Randy’s Recipes: Tabouleh-Topped Bagel And Cream Cheese


Randy’s Recipes: Tabouleh-Topped Bagel And Cream Cheese (Randyjw; November 4, 2016)



Tabouleh (see previous post for recipe, here:)


Bagel, toasted or plain (or your choice of toast or bread — any flavor, etc.)

Cream Cheese (I used plain, but that’s up to you…)


Prepare your bread/bagel/toast, or whatever you wish to use, as preferred (my bagel was lightly toasted, closed, so that the interior steamed, rather than toasted). Let cool slightly.


Top with cream cheese.


Top THAT with tabouleh. Enjoy!


7.2 Yums Up




After reading some selections from the Chabad.org website this morning, I felt that my soul had benefitted enough to soothe the worldly part of me that has been the more dominant aspect of my reactionary manner and mode, of late.


Afterwards, I prepared my breakfast, and everything tasted so wonderful and sweet! My combination turned out fantastic, and my coffee was blended just right! Although it was only instant (Nescafe’ Taster’s Choice, French Roast), a little sugar and milk set it off just superbly, and the tabouleh atop the bagel-and-cream-cheese was a big hit!


I prepared the tabouleh yesterday, and the blending overnight enhanced the flavors. I’m still trying different methods and ingredients for this. I used a larger chop on the vegetables, and this is a definite no-no. Although it’s more time-consuming, the end result of extremely fine-cut vegetables is the perfect incarnation for this dish. I toasted the bulgur wheat, and I’m not sure that I prefer that to a just plain-boiled version. I’ve got some other ideas, though — I just might not get to them very soon, as I’ve got several quarts of tabouleh now sitting in my fridge.


Blessed? You bet. After savoring that delicious meal (and for celebrating my day of life today), I thanked G-d with a prayer in praise. There are certain Hebrew ones which apply specifically to each occasion and action. Frankly, I’ve probably uttered just the one for wine. I’ve failed by not saying the proper one for bread (which I just remembered), or vegetables (I’m not sure if tomato, in Hebrew, is fruit or vegetable, but there are also the greens of parsley… Is that Maror, here, for the bitter herbs, or is that only at Passover?). I’m confusing myself.


In the wrong, but nevertheless, I made up my own prayer, to thank Him for… Everything! Maybe this is an actual prayer… I don’t know. But, here it is:


Baruch Atah Adonai, Elo(k)einu Melech Ha’Olam

Boreh (ha)Kol B’Olam


Blessed Art Thou, O Lord, Our G-d, King of the Universe

Creator of Everything in the World/Universe



I felt happy for having done so.



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