967 at the Palais Galliera, which, in and of itself, has a most interesting history (see; to a person (who, coincidentally shares a similar occupation as the painting owner), who has since died. The person seems to have acquired very many old master paintings via auction during the latter 1950’s – through the 1960’s, including those from the private collections of many extremely influential and wealthy patrons of the Parisienne society, and elsewhere. How did the paintings of the estate of this now-deceased auction purveyor of art collections then disburse his assets? Somehow, with no indication to me, as yet, as to how the particular painting in question was then acquired by one of two famed auctioneer houses, it was, then, apparently offered in a lot, with other paintings, and auctioned in December of 2006. Has it since been reacquired?





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The Choir Did Sing


The Choir Did Sing (Randyjw; November 11, 2016)



Update / Additional (November 26, 2019):


Ghermezian, Shiryn. “Leonard Cohen’s Son Releases Posthumous Album of Legendary Singer’s Unfinished Work”.; November 22, 2019:




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Angels From Heaven


Angels From Heaven (Randyjw; November 11, 2016)


Angels, those great, celestial beings tasked by G-d to assist Him in His management duties over all of creation, are conceptually a construct that is, at times, difficult to comprehend.


If G-d is omnipotent, having all power to do whatever He wishes, then why does G-d, Creator of Everything, need underlings to carry out assignments to which He, Himself, would be more than capable to complete without any assistance, whatsoever?


If G-d is omnipresent, and can be everywhere at the same time, then why is it that reports of human interaction with these beings appear in the stories of the Bible, upon occasion bearing good news, and occasionally portending a calamitous outcome?


It would seem to be part of the realm of the visible versus the obscured, a portal in which to view a portion of the workings of Heaven while falling under physical, tangible constructs which govern this worldly existence, here on earth. This physicality binds the laws of nature, as we would call them, over the land in which we, and the animal and plant kingdoms, dwell. We’ve been at pains over the course of human history to discern these laws for ourselves, and have done a great job uncovering the scientific theorems surrounding mass, velocity, volume, gravity, liquidity, and other ideas, which have made us become like creators, in our own rights, by dint of the nature of our discoveries.


This advancement of knowledge is our doing, and possible downfall, it’s realization the embodiment of having eaten from the tree of knowledge, and losing the blissful state of having no knowledge of the existence of sin and its corrosive effects on human society.


Perhaps the reason that G-d employs angels for his work is severalfold: for one, perhaps there must exist a separation between the Heavenly and Earthly bodies. From what we can imagine, each may work in different manners, and perhaps it is that earthly laws apply to the earthly universe, and the laws of Heaven might be entirely different. And since it would be that the two might be kept mostly separated, then there might exist little entryways between the two, at various times, places (or not), and methods.


In Jacob’s dream in Beit El, he lays his head upon a stone to sleep and dreams of beings ascending and descending a ladder to Heaven, in the skies above. We’ve theorized that these are the angels employed by G-d to assist Him in carrying out His plans and actions upon the earth. Several times, we read of encounters with otherworldly beings in stories of the Bible, such as when Jacob contended with G-d and with men, and became Israel. The meeting of the three beings who appear as men to Abraham in the desert implies their angelic status, when it is forewarned by them that their mission is to destroy the cities of the sinful people of S’dom and Gomorrah. But they also bring the good news of the impending advanced-age birth which will be blessed to Sarah and which will carry forth the birth of the nation-people, Israel.


When Jacob, Avraham and Sarah encounter these helpers of G-d, they each also receive a new enhancement to their names: Jacob to “Israel”; Avram to “Avraham”; and Sarai to “Sarah”. Each letter of the alef-bet, the Hebrew alphabet, is revered as a creation of G-d in his Holy works. The letter for the “h” is considered especially so, seeing how it was used in raising Avram and Sarai’s names, from which the words of G-d would be further known.


