A Breath of Fresh Air


A Breath of Fresh Air (Randyjw; December 2, 2016)


The earth is on fire, and we’re just beginning to see its flames finally extinguished after days-long blazes ravaged lands in Israel and in the state of Tennessee, within the United States. In some of the area’s worst fires, thousands have been evacuated from their homes, left devastated in the finality of finding their homes turned to rubble amongst the ash. It’s asked that you please help the victims of these devastations, in any ways that you can, to help them in their needs, so that they can rebuild their lives and homes, once again.


More than 80,000 people in Israel were evacuated, and many are facing homelessness. Where surveillance footage exists, we find that many instances of the numerous fires were started by Arab terrorists committing arson to burn the land of the Jewish home. Combined with world discriminatory actions against the Jews, such as: the European Union’s insistence upon labeling goods produced in Judea and Samaria; UNESCO, the recent cultural branch of the United Nations, transforming, with the swipe of a pen, Jewish Holy sites into Arab ones; and student campus associations, churches, and others worldwide engaging in unlawful discriminatory actions against Jews via calls for divestment/boycotts/sanctions against the Jewish State, known in parlance as “BDS”; all have been absorbed by the Jewish people with their lives and with tremendous sadness for the state of humanity in the present world.


Thankfully, there are many people who will fight to be our friends; we are so thankful. Visitors to Israel, to see the sites, to see the history, to share your FAITH, and your support, we thank you. Trade partners and investors, we thank you. Artists and performers, for being unafraid and for standing with Israel, we thank you. Some of these, as I’ve listed (and thanked) earlier, include Alicia Keys and Carlos Santana — two awesome musicians, and even this.


What would the soundtrack of your life sound like? Who would be on it, and why? While I haven’t ever expanded on that exercise, I have put together a few playlists in my lifetime. The ones on this site I’ve made include one with references to the word “Spain”, or “Spanish”; one of songs evoking a feeling of a cozy, local-area song venue in an era of 20’s/30’s-ish sounds; one by way of introduction to the sounds of Jewish life in Israel and in exile; and another from my favorite songs in the tapestry of my life in America, showing the eras through a cultural lens via the sounds they produced. All of these are for educational purposes to showcase a range of styles, cultures, eras, interpretational references and associations as envisioned by others, and more. Please use them for informational insight and exploration.


This last list, it’s songs and its eras, reveals a slice of life lived in the American dream over the past half century. It incorporates the music I heard growing up, with influences I associate with my parents’ own preferences, to the changing beats of classic rock, easy-listening, disco, rhythm and blues, and more.


One that most resembles the days I yearn for is the carefree sounds of the ’70’s. Growing up, I didn’t care much for most of the genre, but some of the bands and songs out of this time-frame really were exceptional. With time and exposure to the sounds, I have since become an aficionado of the era. One of the most representative bands of the music of these times is Air Supply. Their very popular songs were constantly heard over the airwaves, and formed many a dance-hall d.j.’s most-requested songtracks.


Better than that, Air Supply was scheduled to play a concert tour of several performances in Israel. Breaking BDS, these brave souls were all set to astound the newest young listeners in Israel, when the fires broke out during the midst of their performing schedule. Rather than leave many disappointed fans, they instead chose to give more, beyond their initial willingness to play to Israel’s audiences; they provided an additional 200 tickets to their concerts so that the wives of firefighters could attend an evening of song, and help to calm their worry.


You are a blessing, Air Supply. Thank you for that added breath of fresh air.


Hear the sound of fresh air in this sub-titled, compiled video from YouTube of one of Air Supply’s most-famous songs, “Lost In Love”. It is an example of the carefree sounds of the times in which it was made (and I wish they were still like, now). I, personally, love this song…



To read the article, please see:


Jewish Press News Brief. “Air Supply Gives Away 200 Free Concert Tickets to Firemen’s Wives”; Jewish Press.com, November 27, 2016:



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  1. Hi, Anita! Hope you’re well! I’ve been enjoying your blog posts, so much. Thanks for the kind words. xoxo

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