Third-Grade US Future Jihadists?


Third-Grade US Future Jihadists? (Randyjw; December 16, 2016)


Indoctrination of our children in U.S. public schools is nothing new; in fact, it’s been going on for decades. Although it was less overt in the era of my youth, I can still see that there were some influences of the society and its environs upon my outlook, my behavior, and my actions, persisting even until today.


Given that I was able to see these influencing factors in my later years as an adult, I was able to then rationalize that my own belief systems might not actually have been all mine, such was the perniciousness of established ideas learned in youth.


To wit, the oft-repeated African adage that “It takes a village to raise a child” has become the practical mantra of the Left, ennobling it to adopt its premises that extend the raising of the child by everyone, EXCEPT the parents, who certainly must not have the wisdom that the government apparatus possesses in knowing what is best for the rest of society (and its children).


Certainly, this must include brainwashing the children in Leftist realpolitick, including viewing the United States as Imperialist colonialists, with white “privileged” overlords as taskmasters over the oppressed Others. Certainly, false arguments and non-linearly illogical statements incorporating the Jews and their state of Israel must somehow be wrongly dragged into this equation, never mind that the Jewish people are one of the world’s most persecuted and numerically-outnumbered people in today’s world of nations.


So, incorrect conclusions lead to incorrect teachings, and worse — physical indoctrination of these insidious movements upon our children in our classrooms. We’re not all of the belief that these are the foregone correct conclusions of factual occurences; in fact, we know better: that they are not. It’s just that, to cite another addage, “Possession is 9/10th’s of the Law” (which isn’t even necessarily a true fact) means, here, that if you place your child into a public education school system, such teachers with said viewpoints will retain physical control over your child’s mind in the interactions with education your child will have, along with its potential for the development and manifestation of existential problems down the road.


We all are fairly aware of the dilemma posed by parental objection to a child’s curricula, and the extent to which problems between teacher and parent may develop. If the child has already entrenched conservative ideas, particularly if shared by that family’s household, then the child may be classified as rebellious and contrarian, and docked with retributive penalties, such as trips to the Principal’s Office or lowered test scores, because they cannot behoove themselves to become complicit in historical revisionism by parroting the expected lie they are being taught.


Such instances have, indeed, occurred — not only in universities and colleges across our nations, where students have a small chance to fight back due to their growing wisdom in age and, therefore, knowledge; but, also, this is occuring in the rookeries of our just-hatching youth institutions, supposedly a pristine clearinghouse for the lofty ideals expounded in the genesis of ideology.


But, what has become of that? It is no longer the utopian set of ideals we envisioned we were following. It was “hijacked”, to use another term so bespoke of the automatons espousing the Communist manifesto, in explaining away magnified scrutiny of their continual wrongdoings and blunders.


It is not, actually, a new phenomenon that has introduced the normalization of Jihadist ideology to our American schoolchildren. This phenomenon has proliferated in the U.S. West, in Washington, the state, and in the liberal havens of Oregon, where they grow Jihadists in training camps, and California, where they grow them in classrooms, imposing the Islamic prayer and practices upon the children, under the guise of culture studies. To me, it is forbidden to recite the religious strictures of another religion; it would be a direct violation of my faith. As an adult, I have free will to do as I choose (for the most part; although, even this, is, sometimes, a fallacy), and if I transgress my religious edicts, well… it’s not good, but I have reached the age of consent and am considered of sound mind to do so.


But, what of children, who have not reached adulthood to be considered of an age free to make decisions by their own consent? They are minors. It is unfair to impose such erroneous and false teachings upon them, especially when comprised of such bigotry and hatred as to espouse the murderous aspirations of a group of people (the Arabs, Palestinians, etc.) carrying out their stated goals of the murderous annihilation of another group of people (the Jews), whom they hate.