We already know that man cannot approach to “see” G-d, lest they die. So, this can be one of the reasons that G-d allows man an encounter with the angels, instead. We know that the L-rd spoke to Moses via the burning bush, and that Moses hid in the cleft between rocks as the L-rd passed on the mountain. The abode of G-d’s dwelling, within the concealed Holy of Holies, within the Jewish Temple, was only approached once per year by the Levite priests, descendants of Aharon, Moses’ brother. It’s interesting that they received no apportionment of land, when it was assigned to the twelve tribes of Jacob/Israel. Their portion was to be provided from that which was offered up by the people, mirroring the actions by which the people honored G-d with their sacrifices. These sacrifices show that we are thankful to the L-rd for his bounty and blessings and that it keeps us humble in letting go a portion of that which we have been given, in honor and respect.


In other ways, G-d shows us that no-one is an island unto himself. He shows us that even He, although likely not required, utilizes others to assist in the implementation of the G-dly kingdom. There can be no better validation of one’s self and subsequent well-being, than to feel needed and valued, helpful and productive, in our society. To whatever extent possible, each person has their own unique gifts and attributes which can contribute to the society at-large. To take away such, would devalue a person and contribute to feelings of worthlessness and depression. It would exacerbate a loss of dignity in the self.


For this reason, we are enjoined to be part of a larger community. To learn through others and to teach others, as well. To create a cohesive, thoughtful place, where each can feel a sense of worth, and where the ideals come to build a sum which is more than its parts. Without a system working as a unit, people decide what is right in their own eyes, and go off on divergent paths which can never be made whole. When this society broke down in the evil societies, G-d sent his angels to tear it down. G-d utilizes agents to do so. Perhaps it is better that we know that others can carry out the ramifications of such consequences in G-d’s stead. G-d only wants good, but in the end, he warns us that the bad will be punished.


The delegation of authority was provided by Yitro (Jethro) as the means to solve the conundrum of Moshe (Moses), his son-in-law, wearing himself out as the sole arbiter of problematic occurences between the tribe’s members. It was decided that Moses could instead appoint delegates to act in his stead to decide smaller matters between them, and for the larger difficulties, he would provide the solutions, himself. And so, we see the workings of the hierarchical breakdowns of a society into its working parts: whether a corporation, a municipality, a judicial system, the processes of government, or even an electoral voting process. G-d shows us, through angels, how to successfully manage a society.


I want to share the article which inspired my post, as well as the huge, beaming smile, which was the first, real, whole-being exaltation I’ve experienced in a long time. I think more of us can use such a lift, and it is for that reason I provide you this special, accompanying source and link.


Fox, Tsviya. “The Truth About Angels”. Breaking Israel; November 3, 2016:

The Truth About Angels

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We Stand Free Because Of You


We Stand Free Because Of You (Randyjw; November 10, 2016)


Honoring the Veterans of Democracy and Freedom


Veterans Day: November 11, 2016


A    Salute


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With Heart In Hand


With Heart In Hand (Randyjw; November 9, 2016)

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Sweet Heart


Sweet Heart (Randyjw; November 9, 2016)

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Raspberries In Winter


Raspberries In Winter (Randyjw; November 9, 2016)

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Randy’s Recipes: Braised Brussels Sprouts


This is an easy side dish you can prepare with either fresh or frozen vegetables. I had some frozen brussels sprouts in the freezer, and didn’t like the way the “fresh”, packaged ones looked at the market, with brown root stems, and a sickly look, each and every one — Oy! So, even though it was a bit mushier, due to the pre-frozen quality, it was still a quick and tastier uptick than just some veggies from a can or microwave steam-packet. I ate them for my entire dinner, and had a nice (canned plus fresh) fruit salad for dessert.





Randy’s Recipes: Braised Brussels Sprouts (Randyjw; November 6, 2016)



Brussels Sprouts, fresh or frozen; rinsed — you can cut in half, or leave whole

Sesame Oil

Butter: 1 to 2 Tablespoons, or to add richness without sogginess

Wine/Liqueur/Spirits/Alcohol Flourish (I used sweet, red wine, Manischewitz Concord Grape; you can use cognac, brandy, Jaegermeister, schnapps, rum, coconut-flavored, Grand Marnier, cherry….. etc.)

