Freedom’s Flames


Freedom’s Flames (Randyjw; December 6, 2016)


The mottled brown and grey hair tied

slung low on shoulders kind

Solemn-sworn to oaths goodbye

it waves to shores behind


She tired of lofty upraised arm

grew weary of bearing flame

when licked by fire the edges scorch

the torch now curries shame


No longer free to heed the call

No welcome harbored port

For pure of heart and freedom’s bell

by tyranny cut short




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12 responses to “Freedom’s Flames

  1. Lady Liberty departs her pedestal.

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    • Monument Women (Randyjw; December 9, 2016)

      Monument women keep soldiering on
      On frontlines of battle they’re proud and they’re strong
      Tho’ blustering winds do assail her steely face
      She harbors her charge, on her pedestal raised

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  2. It was me, looking in the mirror. The way my hair was tied and weary face, I thought I looked like the Statue of Liberty, stepping down.

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  3. You’re an incredible being.


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