It is also wrong for the state to impose Islamic religion, which harbors the belief that Islamic rule should dominate over all and that a land once falling to Islam always belongs to Islam (whether presently the case, or not), upon those who hold other beliefs, as the Constitution reads that “Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion…”, and public schools, which receive money through local, state, and Federal funds, should not be imposing one religious belief upon the masses who attend there.


It is no longer just being politely tolerated as simply a “divergent opinion” of “polite society”. But, this murderous theology, for that is what it is, is being propagated across the United States. Here it is, in its recent incarnation, in a New York elementary school, revealed only by incessant litigation by a group called “Legal Insurrection” to obtain, through judicial action, the video showcasing the brainwashing going on in our school’s hallowed classrooms. This article by United with brings it to light. The incident happened more than one year ago at Beverly J. Martin Elementary School in Ithaca, New York:


Beck, Atara. “WATCH: In NY School, Kids Urged to Become ‘Freedom Fighters for Palestine'”. United with; December 15, 2016:


This particular case shows Bassem Tamimi and Ariel Gold, along with the third-grade teacher, Brooke Burnett. The incident and its ongoing follow-up was tackled last year by a group called Legal (an 18-years-of-age and older site), and by TheBlaze (to which I’ve previously subscribed). The Legal Insurrection site has additional great videos and relates the overlooked familial connections of the Tamimi extended family in aiding terrorism, via the Sbarro pizza restaurant bombing, in Jerusalem.


I’ve previously watched the video of Ahlam Tamimi glorifying the massacre at Sbarro’s of Israeli civilians she was complicit in, and I’ve watched many YouTube videos of Palestinian child actors, such as the Tamimi child, instigating provocations with Israeli soldiers in order to film soldier action which might be edited or shot to appear opressive. It’s hard to find the videos showing the truth and mostly innocence of the Israeli side, but they are out there.


I watched many of these in my online search to add videos to my poem about Mohamed al-Durra, the Arab kid hiding behind his father who became the poster child for false accusations against supposed Israeli “killing” of Palestinian children. In the al-Durra video, you can see him move and peek after it was said that he was dead.


Perhaps these videos are no longer touted in defense of the Palestinian cause since they have, on the whole, been generally debunked as staged creation for the promotion of Arab propaganda of a Palestinian “cause”. But, they’ve served their purpose in perpetuating the hoax. And that is just plain wrong.



The Jewish Press reports that on March 14, 2017, the United States Justice Department, in a first-ever request to proceed against any Arab who has ever committed a terrorist attack in which Americans were killed in Israel or Jordan, has asked the government of Jordan for the extradiction to America of Ahlam Tamimi, the accomplice to the Sbarro pizzeria bombing in Jerusalem in 2001, during which 15 people were killed, including 7 children and one woman who was pregnant, as well as injuring 130 additional people. She was released from Israeli prison as part of a prisoner release to secure the return of Gilad Shalit, previously held captive by Hamas, and she later moved to Jordan. It is unlikely that Jordan will comply with the request.


Israel, David. “A First: US Asking Jordan to Extradite Sbarro Pizza Murderer Ahlam Tamimi”. The Jewish; March 14, 2017:




In a Special Announcement (527) on the website of the Middle East Media Research Institute (MEMRI), an article on March 15, 2017 regarding the Justice Department charges against Ahlam Tamimi shows the FBI “Most Wanted Terrorist” poster, adding Tamimi to its Most Wanted terrorists list, and announcing the charges: “Conspiring to Use and Using a Weapon of Mass Destruction Against a United States National Outside the United States and Resulting in Death and Aiding and Abetting and Causing an Act to Be Done”:


Middle East Media Research Institute (MEMRI), Special Announcement (527): “U.S. Justice Department Announces Charges Against Hamas Terrorist In Connection With 2001 Jerusalem Bombing – From The MEMRI TV Archives: Interviews With Ahlam Tamimi – ‘Everybody Was Congratulating One Another… Everyone Was Happy’; ‘I Would Do It Again Today'”.; March 15, 2017:





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