Ba’ach (Randyjw; December 29, 2016)


mishmesh b’d’vash

kishmish b’ashishah

shnei yoshvim al

ha’karkah ba’ach

lischak et hamischak

sheshbesh zeh nikrah




Apricots in honey

Sultanas in cakes

Two sit on the floor

by the fireplace

to play a game

backgammon it’s called




Filed under Poetry

3 responses to “Ba’ach

  1. Found the words. It was hard, but it was meant to be, ‘cuz I’d pick a word and go look it up, and it would turn out to rhyme!

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  2. Thank you. I’m happy you like them! I don’t know how badly my Hebrew and grammar turned out, ‘cuz I just looked up words to write it, but I kindof like it anyways! Be brave! Thanks for the kind words! Happy New Year!


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