Carmelize rinsed brussels sprouts on the stovetop or in the oven on a sheet pan, allowing them to sit and take on color without stirring, but being careful not to burn them. Add in sesame oil and contine cooking. Add butter, only to richen and coat, but not make soggy. Same with the alcohol flourish — add in only a line or two to add flavor at the end, but to not make soggy. Cook to blend through a bit. Serve and Enjoy!

7.3 Yums Up

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Randy’s Recipes: Fun-Fusion Pasta


Randy’s Recipes: Fun-Fusion Pasta (Randyjw; November 6, 2016)





Sesame Oil (Optional)

Garlic (Optional) (I used powdered)

Soy Sauce


Optional Add-Ins:

Vegetables: Raw, Cooked, or Garnish












Boil pasta until done, drain, and return to pot. Remove from heat. Add a bit of sesame oil to moisten, then stir. Add a shake of garlic on top, and stir. Add a few lines of soy sauce across the top, then stir. Add about a tablespoonful of peanut butter; a little goes a long way, so only use a little and adjust later. Add another round of garlic, sesame oil and soy sauce, alternately adding to balance out all flavors. This is good with a heavy accent on the garlic. Add-in any options, if using. A few chopped scallions sprinkled on top would be delicious. Simple, easy and delicious.


6.9 Yums Up


November 11, 2016: I’m eating this again — this time eliminating the sesame oil and garlic; it’s still good. I’m going to re-list those ingredients as “optional”.

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US Presidency (Work From Home*) (*IT Not Included)


US Presidency (Work From Home*) (*IT Not Included) (Randyjw; November 4, 2016)

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Randy’s Recipes: Tabouleh-Topped Bagel And Cream Cheese


Randy’s Recipes: Tabouleh-Topped Bagel And Cream Cheese (Randyjw; November 4, 2016)



Tabouleh (see previous post for recipe, here:)

Bagel, toasted or plain (or your choice of toast or bread — any flavor, etc.)

Cream Cheese (I used plain, but that’s up to you…)


Prepare your bread/bagel/toast, or whatever you wish to use, as preferred (my bagel was lightly toasted, closed, so that the interior steamed, rather than toasted). Let cool slightly.


Top with cream cheese.


Top THAT with tabouleh. Enjoy!


7.2 Yums Up




After reading some selections from the website this morning, I felt that my soul had benefitted enough to soothe the worldly part of me that has been the more dominant aspect of my reactionary manner and mode, of late.


Afterwards, I prepared my breakfast, and everything tasted so wonderful and sweet! My combination turned out fantastic, and my coffee was blended just right! Although it was only instant (Nescafe’ Taster’s Choice, French Roast), a little sugar and milk set it off just superbly, and the tabouleh atop the bagel-and-cream-cheese was a big hit!


I prepared the tabouleh yesterday, and the blending overnight enhanced the flavors. I’m still trying different methods and ingredients for this. I used a larger chop on the vegetables, and this is a definite no-no. Although it’s more time-consuming, the end result of extremely fine-cut vegetables is the perfect incarnation for this dish. I toasted the bulgur wheat, and I’m not sure that I prefer that to a just plain-boiled version. I’ve got some other ideas, though — I just might not get to them very soon, as I’ve got several quarts of tabouleh now sitting in my fridge.


Blessed? You bet. After savoring that delicious meal (and for celebrating my day of life today), I thanked G-d with a prayer in praise. There are certain Hebrew ones which apply specifically to each occasion and action. Frankly, I’ve probably uttered just the one for wine. I’ve failed by not saying the proper one for bread (which I just remembered), or vegetables (I’m not sure if tomato, in Hebrew, is fruit or vegetable, but there are also the greens of parsley… Is that Maror, here, for the bitter herbs, or is that only at Passover?). I’m confusing myself.


