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Rainwater (Randyjw; November 30, 2016)


The leaves might take their course

falling through the rain

on the softened earth


The ashes might rise from soot

Soaring from embers

and brightened hearth


The stone might find the brook

Cascading on ripples

and light of foot


The sea might find the tide

welcoming home

this berth it had cried

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Folded Notes


Folded Notes (Randyjw; November 30, 2016)


Words arise in morning poetry,
aleap the brightened time;
nuanced seeping imagery,
paintings envisioned of mind.

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Big Gifts


Big Gifts (Randyjw; November 27, 2016)


Because of our ability

to channel our great worth

Born of responsibility

to tend to all on earth


Of nothing asked we freely give

to which we’re tasked we do

When people mock and scorn all this

We choose life, that you live


No greater place on earth was made

to live in free repose

United States, so full of grace,

to free the world its woes.

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Little Gifts


Little Gifts (Randyjw; November 27, 2016)


They fit in boxes

wrapped in bows

They’re found in lockets

Up they go


They hide in trees

Or behind doors

They skin their knees

Upon the floor


They sleuth and caper

Building forts

Which wrapping paper

will they sport?


Cuz some are simple

Some are loud

Some are dimpled

Others proud


But each one

is a special thing

when all is done

Each gift they bring


You might have thought

these gifts were theirs

But each one brought

their gifts to share


The rich, the poor

we know what’s true

Not found in stores

But meant for you

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Unapologetically Not Apartheid


Unapologetically Not Apartheid (Randyjw; November 26, 2016)


Palestinians receive the most financial aid per capita than any other people on earth. Think of all the wonderful projects that could be accomplished with such largesse. Heck, the youth could spend their days surfing in the wash that brushes the beaches of the coastline of Israel’s cities: Tel Aviv, Yafo (Jaffa), Ashkelon (Askelon), Ashdod, ‘Aza (Gaza)… Oh, wait… They already do spend their days doing that. What a life!


You see, prior to the unilateral and illegal removal of Jewish people from their homes in ‘Aza by the Israeli government, done so with the hope of appeasing Arab terrorist attacks on the Jewish state, the people in Gaza had beautiful homes and thriving businesses. A multibillion-dollar hothouse industry, representing a large chunk of Israeli export business, was left behind in the forced evacuations of the Jewish population in the region. It was hoped that by (illegally) removing the Jewish presence from their midst as requested, the Arabs would be happy to have received free land and homes and would quit their murderous attacks on the Jewish people. Instead, the hothouse has been razed, the synagogues there torched, and the unnecessary “aid” money they’ve received has been diverted to fund the ongoing Arab war of attrition against the Jews.


Instead of building more schools to accommodate their burgeoning population, they build tunnels under Israel from which to commit attacks against the Jews. They build rockets, missiles, and bombs, which they launch from heavily-populated civilian areas into Israel, rather than build hospitals or theaters to enhance their society. They’ll still send their terrorist leaders and footsoldiers to Israeli hospitals for medical treatment, though.


Recently, though, they did build a multi-million dollar museum to showcase the history of the “Palestinian” people, but there is nothing to put into it. It lies empty, because the actual people considered “Palestinian” by the British when they administered the Mandate for “Palestine” were the Jewish people. It was called thus by the Roman conquerors of Judah/Israel at the beginnings of the first Century of the Common Era, to remind us Jews of our ancient, mostly-vanquished nemesis of old, the Falastin, there in the land during the reign of King David.


But, Israel was in the land even prior to David — for a very long time — beginning with Avraham by our Biblical account, with a following foray into Egypt for several hundred years due to an initial famine and then settlement there, leading eventually to enslavement. Moses led us out of Egypt and back to Israel during the Exodus, at which time our religion was proclaimed and our Passover holiday was born.


You can read about this, if you care to, within the pages of our several-thousand-year-old historical/religious tome, known to us as the Torah, and to others as the Old Testament, a.k.a., “The Bible”. The second portion of what people consider “The Bible”, isn’t even ours! It pertains to the Christian faith — and even this source confirms the presence of the Jews in the land, and the Jewish Temple in its place, before the Roman destruction of it. Fancy that! An outside source, antithetical to the propagation and continuance of our religion and culture, confirms the historical statements of the Jewish sovereignty in that land!


