Irony for Oleg


Irony for Oleg (Randyjw; November 23, 2016)


Oleg Atbashian is a freedom fighter. He’s an activist with the David Horowitz Freedom Center (, which monolithic group is responsible for some major investigative digging into the movements antithetical to democracy. While to stifle differing views and political groups such that democracy would cease to exist would be folly, there are also times when fighting for our democratic way of life becomes a literal endeavor when an attack on our system is encountered. Such attacks might manifest outright, as they did on December 7, 1941, when the imperial Japanese army attacked the United States at Pearl Harbor in Hawai’i, instigating the beginning of the United States’ involvement into the Second World War.


It could also occur in a more insidious manner, through anarchists attempting to turn and subvert the populace into committing an eventual overthrow of government, or for stealth groups or cults leading their followers down a destructive path.


The David Horowitz Freedom Center succeeds in uncovering the people and connections behind such movements, to expose their deeds and corruption, and attempts to prevent the scandalous benefit by these people through their continuance of the same.


Powerful men, brave enough to confront the jihadists in our midsts, have had the support of the Center behind them. Their work and their activism has helped bring these issues before the government, as well as helping to bring the perpetrators to a front-row seat in the halls of justice.


Beneath the banner of David Horowitz lies: FrontPageMag (; Jihad Watch (; (; and more. Besides producing articles for their multiple websites, the Center often produces pamphlets for distribution to politicians and the public, as well as posters to place on college campuses and in other locations to bring awareness and education about the issues and physical people actually promoting these destructive viewpoints into the limelight. The dissemination of information for the purpose of education is just one of their methods to help combat these problems, but activism is another, equally important, component. To read more (or to help them out), you can visit their websites.


Oleg Atbashian is one such person. In the evening before an annual conference of Students for Justice in Palestine (SJP) taking place on the campus of George Mason University recently, Mr. Atbashian was placing DHFC posters around the school grounds, when he was arrested by campus police and held for fourteen hours in jail for “destruction of property worth at least $2,500” as a “class 6 felony.” The Freedom Center got him released from jail on an $8,000 dollar bail, but he, and the assistant with him, now face probable criminal court with possible further jail time.


The irony in this situation is that Oleg Atbashian was a former Soviet dissident, protesting Communism under that totalitarian regime. He knows what such tyranny produces, and that is why he so strongly fights against its rise and expression when it gains a foothold within one of the freest countries in the world.


The group meeting on campus, Students for Justice in Palestine (SJP), slanders the state of Israel and Jewish people by erroneously declaring Israel an “apartheid” state, which it is not; they often heckle and interrupt gatherings in support of Israel, such that speakers cannot be heard, students are attacked, and scheduled meetings are cancelled; they promote an illegal Boycott/Divestment/Sanctions strategy and actions against Jewish businesses, academicians, and others; and support terrorist sympathizers, individuals, and groups, and more.


Isn’t it ironic that Oleg was jailed for fighting for democracy, yet the ideologies and the people who want to dismantle our freedoms live freely as an agitating source from within to trample our rights and everything we hold dear?


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