In the wrong, but nevertheless, I made up my own prayer, to thank Him for… Everything! Maybe this is an actual prayer… I don’t know. But, here it is:


Baruch Atah Adonai, Elo(k)einu Melech Ha’Olam

Boreh (ha)Kol B’Olam


Blessed Art Thou, O Lord, Our G-d, King of the Universe

Creator of Everything in the World/Universe



I felt happy for having done so.


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Abedin, Abedin, Abedin — That’s All, Folks!


Abedin, Abedin, Abedin — That’s All, Folks! (Randyjw; November 4, 2016)


As a reminder, or perhaps for the first time, I care to refresh your memories of the ties which bind. These are not the cords binding Isaac, though metaphorically they might as well be. They are not the alternate version binding Ishmael, though they could just as easily be those, as well. But, what they are lies somewhere in the shady grey region in-between, the blending, and shaking and pouring out of it all, with all the foamy matter rising to the top.


For it involves the stories of the peoples of the region, and how they came to be here, and what they did with their time while here, and how they interacted with their new lands and people.


For Anthony Weiner, it was a fairly straight-forward matter of a golden boy living the dream. He was born in the US and led an idyllic life, making good on the American ethos to work hard and, by doing so, to earn success. And that he did, very well, having risen steadily in politics as an ardent Democrat over the years. This brought him into the eventual sphere of Hillary Clinton’s 2008 presidential campaign bid, where he found more than a beneficial association in its immediate environs, but also found a personal association with Hillary Clinton’s perennial “running mate”, Huma Abedin. The following year, Huma and Anthony were engaged, and in 2010, they married.


And yes, Anthony Weiner was Jewish and Huma Abedin was Muslim. They had a child in 2011, amidst revelations that text messages under aliases such as “Carlos Danger” had been linked to Anthony Weiner and had also been linked in indiscretionary manner to other women, including new allegations that one such person was under the age of 18. Because of this, the FBI reopened the investigation of Anthony Weiner’s case in September 2016, and in October, examining the laptop Anthony shared with his wife, Huma Abedin.


It was discovered that there are some 650,000 emails to- or from- Ms. Abedin, a possibility which could include those relating to communiques which may have occurred between sensitive entities possibly involved with, or referring possibly to, government affairs.


With regards to the investigation relating to the server Mrs. Hillary Clinton set-up in her home, and from which she sent and received correspondence between herself and others while she was Secretary of State, Ms. Abedin had responded in June 2016 that she had, by that time, already supplied the FBI with all devices containing her emails.


By dint of her long service to Mrs. Clinton, and due to her professional association and close ties as first her intern, then her aide, then her role as deputy chief of staff for Mrs. Clinton at the Department of State, Huma Abedin, as well as another assistant, Cheryl Mills, had been given email accounts, which had been also placed on Hillary Clinton’s private email server, and so the FBI investigation into these close associations were warranted. It is anticipated that the investigation’s results will not be known prior to this 2016 presidential election, in which Hillary Clinton is the Democratic contender.


Huma’s parents were born in India, it being stated that the area name changed to Pakistan for Huma’s mother’s place of birth. In between, Huma’s parents gave birth to Huma in the United States, then left for Saudia Arabia when Huma was two years old, upon acceptance of her father to employment with the Institute of Muslim Minority Affairs (IMMA), which had been offered him by the vice president of King Abdulaziz University, Abdullah Omar Naseef. The two men had previously been colleagues at the Saudi-owned University, and Huma’s father, Syed Abedin, had also been involved with the Muslim Student Association (MSA) at Western Michigan University, while living in the U.S.


The institute publishes the Journal of Muslim Minority Affairs (JMMA), housed at the same address in London, 46 Goodge Street, as the Muslim World League, of which Naseef had been its secretary-general in the early 1980’s. Naseef later developed close ties to Osama bin Laden and the terrorist group al Qaeda.