And even beyond that, when the Arabs expanded outward from Arabia (known as Saudi Arabia today, under monarchical rule by the Sa’ud family clan, and hence its name), the sourcebook for the Arab faith they compiled after the death of the one they ascribe as a prophet was laced together with references both Judaic and Christian in origin, and in which acknowledgement of the land of the Jews is affirmed to be Jewish. The linear progression of these events being acknowledged in the Koran in their consideration of Jesus being solely a “prophet” and the Jewish rights to the land of Israel, clearly indicate their agreement and acknowledgement of the undisputed logic of these facts and that Islam was preceded by the two faiths before it.


It doesn’t make for good propaganda though, so they appeal to the public through emotional pleas and apply belligerency if challenged to some truthful debate, in which case the concept of “taqqiyah” (artful lying to assuage the deceived infidel in order to establish an Islamic Caliphate across a vast expanse of the world) applies. If you’re unaware of the word and its meaning, you should look this up, as well.


The beautiful area of Gaza left, not without tears and loss of livelihood and life, behind by the Jews, is still visible in this propaganda video, made by Hamas to solidify in the Arab mind the gains they can hope to further accomplish given a vote for their leadership in (possible) upcoming elections — never mind that Hamas is a terrorist organization bent on the annihilation of the Jewish people. I’ve provided the article, in which I initially viewed it, here:


Forman, Abra. “Watch: New Hamas Propaganda Video Showcases Beautiful Gaza Paradise”. Breaking Israel; August 9, 2016:





For the Jews, bereft of their homes and occupational trades, they are many of them still left without homes or compensation. They still cannot find full employment — search on “Gush Katif” to follow their plight and learn more. The Arabs are well aware that their claims are specious and know full-well that Israel has been the Jewish home for thousands of years. They will, at times, admit to it — but then realize that doing so means that their speeches are contradictory and non-sensical; but, what does that matter, when lies and violence bring about so much bounty?


Why, here is a Supreme Moslem Council publication from 1924 describing the inviolable claim by the Jews to the site of the Temple Mount, but which recently the UN under UNESCO “made Arab”, with the swipe of a pen. Because Muslim rule of 57 countries outnumber the minority Jewish state in the United Nations’ membership, the majority declare falsehoods as if they were factual truth. What a bunch of baksheesh, I say!

"The site is one of the oldest in the world. Its sanctity dates from the earliest (perhaps from pre-historic times). Its identity with the site of Solomon's Temple is beyond dispute. This, too, is the spot, according to the universal belief, on which "David built there an altar unto the Lord, and offered burnt offerings and peace offerings". - A Brief Guide to Al-Haram Al-Sharif; Supreme Moslem Council, Jerusalem, 1924.

“The site is one of the oldest in the world. Its sanctity dates from the earliest (perhaps from pre-historic times). Its identity with the site of Solomon’s Temple is beyond dispute. This, too, is the spot, according to the universal belief, on which “David built there an altar unto the Lord, and offered burnt offerings and peace offerings”. – A Brief Guide to Al-Haram Al-Sharif; Supreme Moslem Council, Jerusalem, 1924.


Is their something wrong with either your vision or your perception in that you can’t see the incessant rocket fire from Gaza on Israel’s citizens, the suicide bus bombings, the stabbings, the “Intifada”, the car rammings, and the continual terrorist acts as something beyond the flat-out war that its actions most definitely belie? Do these resemble what peaceful overtures are supposed to look like, or do they rather belie some demented psychotic dissonance, denying the admission of a reality clearly presented before their eyes?


Is the existence of just about every conceivable denomination of religion, its houses of worships and its attendant communities, actively engaged and fully-functioning in Israel’s lands indicative of the truth of religious tolerance or do they form a basis for the lies claimed of “apartheid intolerance”? Is the fact that Israel’s kindness to share space within its old city walls in one of its most sacred areas to Jewish history in Jerusalem indicative of respect to the differences of “other” peoples with “other” faiths, or do you still further wish to perpetrate the lie of “apartheid” being committed by Israel?


Israel has given a home to the Armenians to share their history (you can see their tiny museum in the Armenian quarter of the Old City of Jerusalem — I have!), when the rest of the world fails to acknowledge them. Frankly, we know that feeling well. The Old City also has its Arab, Christian, and, of course, Jewish Quarters. Didn’t you know that, or can’t you wrap your head around the propaganda you’ve consumed which is contradictory to this fact?


