Look Before You Vote


Look Before You Vote (Randyjw; November 1, 2016)


If there’s one thing Donald Trump isn’t — it’s that he isn’t shy to utilize the benefits which have accrued to him through hard work and the attainment of wealth, which this has brought him. He has been an intrepid businessman, still held in esteem as one of the most skillful negotiators of the business deal the world has ever known. An impressive title, and certainly not deniable, especially during Trump’s heady heydays in the booming real estate valuations of the ’80’s and beyond.


I remember as a much younger version of me viewed my parents’ final dress preparations, prior to enjoying their invitations at a soiree’ aboard the Trump yacht, decades ago. When they returned, they likened it comparatively in length to a football field (perhaps a miscalculation of footage?) and I believe that an elevator may have been mentioned, if I’m recalling correctly.


Well, certainly, it was an aberration out-of-sorts for a day-to-day experience, such that my parents would have; but it was a memorable blip on the memory pages written in the chapters of their lives.


Such experiences may have been more familiar to Mr. Trump, but he makes no bones about his life, or the way he was raised, or about teaching his children how to be successful in life, and how to fight for that chance, just as his Father had tried to teach the Trump children through his own real estate business endeavors.


There’s nothing wrong with that and with pursuing the American dream, the same one that we extend to those who have reached our shores, with the vision that here, in America, each individual should be provided the same opportunity to achieve success as the next guy, and with lots of hard work, it can be attainable. You can work hard and never achieve that great dream, also — it is not reasonable to expect great results, though it seems rather “unfair” when they don’t pan out, as planned.


For Donald Trump, he has seen both sides of these realities. But, he is certainly living the dream. He wants to see that for you, and me, and America — he doesn’t need it for himself… He’s certainly had all that previously. But, he can’t stand to see the hard work that has been built by Americans over several hundred years be dismantled in the blink of a few Democratic presidential administrations — at least as I take to seeing it in him. And I agree with that, and hope he can turn around what the past several years have wrought: of economic poverty; of recession; of negative or anemic growth; of racial tensions the likes of which haven’t been seen since preceding desegregation.


The disingenuousness of the portrayal by Hillary Clinton to portray herself outside of the general privileged class which the details of her life experiences bear out, lay proof to the values revealed by their evidence. The put-on, down-home drawl faked to seem confederate with the masses reveal an elite contemptuousness for those she seems to hold in lesser regard. Speak to them in your regular, “inside” voice, Hillary; believe me, they’re smarter than you think (Don’cha “No-Wise” know ‘jes what I mean?).


She of the appertunate NON-hyphenated four-length name grew up in a Chicago suburban area, close by to one of the fingers of the Great Lakes, from which also sprang Carrie Snodgress and Harrison Ford, called Park Ridge, Illinois.


To make way for its preferred population, in 1833 the town ethnically cleansed the Potawotamie Indians straight out of it — for only 457 whole citizens, when the 1880 US Census figures indicate the numbers. By the time Hillary was thirteen years old, the area had grown to 32,625 people: five of which were African-American; 31 “Others” which were neither black nor white; reflecting the balance of its inhabitants, with its 99.9% white population, according to the statistics of the 1960 census.


By the year 2000, according to census figures, the population remained in the majority white, at 95.4% compared to the rest of the population; and the median cost of a home was $420,000.00. Wiki demographics, from which these statistics were all noted, include a 2010 figure of 93.4% white population.


She would soon lead the life of the perpetually schooled, attending the exclusive Wellesley College, where anti-Semitism was de rigueur in the popular viewpoint held by the preppy, single-sex girl attendees of the so-called White, Anglo-Saxon Protestant venues in those days (and is still a persistent problem at Wellesley College, even in recent months). I can attest to the anti-Semitic sentiment of the people who revolved their lives around the town of Wellesley in those days, having grown-up not far from there; today, many wealthy Jews now call it home, although holdover attitudes still persist.


Perhaps her lifelong affiliation to churches of the United Methodist Church inform her faith. Often, their regional conferences have voted to boycott companies doing business in Judea and Samaria. They divested their funds from five Israeli banks they had been using, which is unfortunate, considering that their General Board of Pension and Health Benefits “manages over $21 billion in assets for over 91,000 participants, including clergy and lay staff,” as noted by Pro Israel Bay Bloggers. I guess their definition of a successful surgery at one of their multiple Methodist hospitals would include cutting off their nose(s) to spite their face(s), as Methodist hospitals use numerous Israeli medical inventions and devices in their facilities and procedures. The overall vote, in the end, was to not enact BDS (too late for the banks).