Huma returned to the United States to attend George Washington University, where for a couple of years she was also an executive board member of the Muslim Student Association. Two chaplains of this same Association later would be found to have ties to terrorism: Mohamed Omeish, who had headed the International Islamic Relief Organization, and which organization was found to have funded al Qaeda; and Anwar al-Awlaki, who had been associated to the hijackers of 911. Omeish’s brother, Esam, had headed the Muslim American Society, advocates of the Muslim Brotherhood position. Both of the brothers were associated with Abdurahman Alamoudi, who was later convicted and incarcerated on terrorism charges.


In 1996, and thereafter, Huma began both her political career and subsequent, concurrent outside employment furthering Muslim and political agendas. She was employed as a White House intern while she was working as an assistant editor for the JMMA. She became an executive board member of JMMA and served in that capacity for six years, together with Abdullah Naseef during one of those years, as well as having been there during the first seven years of Naseef’s activities in the IMMA.


When she returned to the Department of State from her maternity leave, she came back with a new title, “special government employee,” and her clients were Hillary Clinton, the Department of State, and the Clinton Foundation, among others. Recently, she was made vice chair of Hillary’s presidential election campaign.


Huma’s sister, Heba, was also employed with Huma at the JMMA as an assistant editor, and her brother, Hassan, was involved there, as well, in the capacity of associate editor. Hassan had been a fellow at the Oxford Center for Islamic Studies when the Center’s board had included such people as Yusuf al-Qaradawi and Abdullah Omar Naseef.


Huma’s mother, Saleha Mahmood Abedin, has been listed as a board member of the International Islamic Council for Dawa and Relief, a part of Union of Good, led by Yusuf al-Qaradawi and designated by the U.S. as an international terrorist organization.


Leak-like emails? Terrorist associations?


Do you feel safe?



This article was compiled with copious reshuffling of information found and put together by the good folks at Discover the Networks.


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Additional Reading and Update:

Greenfield, Daniel. “The Lies of Huma Abedin”. Sultan; December 6, 2017:


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The New York Times Thinks that the Jews from Arab Countries Simply “Immigrated”- by FirstOneThrough; October 30, 2016

This article is a reblog of an article first appearing at the author’s website, FirstOneThrough. I think it explains more succinctly the type of life which the Jewish people experienced under Islamic majority rule. I will be looking forward to perusing more selections from this website, and hope you will enjoy the same, at:


On October 20, 2016, the New York Times profiled a rising Israeli member of Knesset, Miri Regev.  The article, “Miri Regev’s Culture War,” highlighted her background in IsraelR…

To continue reading, please go to the source article, and click on the link which follows, below:

Source: The New York Times Thinks that the Jews from Arab Countries Simply “Immigrated”

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Look Before You Vote


Look Before You Vote (Randyjw; November 1, 2016)


If there’s one thing Donald Trump isn’t — it’s that he isn’t shy to utilize the benefits which have accrued to him through hard work and the attainment of wealth, which this has brought him. He has been an intrepid businessman, still held in esteem as one of the most skillful negotiators of the business deal the world has ever known. An impressive title, and certainly not deniable, especially during Trump’s heady heydays in the booming real estate valuations of the ’80’s and beyond.


I remember as a much younger version of me viewed my parents’ final dress preparations, prior to enjoying their invitations at a soiree’ aboard the Trump yacht, decades ago. When they returned, they likened it comparatively in length to a football field (perhaps a miscalculation of footage?) and I believe that an elevator may have been mentioned, if I’m recalling correctly.


Well, certainly, it was an aberration out-of-sorts for a day-to-day experience, such that my parents would have; but it was a memorable blip on the memory pages written in the chapters of their lives.


Such experiences may have been more familiar to Mr. Trump, but he makes no bones about his life, or the way he was raised, or about teaching his children how to be successful in life, and how to fight for that chance, just as his Father had tried to teach the Trump children through his own real estate business endeavors.