It’s okay… I used to extoll Israel’s technological and medical achievements, still somehow irreconciled to the screen in my brain which portrayed only camels and sand, devoid of the skyscrapers and advancements existent in the present millenium! Dissonance. That, of course, changed, when I visited Israel, and saw with my own eyes that the disjointed images that had formed in my mind were just residual notions perpetrated from myths that had surrounded it.


But, somehow, the “apartheid lie” puts forth the false narrative that these people of more than eighty countries living within it manage to amazingly avoid each other through the deliberate rule of the democratic Israeli Parliament separating each community. This august body of governance, known as the Knesset, encompasses even Arab party members, hostile to the state, by the way, who hold official Ministry parties and positions. Somehow, this 17% – 20% minority Arab population of Israeli citizens still manage to become municipal leaders, mayors, students, doctors, taxi drivers — in all facets of Israeli life, just as the rest of society does, too.


Perhaps you do not know what an “apartheid” policy, such as that maintained in South Africa, until only fairly recently defeated, really means? Let’s take a look at what Kenneth Meshoe, a Black member of the South African Parliament who lived under apartheid rule, has to say about the fallacious claim of Israeli “apartheid” in this YouTube video from Prager University:




Many people express their opinions on myriads of subjects, and that is one ideal of freedom of expression, which means so much to us in the United States. Although the Jewish people have never been the only people to have been castigated in the world and to have been killed for who we are, we still receive a disproportionate and unfair amount of invective and injustice hurled at us from all directions.


We have to live with such situations as best we can. We’re quite familiar with this existence, having honed survival to a fine craft, such that the Dalai Lama wishes to know our secrets? We have none. We live on the ground with it, while praying to the One Most High. That is our “secret”, which cannot be claimed as a “secret”, when we’ve made it transparent to the entire world over the course of the past several thousand years.


I get it, though. There are those living in the aeries of their crenellated towers who wish to claim the upper hand from their perches where reality cannot reach. India has a similar circumstance to Israel. A dissatisfied Muslim population living within it wished to receive land from India for the secession of their own, autonomous state. This occurred in 1947, at which time Pakistan was formed. The cries for peaceful resistance in India, although noble in their dignity, were met with these results: a truncated state (India and Pakistan), and ongoing battles for yet more land: Kashmir. Did the separation result in lasting peace? No. It raised the ante that additional concessions, whether by force or by pressure, would be given in the ceding of additional land. Tell me how you have solved the fractious divisions over Kashmir. Let me know its results one year after you cede yet additional land. India is a vast swath of land; Israel is rather tiny. Muslim countries are 57; the Jewish state is only one.


Soapboxes that attempt to reach heaven will be confounded at Babel.

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Prophets Are Always Right — Never Left


Prophets Are Always Right — Never Left (Randyjw; November 25, 2016)


It’s Friday. According to G-d’s calendar, that makes it Shabbat. We reckon this in several ways: first, in the delineation determining daylight and evening. We know that darkness was upon the face of the deep, because it is revealed to us in the opening paragraph of the Bible, stating this is so, in the sentence following G-d’s creation of the heaven and the earth. We can confirm that the universe is mostly dark, except for emitted gases from our stars, such as the sun (the large light), and its non-gaseous, smaller, reflective body, known as the moon (the small light), reflecting the grandeur of the sun’s emissions, because in the time since the Bible’s transmission, we humans have propelled ourselves into this chasmic void, and found it to be true.


G-d spoke Light into existence and divided the light from the darkness. And G-d “called the light Day, and the darkness he called Night. And there was evening and there was morning, one day.” (Koren Publishers Jerusalem translation).


Because G-d has specifically called these things according to His words, and set them according to His will, we follow them in a literal sense, assigning the time past sundown (with a few extra fail-safe determinants for certainty), and its extension to the following time just before it again, one “day”. Other cultures divide a day at the antemeridian and post-meridian times of noon and midnight. Some cultures divide a year into many more months than is our accustomed tradition of division by twelve.


When we count, in Hebrew, the days of creation listed, we start with “one day”; “a second day”; “a third day”; “a fourth day”; “a fifth day”; “the sixth day”. Each is counted as one would count a regular number. The seventh day we call Shabbat. Hebrew is so incredible and so Holy, but I don’t really speak it. But let me explain, if I can, what I see in this small paragraph about this day.


Let me read you the English translations and tell you about their derivative Hebrew words. The Hebrew provides deep insight into the meaning of the English-language words used in their stead, as well.


