W  I  S  H




I’m not sure what this word says, but I hope it’s something nice. At least, it’s what we can wish.




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8 responses to “Wish

  1. Ah-hah-hah-hah! Glad that worked out, then. Had no idea and just stepped out on faith, with that one. Totally amazing!

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    • Vidur,
      I apologize for associating your explanation of the lamps in Dawali to a necessary celebration by you of the same, which wasn’t specific to what you were saying. Hope your New Year is going well!


  2. If the font fits, wear it! Hahaha!
    They’re perfect together, no? In any case, I have fun in my outre’ ridiculousness, and am more than pleasantly pleased when it works out! I try (and succeed) at making myself laugh, ‘cuz L-rd knows just how serious my life and its particular problems are. If I can occasionally cheer others, well, that’d have made my efforts really worthwhile.


  3. Thank you, Anita! Wonderful wishes to you for a great and multiply-blessed New Year.

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  4. You know what? I used to go around thinking that LOL meant “lots of love”. Was a long time til I learned it was “laugh out loud”. I used it in many circumstances, which must have been lol moments. Ha-ha! So, sending you my original “lol’s” to you, along with its real meaning… ❤ and 😀 to you!

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