There’s nothing wrong with that and with pursuing the American dream, the same one that we extend to those who have reached our shores, with the vision that here, in America, each individual should be provided the same opportunity to achieve success as the next guy, and with lots of hard work, it can be attainable. You can work hard and never achieve that great dream, also — it is not reasonable to expect great results, though it seems rather “unfair” when they don’t pan out, as planned.


For Donald Trump, he has seen both sides of these realities. But, he is certainly living the dream. He wants to see that for you, and me, and America — he doesn’t need it for himself… He’s certainly had all that previously. But, he can’t stand to see the hard work that has been built by Americans over several hundred years be dismantled in the blink of a few Democratic presidential administrations — at least as I take to seeing it in him. And I agree with that, and hope he can turn around what the past several years have wrought: of economic poverty; of recession; of negative or anemic growth; of racial tensions the likes of which haven’t been seen since preceding desegregation.


The disingenuousness of the portrayal by Hillary Clinton to portray herself outside of the general privileged class which the details of her life experiences bear out, lay proof to the values revealed by their evidence. The put-on, down-home drawl faked to seem confederate with the masses reveal an elite contemptuousness for those she seems to hold in lesser regard. Speak to them in your regular, “inside” voice, Hillary; believe me, they’re smarter than you think (Don’cha “No-Wise” know ‘jes what I mean?).


She of the appertunate NON-hyphenated four-length name grew up in a Chicago suburban area, close by to one of the fingers of the Great Lakes, from which also sprang Carrie Snodgress and Harrison Ford, called Park Ridge, Illinois.


To make way for its preferred population, in 1833 the town ethnically cleansed the Potawotamie Indians straight out of it — for only 457 whole citizens, when the 1880 US Census figures indicate the numbers. By the time Hillary was thirteen years old, the area had grown to 32,625 people: five of which were African-American; 31 “Others” which were neither black nor white; reflecting the balance of its inhabitants, with its 99.9% white population, according to the statistics of the 1960 census.


By the year 2000, according to census figures, the population remained in the majority white, at 95.4% compared to the rest of the population; and the median cost of a home was $420,000.00. Wiki demographics, from which these statistics were all noted, include a 2010 figure of 93.4% white population.


She would soon lead the life of the perpetually schooled, attending the exclusive Wellesley College, where anti-Semitism was de rigueur in the popular viewpoint held by the preppy, single-sex girl attendees of the so-called White, Anglo-Saxon Protestant venues in those days (and is still a persistent problem at Wellesley College, even in recent months). I can attest to the anti-Semitic sentiment of the people who revolved their lives around the town of Wellesley in those days, having grown-up not far from there; today, many wealthy Jews now call it home, although holdover attitudes still persist.


Perhaps her lifelong affiliation to churches of the United Methodist Church inform her faith. Often, their regional conferences have voted to boycott companies doing business in Judea and Samaria. They divested their funds from five Israeli banks they had been using, which is unfortunate, considering that their General Board of Pension and Health Benefits “manages over $21 billion in assets for over 91,000 participants, including clergy and lay staff,” as noted by Pro Israel Bay Bloggers. I guess their definition of a successful surgery at one of their multiple Methodist hospitals would include cutting off their nose(s) to spite their face(s), as Methodist hospitals use numerous Israeli medical inventions and devices in their facilities and procedures. The overall vote, in the end, was to not enact BDS (too late for the banks).


Hillary graduated Wellesley in 1969, then went to the Ivy League Law school at Yale University, where she earned her J.D. in 1973. She then spent a seemingly short period of time in work as a congressional legal counsel, leaving that to go to Arkansas to marry Bill Clinton; they wed in 1975.


The Clintons had been named as witnesses in the failed Madison Guaranty Savings and Loan Association business of Jim and Susan McDougal, due to discovery of their financial investments in land projects through the Whitewater Development Corporation. The McDougals were eventually convicted (Susan for contempt for refusing to answer questions) and the succeeding governor to Bill Clinton was convicted of fraud, serving only probation. Susan was pardoned by Bill Clinton before he left office.


