We Wish


We Wish (Randyjw; December 22, 2016)





Won’t you come inside

And share the warmth at fireside

A cocoa mug and apple pie

to laugh with friends upon Yuletide



The snow may pile up outside

but in this house it’s warm and dry

And through the window we will try

to spot the gifts brought by sleigh-ride



The teddy bear whose hug is wide



The snowman with his coal for eyes



Poinsettias red and green and white



The reindeers prance throughout the night



And there! we spy that wondrous sight!

The dove of peace has taken flight

A joyful world of peace and light

We wish to all this merry night

We wish to all this merry night




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11 responses to “We Wish

  1. Cozy, snuggly, and perfect!

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  2. Thanks! I bought potatos for latkes, but hope I don’t need eggs, cuz I don’t have any!

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    • I know; I was thinking hash browns… But, that’s not latkes. Now I’ll have to go back to the store. I looked at your recipe again.

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      • Aargh! I know! I’m procrastinating the schlepp! But, I’ll be disappointed if I don’t.

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        • That’s very funny. Guess I’ll grab my backpack and get walking, then; but not just yet.

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          • Yep; Came over yesterday and spent the night, with no concern for my aching hips and exhaustion. But, hey; she’s practically Mishpacha by now!

            Do you clabber the coconut milk? I’m not sure my stomach can handle that. I think I’ll just try it straight.

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            • Yup. I came back from the grocery store. I got coconut milk and Tofutti, but they didn’t have Sour Supreme — it’s just supposedly like sour cream. I put about 2-1/2 teaspoons into a jar and filled it with the milk. I also got eggs; yay! Now I can have latkes and hard-boiled eggs and scrambled eggs! I started the culture, and we’ll see what happens. Whatever it is, it’s going in! I think I’ll make both raw and toasted! So, we’ll have twinsy-latkes! Hooray!

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  3. Thank you, Meenakshi! I was just going to wish you one, too! I don’t know if you celebrate it. I celebrate Chanukah. It’s tomorrow night, too, beginning on the same night as Christmas Eve, but lasting for eight nights. I’m going to post my Jewish version of a Christmas wish, but I hope people will laugh and think it funny, but I mean it sincerely and hope that people won’t take me as being flippant or irreverent to their holiday. I debated not posting it, but I decided I will, anyways, and hope people think it’s the nice gesture I mean it to be. So, happy Christmas and best wishes for the New Year!

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  4. Hi, Shreyovi! There’s something especially cozy about the feeling one gets around this time, with cold winter and a warm place, hopefully, in contrast! Thank you for your appreciation! I enjoy your new blog.


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