Machar Einav


Machar Einav (Randyjw; December 6, 2016)


Ani lo yodea im hazeh efshar

Nireh lik’she mah et shum devar

Machar efkach et einaiv elai v’klum achar

Od efshar tireh mah ha’she’kumah im ayelet ha’shachar


I don’t even know if this it is possible

It seems to me — that which it is, is like nothing

Tomorrow I will open these eyes of mine,

and nothing, afterwards

Until it’s possible to see

that which arises

with the morning star.




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5 responses to “Machar Einav

  1. I look up the words; I don’t know how to conjugate and wouldn’t know how to do so from the English descriptors, anyways. I left Ulpan for new adventures (tourism school in Jerusalem) and really don’t know Hebrew. But, if I get the urge, I just write it, anyways! I have tried to teach myself by comparing the Hebrew lines to the English in the Koren Tanach — they match up line by line, so I can tell where I’m at; I love the translation they use, also — simple, like me. Thank you for the award… I’m going to acknowledge that at your site and am working on putting that together. Thank you so very much, Dolly! I appreciate your thoughts of me!

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