Also Called Tulip


Also Called Tulip (Randyjw; December 23, 2016)


Tulips are better

than the single rose

Simplicity unfettered

unlettered in prose


they nod in agreement

to Spring’s stirring breeze

They live with their pairments

together they please


The rose in its arbour

is trained and it’s pruned

with love by the gardener

it’s carefully groomed


It’s beautiful petals

and fragrant smell fair

meets finally with metal

in hands held by shears


They live well, but briefly

admired for their blooms

their essence so sweetly

fragrants the room


They accompany guests

to life’s greatest events

the worst and the best

are it’s accompaniment


They bring comfort and joy to one

graced by their gift

from without to within

for inside they will lift


But the tulips which stand

and draw life from their roots

their bulbs placed underground

so have found simple truths


Through storms that they weather

the story truly profound

is that tulips together

bloom exactly where found




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8 responses to “Also Called Tulip

  1. A lovely interpretation and your own special poetry! So beautiful! More flowery verse coming up, hee-hee!

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  2. Hi, Vidur! I hope you like these, too!

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  3. And also just because.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thank you for doing so. That was sweet of you. I went to the store for awhile and posted the new poem, Garden Path, with a picture of flowers I took at the market (they had no tulips left today!), when I returned. When I saw both your responses, I thought that they were for different poems, so it became confusing. Sorry for the delay in posting your reply, resulting in this confusion. 🙂

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  4. Thank you so much! That means alot to me!

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