I’ll start here: “And by the seventh day G-d ended His work which He had done;…”. Here it states “…bayom haSh’vi’i” (“by the seventh day…”). Hebrew relies, generally, on a core of three-lettered root words, from which conjugations and other words are formed. Thus, we see that this is a conjugated form of the word meaning “seven”, which is “sheva”: for example, as in “Be’er Sheva”, or “Batsheva”.


Cool, right? But, it becomes even more so. In Hebrew, the sentence continues, thusly: “VaYishbot bayom haSh’vi’i…” In English, the words relay: “and He rested on the seventh day (…from all His work which He had done.)” We can see that the root letters comprising the number for “seven”/”sheva” are the “Sh” sound of the letter, “Shin”, and the soft ‘v’/’b’ of the letter, “Beit”.


Since Hebrew was formulated using pictographic representations for its letters, it means that each letter is represented by some type of object or idea. Hebrew letters, in a sort of simple cipher, where “a” equals “one” and “b” equals “two”, and so forth, also form the basis for creating numbers. The “Shin” is Kabbalistically a crown, of sorts. The letter, “Beit”, is pictographically a representation of a house, and also, not coincidentally, is the word for “house” (for example, “Beit HaMikdash”, or “House of the Holy” (essentially, or, The Jewish Temple).


Using another derivative of those root letters, “Shin” and “Beit”, we find the word, “Yoshev”. What do we do as the ultimate relaxation, especially when we are to relax and do no work on Shabbat, the seventh day? We sit and relax inside our homes. Glorifying G-d, our “crown”, and our “crowning” form of relaxation, we “sit” inside our “homes”. “Yoshev” means “to sit”. Therefore, “Shin”Crown/”Beit”Home forms the words for “Shabbat” (seventh day, when G-d rested), “seven”, “sit”, and others.


The paragraph continues: “And G-d blessed the seventh day, and sanctified it: because in it He rested from all His work which G-d had created and performed.” The Hebrew words for the portion, “because in it He rested…” read, in Hebrew, “ki vo shavat”. Because “beit” and “veit” are the same letter with just a distinguishing mark to separate them, “in it He rested” is so close to “bo Shabbat”, or “Come, Shabbat”. Neat, huh?


The Hebrew word for “heaven” is a word found in a plural form. We find this usage in English, as well, although it’s falling out of fair usage in these latter times. Sometimes we’ll say “waters”, instead of a singular word encompassing the “many” particles combined into one, which form the “water”. The same can be said of the plural or singular form of “heavens”, or “heaven”, as well as others.


The Hebrew does that in the same way with those two examples, and others, such as the plural usage of one of the words used for G-d, as He embodies everything, all in one. The Hebrew word for “heaven”, or “heavens”, is “hashamayim”. It’s sortof like saying, “that which waters”. “Of the sky”. The sky waters with rain. G-d formed the rains and the waters. The root letters actually form a name for G-d, which, if said, means “the Name”. Interesting, huh?


And “Mayim,” which means “waters,” has interesting formative roots. The Egyptian heiroglyphic symbol for the letter “m” is formed by the wavy squiggle one draws to indicate waves on the water. This letter, in Hebrew, is called “mem”; it sounds close enough to the English, “Emm”, right? It is basically written like a squiggle in the Hebrew script used for informal, non-Holy, writings, which have a different script than their more formal counterparts. This would be similar to the two, different alphabetic scripts used in English: the cursive and plain-hand versions. Moses has his name because he was “drawn from water” out of his basket floating on the river by the Pharoah’s daughter.


What has prompted me to write what appears here, today, is a response written by a person calling himself “Fresno Joe” to an article I read in an email blast today from United with, reblogged from the Clarion Project’s original November 23rd article on the subject, about a possible tie-in being investigated between a company, which processes a certain familiar branding of turkey, with an individual or others who might have had possible dealings with the terrorist organization, Hezbollah.


“Fresno Joe” — whom I don’t know, and vice-versa, I suppose — found it appropos, I guess, to quote the Hebrew prophet, Ezekiel, as a response to the article. He uses a translation from a Bible of which I am unfamiliar, and so it perhaps, then, is a Christian one. I like the way he’s written it up and made it so convenient to utilize, so I hope that G-d, Jews, Joe and that publisher will forgive me this requote:


You said, “These two nations, Israel and Judah, along with their land, belong to us. We will take possession of them.”

But the LORD was there. That is why, as I live, declares the Almighty LORD, I will do to you what you did to them. When you were angry and jealous, you acted hatefully toward them. Then you will know that I, the LORD, heard all the insults that you spoke about the mountains of Israel.

