Thanks to Give (a little poem for Thanksgiving)


Thanks to Give (a little poem for Thanksgiving) (Randyjw; November 15, 2016)


This cozy place

that sure looks great

Thanksgiving’s grace

besides our plates


Our families seated

Our hands are clasped

The portions meted

The meanings grasped




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6 responses to “Thanks to Give (a little poem for Thanksgiving)

  1. Thanks, Shelly! In the United States, it falls on the fourth thursday in November, which is November 24th this year. I’m early to post this poem. Thank you for the well-wishes; I hope you’re well, too! 🙂

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  2. Happy Thanksgiving!!! 🎩🙏

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  3. I’ll check it out! Thanks! Hope yours was happy. PS – Your reply was in my spam folder; so, I hope you’re real and not a spambot! Ha-ha!


  4. Appreciate that you have the sentiments and emotions, though not always the facts, to write moving music. Your gushing love for the culture of Jihad makes me retch.


    • Siding with murderous people he**-bent on my destruction, without even knowing what you’re talking about, is chutzpah — for sure. I don’t blame your lack of information on you — I put it on educators who have removed factual books from society and to propagandists. I can appreciate your music, but I couldn’t even finish listening to your Palestinian love-fest glorifying the deaths of people. You want to glorify the acts that led to their deaths? Nobody should exalt at anyone’s deaths. I liked your song “Head on a weasel”; not all its imagery. Here is my constructive criticism: record everything at lower sound levels — I think it will enhance the lyrics more. Use more variety in the tunes (fast/slow, chords, etc.). Learn the argument from another side, like a pro-Israel one (and keep learning). You don’t suppose the raging wars in Syria, Iraq, and places like Tunisia and Libya are also due to either the Jews or the US, do you? I’ll see if I can post a YouTube video from a South African member of Parliament who lived through apartheid explaining that Israel is not an apartheid state. In fact, Israel is the only democracy (formed by a Parliament, as in the British style of governance) in the Middle East. Minorities, like Arabs, hold positions in all areas, including government, both local and federal. They vote and drive, also — unlike women in Saudia Arabia. Gay people don’t get pushed off buildings to their deaths in Israel, but they do in Arab countries. I happened to walk through a passing gay pride parade in Tel Aviv, once. Women in Israel are allowed freedom of mobility to go anywhere they want without the need for a male escort. In Saudi Arabia, they must have a mahram (guardian), a close male relative to take them somewhere. Their word in court requires two men to vouch for her identity, and four additional others to vouch for the first two. Why were they elected to the UN Human Rights Council? Are you misogynistic to agree with this treatment? They were elected because the Arabs have many states, and so have many voices. Way more than the singular state of the Jewish people. More land then the Jewish people, as well.


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