Foyle’s War 9PM Tonight


The Public Broadcasting Service (PBS) in America is broadcasting an episode of British crime drama, Foyle’s War, dealing with the subject of anti-Semitism, tonight at 9:00 p.m., Eastern Standard Time.


Foyle’s War, written for the screen by Anthony Horowitz, is a crime series set in the period just slightly before, during, and following the Second World War, so the subject matter is fitting for the time frame. It, unfortunately, is still also fitting for today.


I hope you’ll tune-in and let the broadcasters know that this is an issue which resonates with the viewers, and one which should be taken seriously, and not minimized.


Thank you.



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14 responses to “Foyle’s War 9PM Tonight

    • I saw the trailers promoting this one episode, and so I wanted to watch it. I sortof missed the beginning of it, because I was busy scooping cookie dough onto a baking sheet. I actually was disgusted because I heard the opening sequence being about the bombing of the King David Hotel. So, I figured it would be all leftist from there. I didn’t pay the tv too much focus, so mussed bunches of it. It was kindof riveting as well as repulsive in the Hitlerian-style pogrom scene (this takes place in England), where the mob killed an elderly jewish couple with molotov/firebombs. I almost had the feeling that it might cause incitement against us now, and was actually cowering in my bed. Now, I’m kindof crying writing this thinking about it. So, no, not worth ot. Don’t watch it. I also became extremely violently sick last night and still am not so well today, so I think that my sudden feelings of tiredness and withdrawal were perhaps the onset of this illness (I don’t think it was from my cookies, as I’d eaten them before without these effects).

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