You said, “They have been deserted and handed over to us to use up.” You bragged and continually talked against me. I heard you. ” ‘This is what the Almighty LORD says: The whole earth will be glad when I turn you into a wasteland.”

“You were happy when the land of Israel became a wasteland. I will do the same thing to you. You will become a wasteland, Mount Seir, and so will all of Edom. Then you will know that I am the LORD.’ Ezekiel 35:11-15 ((GOD’S WORD® Translation)


The whole takeaway from this rehashing of a Jewish prophet, speaking from G-d, is that this was one seriously right-wing dude. Really. I can’t think of many, if, any, at all, of the Hebrew prophets who might have been left-wing, can you? Okay, we’ve got contenders in a few who didn’t feel confident in their abilities as speech-driven nation-leaders, such as Moses and Jonah, who both felt unequal to the challenge, but I can’t say that that personality aspect ever served as a deterrant for the garrulous, progressively-bent left-leaners. Nope, to me, our prophets were always conservative, right-leaning voices, occasionally bleating out the sole, proper course of action amidst a bunch of yakkers always doing what’s right in their own eyes.


Time we “right” this course.


Staff, The Clarion Project. “Butterball Turkeys Funding Terror?”. The Clarion; November 23, 2016:

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Irony for Oleg


Irony for Oleg (Randyjw; November 23, 2016)


Oleg Atbashian is a freedom fighter. He’s an activist with the David Horowitz Freedom Center (, which monolithic group is responsible for some major investigative digging into the movements antithetical to democracy. While to stifle differing views and political groups such that democracy would cease to exist would be folly, there are also times when fighting for our democratic way of life becomes a literal endeavor when an attack on our system is encountered. Such attacks might manifest outright, as they did on December 7, 1941, when the imperial Japanese army attacked the United States at Pearl Harbor in Hawai’i, instigating the beginning of the United States’ involvement into the Second World War.


It could also occur in a more insidious manner, through anarchists attempting to turn and subvert the populace into committing an eventual overthrow of government, or for stealth groups or cults leading their followers down a destructive path.


The David Horowitz Freedom Center succeeds in uncovering the people and connections behind such movements, to expose their deeds and corruption, and attempts to prevent the scandalous benefit by these people through their continuance of the same.


Powerful men, brave enough to confront the jihadists in our midsts, have had the support of the Center behind them. Their work and their activism has helped bring these issues before the government, as well as helping to bring the perpetrators to a front-row seat in the halls of justice.


Beneath the banner of David Horowitz lies: FrontPageMag (; Jihad Watch (; (; and more. Besides producing articles for their multiple websites, the Center often produces pamphlets for distribution to politicians and the public, as well as posters to place on college campuses and in other locations to bring awareness and education about the issues and physical people actually promoting these destructive viewpoints into the limelight. The dissemination of information for the purpose of education is just one of their methods to help combat these problems, but activism is another, equally important, component. To read more (or to help them out), you can visit their websites.


Oleg Atbashian is one such person. In the evening before an annual conference of Students for Justice in Palestine (SJP) taking place on the campus of George Mason University recently, Mr. Atbashian was placing DHFC posters around the school grounds, when he was arrested by campus police and held for fourteen hours in jail for “destruction of property worth at least $2,500” as a “class 6 felony.” The Freedom Center got him released from jail on an $8,000 dollar bail, but he, and the assistant with him, now face probable criminal court with possible further jail time.


The irony in this situation is that Oleg Atbashian was a former Soviet dissident, protesting Communism under that totalitarian regime. He knows what such tyranny produces, and that is why he so strongly fights against its rise and expression when it gains a foothold within one of the freest countries in the world.


The group meeting on campus, Students for Justice in Palestine (SJP), slanders the state of Israel and Jewish people by erroneously declaring Israel an “apartheid” state, which it is not; they often heckle and interrupt gatherings in support of Israel, such that speakers cannot be heard, students are attacked, and scheduled meetings are cancelled; they promote an illegal Boycott/Divestment/Sanctions strategy and actions against Jewish businesses, academicians, and others; and support terrorist sympathizers, individuals, and groups, and more.


Isn’t it ironic that Oleg was jailed for fighting for democracy, yet the ideologies and the people who want to dismantle our freedoms live freely as an agitating source from within to trample our rights and everything we hold dear?

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