Hillary graduated Wellesley in 1969, then went to the Ivy League Law school at Yale University, where she earned her J.D. in 1973. She then spent a seemingly short period of time in work as a congressional legal counsel, leaving that to go to Arkansas to marry Bill Clinton; they wed in 1975.


The Clintons had been named as witnesses in the failed Madison Guaranty Savings and Loan Association business of Jim and Susan McDougal, due to discovery of their financial investments in land projects through the Whitewater Development Corporation. The McDougals were eventually convicted (Susan for contempt for refusing to answer questions) and the succeeding governor to Bill Clinton was convicted of fraud, serving only probation. Susan was pardoned by Bill Clinton before he left office.


Deputy White House counsel, Vincent W. Foster, Jr., investigating the Madison Guaranty Savings and Loan Association, was found dead in an outdoor park in 1993. It was ruled a suicide.


It seems odd that Hillary’s political affiliation, prior to 1968, was Republican; after that, she has been Democrat. But, the parties were much different than they are today. Back in those times, the self-considered genteel, old-world, “moneyed-class” of inherited wealth and inherited values (often including bigoted views towards Blacks and Jews) were staid voters of the Republican party. Newcomers, and those coming-up slowly in the world, such as we Jews, often voted en masse for what was the reigning party of progressive movements to liberate those biased viewpoints, becoming the Democrat Party. Since then, the Republican party of today more closely resembles the old Democratic party, while the Democrats now resemble Communists, and the Independent candidates of this 2016 race resemble fascist despots, who align with terrorist-sympathizers and would likely act like the rulers of such places do today.


Hillary has had chairs and partnership status, but to what extent there was actually any work done with those is often a wonder — oftentimes, a name is just a figurehead, or a prestige draw to increase membership dues or contributions to a cause, such as a celebrity endorsement. She then began life as a professional politician.


From 1979 to 1992, with the exception of some time between 1981 to 1983, Bill Clinton was governor of Arkansas. As his wife, she became First Lady of Arkansas. As the wife of the President of the United States, she was First Lady from 1993 to 2001.


In 1993, the Travelgate incident took place, with charges of cronyism (with allegations being made that multiple firings of Travel Office staff had occurred so that Clinton friends could work in their steads) and improper direction of government business (sound familiar?), but Bill Clinton was exonerated and Hillary was not indicted.


From incidents related in 1993 and 1994 to improper use of confidential information involving the acquiescence to and request for supposedly hundreds of FBI background reports of many Republican political forebears to the present Clinton administration, the Filegate incident became known. Both Clintons were exonerated.


Before the socialized medicine known as Obamacare went into effect, there was the 2003 idea of Hillarycare (and we won’t even mention Massachusetts’ governor, Mitt Romney’s, “Romneycare”) which continued to be voted down, time and again, even as Obamacare. Obamacare passed when Congress “had to pass it, before knowing what was in it”, in the famous paraphrase of Nancy Pelosi.


Then, when Bill Clinton’s term of limits as President expired, rather than become a political washout on Bill’s disgraced record of impeachable actions by lying to Congress in regards to his cheating on Hillary with the White House intern, they instead rode Hillary’s coattails.


They had to purchase a residence in order to become a resident of the town where Hillary could become a Senator. Well, New York would do. So, they packed up their furnishings (and many of those gifted to the White House, which they had to return, since they were not personal gifts, but gifts to the White House, which must remain as property of that office/the US/the people, etc.) and although they said that they were dead broke (unh-hunh… Ain’t no-wise no-way, babe), somehow managed to afford a house in Chappaqua so that Hillary could become Senator.


Somehow, this happened. She became a junior Senator in New York from 2001 to 2009. She lost a failed bid in 2008 to Barack Obama for the Democratic candidate for the Presidency. As a sort of a seeming consolation prize, she was asked to be Secretary of State, and did so from 2009 to 2013, bringing us such debacles as the US Embassy deaths in Benghazi, Libya, which she insisted, erroneously, were instigated by an amateur video on YouTube for the mob attack in which four US service members were killed, and it was revealed that inside knowledge indicated other rightly-attributed causes — not the video.


When you go to the polling stations to cast your vote (the election is on Tuesday, November 8, 2016), please remember that there are many jobless people who have suffered long enough in this never-ending recession and stagnant economy perpetrated by the incessant robbing of our pockets by the Democratic disaster train. This is an important election! Please think wisely!



“Has the United Methodist Church Rejected Divestment?” proisraelbaybloggers. January 28, 2015: http://proisraelbaybloggers.blogspot.com/2015/01/has-united-methodist-church-rejected.html


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