The Great Debate


The Great Debate is already won; already decided: Donald Trump will be our 45th president of the United States.


As you know, I couldn’t be happier. I believe the slogan that, together, we can “Make America Great Again”. And we can. It’s going to be just as painful for the Left, now, as it was for us on the Right over the past eight years. I am so thankful that these times will be fast behind us, because I’ve suffered long and hard throughout this administration’s policies, as has, not only the country, but the rest of the world.


I hope to find work in the new economy, which will be revitalized and will bring jobs to the millions of unemployed who want to work, but who have instead been classified as no longer searching — I know, because I had to continuously fight to keep my name and status in that position, when, time and again, they wanted to remove it, so that they could report low unemployment figures. Not with me, they didn’t.


They did manage to jettison me from receiving any benefits, each and every time making me resend inches of documents I’d already sent. They must have an internal note to themselves to reject everything I send them; it’s not cheap to make all those copies and send them certified — but, they know that; that’s a tactic they use in their bias arsenal.


People are scared that their benefits will go away, and they might actually have to work. I’d be relieved to be doing so, if there were jobs which were hiring and would hire me. Speaking to another older person with decades of technology specs in the telecommunications industry, he believes that age discrimination is a factor in his inability to get hired. I’d have to agree that it seems to be a situation. I don’t think hiring managers are hiring older folks, much. If you look at the job fair pictures in the newspapers, they’re always overloaded with older job applicants — and, that’s a sad state of affairs to find ourselves in.


If you look at pictures in the papers or online about the protests regarding the election, it is all young teens and twenty-somethings. I don’t think older people would be caught dead going to these violent mob scenes. First of all, they have a head to realize that the election was won, fair and square, and that it’s a done deal. Second, I don’t believe they could bring themselves to the level of thuggery and violence taking place across various locales in America. Perhaps, now that they’re working to save money for homes and cars, or even their own businesses, they don’t want to see all their hard work and accomplishments smashed up by these ne’er do-well lawbreakers. Let them smash their own homes. I know… they can exchange one for one, and smash the homes and cars of fellow protesters, that way they can see what it’s like to have fair participation all around.


We sane ones will stay home and read about it online.


Here’s a great post explaining why many of us want a Trump presidency; she explains it better than I ever could: “Profile of a Trump Supporter”. November 10, 2016:




I’ve just recently read an article that Vice President Michael Pence has Jewish Israeli cousins living in the Golan! Ah, Mishpachah!


And here’s an article reiterating Donald Trump’s statements about Israel. The Left, and especially the protesters, are affiliated with anti-Israel, BDS supporters, which I’ve written about in other pieces (“The Bias of Unions”; others), who often receive their funding from The Open Society of George Soros, who is Jewish, but pursues hostile actions to Israel via support of these violent Leftist organizations)., one of among maybe sixty affiliated subgroups of the Black Lives Matter movement, supports BDS, as do a number of student associations on American campuses.


Israel, David. “Complete List of the Trump Campaign’s Promises to Israel”.; November 9, 2016:

Complete List of the Trump Campaign’s Promises to Israel


An additional article from Ruthie Blum, managing editor of The Algemeiner, is another well-written piece on why the Right aligned with the vote for Trump:


Blum, Ruthie. “Alt-Left Delete”. The; November 18, 2016:



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12 responses to “The Great Debate

  1. It was an awesome post she wrote, and I also placed it at a site where I was a minority responder to staunch anti-protest types. Thanks for reading it and commenting with your appreciation. Glad you’re feeling spry and lively; I was wondering if you actually really ever slow down? You’re the energizer!

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    • Don’t know how you do it! You amaze me! And I’m super-happy you came to read the posts. Really, I couldn’t have stated it better than “Beauty Beyond Bones” does; it was such a succint, well-written piece — you could hear her sincerity and straightforwardness straight through; so, had to share it!


  2. Why, thank you! I just finished reading some articles which say that Pence has Israeli Jewish cousins living in the Golan; and another article listing Donald Trump’s statement of supportive action he’ll take on the behalf of Israel, here:

    Complete List of the Trump Campaign’s Promises to Israel

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  3. Hi, Raul! Thanks for your input; You’re kind to offer your concern and caring advice. Thanks!


  4. Thanks for weighing in and for your support of my exercise of the First Amendment regarding free speech. It means a lot to me, especially when my viewpoint is being attacked by those who think nothing of resorting to violence when they don’t get their way.

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  5. I enjoy yours, too. It’s very diverse. Thanks, Prinxy (hope I’m writing it correctly).

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