Deputy White House counsel, Vincent W. Foster, Jr., investigating the Madison Guaranty Savings and Loan Association, was found dead in an outdoor park in 1993. It was ruled a suicide.


It seems odd that Hillary’s political affiliation, prior to 1968, was Republican; after that, she has been Democrat. But, the parties were much different than they are today. Back in those times, the self-considered genteel, old-world, “moneyed-class” of inherited wealth and inherited values (often including bigoted views towards Blacks and Jews) were staid voters of the Republican party. Newcomers, and those coming-up slowly in the world, such as we Jews, often voted en masse for what was the reigning party of progressive movements to liberate those biased viewpoints, becoming the Democrat Party. Since then, the Republican party of today more closely resembles the old Democratic party, while the Democrats now resemble Communists, and the Independent candidates of this 2016 race resemble fascist despots, who align with terrorist-sympathizers and would likely act like the rulers of such places do today.


Hillary has had chairs and partnership status, but to what extent there was actually any work done with those is often a wonder — oftentimes, a name is just a figurehead, or a prestige draw to increase membership dues or contributions to a cause, such as a celebrity endorsement. She then began life as a professional politician.


From 1979 to 1992, with the exception of some time between 1981 to 1983, Bill Clinton was governor of Arkansas. As his wife, she became First Lady of Arkansas. As the wife of the President of the United States, she was First Lady from 1993 to 2001.


In 1993, the Travelgate incident took place, with charges of cronyism (with allegations being made that multiple firings of Travel Office staff had occurred so that Clinton friends could work in their steads) and improper direction of government business (sound familiar?), but Bill Clinton was exonerated and Hillary was not indicted.


From incidents related in 1993 and 1994 to improper use of confidential information involving the acquiescence to and request for supposedly hundreds of FBI background reports of many Republican political forebears to the present Clinton administration, the Filegate incident became known. Both Clintons were exonerated.


Before the socialized medicine known as Obamacare went into effect, there was the 2003 idea of Hillarycare (and we won’t even mention Massachusetts’ governor, Mitt Romney’s, “Romneycare”) which continued to be voted down, time and again, even as Obamacare. Obamacare passed when Congress “had to pass it, before knowing what was in it”, in the famous paraphrase of Nancy Pelosi.


Then, when Bill Clinton’s term of limits as President expired, rather than become a political washout on Bill’s disgraced record of impeachable actions by lying to Congress in regards to his cheating on Hillary with the White House intern, they instead rode Hillary’s coattails.


They had to purchase a residence in order to become a resident of the town where Hillary could become a Senator. Well, New York would do. So, they packed up their furnishings (and many of those gifted to the White House, which they had to return, since they were not personal gifts, but gifts to the White House, which must remain as property of that office/the US/the people, etc.) and although they said that they were dead broke (unh-hunh… Ain’t no-wise no-way, babe), somehow managed to afford a house in Chappaqua so that Hillary could become Senator.


Somehow, this happened. She became a junior Senator in New York from 2001 to 2009. She lost a failed bid in 2008 to Barack Obama for the Democratic candidate for the Presidency. As a sort of a seeming consolation prize, she was asked to be Secretary of State, and did so from 2009 to 2013, bringing us such debacles as the US Embassy deaths in Benghazi, Libya, which she insisted, erroneously, were instigated by an amateur video on YouTube for the mob attack in which four US service members were killed, and it was revealed that inside knowledge indicated other rightly-attributed causes — not the video.


When you go to the polling stations to cast your vote (the election is on Tuesday, November 8, 2016), please remember that there are many jobless people who have suffered long enough in this never-ending recession and stagnant economy perpetrated by the incessant robbing of our pockets by the Democratic disaster train. This is an important election! Please think wisely!



“Has the United Methodist Church Rejected Divestment?” proisraelbaybloggers. January 28, 2015:


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More reading; similar thoughts, beter writing:

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No Matter How You Slice It, It’s Still Israel!!!


No Matter How You Slice It, It’s Still Israel!!! (Randyjw; November 1, 2016)

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