Jerusalem’s Jewish Refugees (1948): Video


Jerusalem’s Jewish Refugees (1948): Video (Randyjw; January 4, 2017)


The truth of this story, which no-one wishes to hear, is that both eastward and westward of the Jordan River, the land was designated and recognized as the Jewish national home, based not on sufferance (i.e., as due to the Holocaust), but on historical fact. Land eastward of the river was subsequently ripped away from these parameters in two, separate severances, and was illegally awarded to the Arabs, in recompense for a slight to the disturbed pride of oversight to one, who did not receive a portion when the middle east was reapportioned into its present configuration. Why any of the present Arab countries should have received their lands, when the Ottoman Empire had fought on the side which lost, is beyond me.


It probably has to do with the transferrence of Turkish power, which seats of previous rule had overseen the Islamic Caliphate, dallying during Byzantine times with Constantinople, its strategic location positioned between the divergence of Eastern Orthodox Christianity toward Europe in the West, the Fertile Crescent of the olden Mesopotamia to the East, and the Caucasian, Mongolian and Asiatic influences to the North and Northeast.


The sultanate of the Khans (the word being based in the same root from which the priestly classes of the Cohanim in Judaism is derived) was now being exchanged for the religious base from the lands which produced Islam, Saudi Arabia. With its language of Arabic, considered the pure language of the religion, and its two holy sites, Mecca and Medina, from where Mohammad was said to have begun his initial stirrings and to whose messages its inhabitants were hostile, and from where was found a finally receptive audience, as well as a massive slaughtering of his opponents, appeasement was provided to the Arab world, where no fathomable reason should have been its results — after all, they had been the enemy of the Western powers, choosing to join the axis of the sphere of fascism and communism, rather than the democratic one of modernism and republicanism.


Although Israel had joined the winning side and provided legions of their own fighting men (after considerable pleading and begging to be allowed to do so), their loyalty was awarded in the form of a piper tiger — a resolution acknowledging the Jewish rights to their land, yet the bit-by-bit dismantling of such righteous intentions by individual British lawmakers, soldiers and, sometimes, commissioners, who were determined that this enshrined reality, based in claims of law, would be subsequently sabotaged in individual acts of disobedience and contempt in the carrying out of its law. What resulted were the continued attacks of the Arabs upon the Jews, and a war of attrition waged by both the Arabs and a few of the soldiers of the mandatory authority, acting to limit, to restrict, and to even bar Jewish population growth within their homeland. This led to the subsequent severance, in two separate actions, of land to the east of the Jordan River, which was illegally ceded by the mandatory powers and turned over to the Arabs to become, first, trans-Jordan (meaning, “across the Jordan”) and, later, being known simply as “Jordan”.  The reference of its name being derived in its meaning as being “across” from something, means that it refers to some other portion it was removed from, and it was too obvious that this association as the land of the Jews must be removed, and hence, the new entity called “Jordan” was born.


Devoid of Jews and independently declared by the Arabs, its state it would become a launching area from which to continue a further war to attempt to take all the land, as well as an eventual political tool to use as a further weapon against Israel, and even its own people, by revoking Jordanian citizenship it had originally provided its area Arabs in order to admit Arabs to the land in the war against the Jews. Their 19-year minor incursion and occupation of Jerusalem’s Old City, and a few isolated enclaves, taken via Jordanian participation in a larger Arab war in which Arab states colluded in an attack on Israel in 1948, after Israel declared sovereignty from the mandate in their state, was an illegal and aggressive attack.


Because of the illegality of its actions, no country (with one exception) recognized the ramifications of these acts. But the truth, six decades later, has been continuously overlooked and, through dogma and repetition, has become a propaganda-based lie upon which all subsequent rulings and decisions have been made. Forgotten in this scenario has been the countless Jewish refugees born of this situation, and the story of the exiling of the Jews from their land, in the continued course of history.


Let us hear from some of those who have been affected:


Video Clip (YouTube): “Jerusalem: The Media Myth of Two Cities”; sponsored by Joe Craven in honor of Jerusalem’s 1948 refugees; produced by: Remervision Video Productions;



See (copyrighted) work. From Psalm 137, enjoining the Jewish people to hold Jerusalem above all joys, and to never forget her:



Based on Psalm 137, come poetry and song. See this beautiful adaptation, composed and sung by Yaakov Shwekey, based on this Psalm, in this video, here:


(Yaakov Shwekey) – Im Eshkechech Yerushalayim (If I Forget Thee, O Jerusalem)





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12 responses to “Jerusalem’s Jewish Refugees (1948): Video

  1. Thank you, Odedi. The truth turns all present opinion on its head, nullifying all anti-Semitic UN Resolutions since replacing its predecessor, the League of Nations. There is, therefore, no such thing as “settlements”, but just “communities”; no “occupied territory”, but sovereign land. Why won’t the world acknowledge these facts?

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  2. PS – This comment of yours was found in my spam folder and marked such, but I can see no apparent reason why. You might want to follow up with “Akismet” on that.

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  3. Actually, I think I just discovered the connection, and I cannot BELIEVE what I think it is. Both yours and another commenter to my site, who was also marked spam, have responded to something containing derivates of words pertaining to Judaism, such as “Jews” or “Jewish” or “Judaism”, etc. I’ve recently heard that large platforms are going to be allowed easier oversight to screen for “hate speech” (censorship? account removal?) in compliance. If the only commonality between yours and the other commenters’ responses was due to my post’s wordings containing words like “Jewish”, than I am going to have myself a mini-meltdown, here on this very spot! Now, I know you are the most apolitical, totally PC, sweet and, assuredly, most undeserving person to be at the other end of one of my rants, but you know that I’m not ranting at you. I’m just ranting about the possibility of this being another possible anti-Semitic stab in the backs of the Jewish people, whom the UN just denied our entire heritage, existence and homeland, thanks to the Obama administration’s recent ABSTENTION in vetoing anti-Semitic rulings at the UN!!! So, I cast aside suspicion regarding the first commenter’s designated status as “spam”; but, now that YOU have been placed there, despite a long-time two-way blog road running between our sites for awhile now, really gets me going! But, thanks to you, maybe it’s uncovered a rather disturbing trend of late (or, it could be coincidence; but…). So, cheers to you!

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  4. I love this one, too. I’ll have to see if I can find a nice version of the other.

    I’m just reading that sixteen Jewish institutions worldwide, JCC’s and schools, were targetted yesterday with bomb threats. Two were JCC’s in Miami-Dade; you were just on my mind, as I just read about it.

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