Peace, Love, Joy, Long Denim Skirts, and The Grateful Dead, Man. Like, Cosmic… Wow!!!


This was the private “mantra” characterizing the essence of my best friends’ close-knit club of friendship beginning in, and throughout, our junior-high and high-schoolhood days. They are the people, among others, who I will always consider as my friends, regardless of distance and time since our last communications. Today, they have exceptional marriages to wonderful men, and children graduating college who are older than we were when our friendship was cemented.


I was friends first with one girl, who then befriended another, who, when, upon meeting her, we also formed instantaneous, permanent bonds, giving birth to our “Three Musketeers” trio, with others flowing into and from this main base, along the way. We called each other “veg”, and activities we enjoyed or particular ways of being were considered very “veggie”. It was “Veg 1-2-3-4-Ever!”


We weren’t very productive, meaning in studying together or in doing anything greater than ourselves, time of which could have been better utilized with charity work or something grander, but we were just a sisterhood of girls, spending hours engaged in rock music appreciation, typing up term papers to the Rolling Stones concert on t.v., or sharing the latest dating heartbreaks, shenanigans, conundrums, or joys. Yes, there were eventual joys in the dating situations, but these happened later in life, occuring long past the constitutional beginnings our “veggie”-group could hold together on a regular, physical daily basis.


Through spaces of separation and continued conversation, there were the milestone markers of shared moments in time: the wedding engagement, the new job, the new home, the newborn. Though with time and physical moves these conversations became less common, they were never diminished by the lack of frequency of their occurence, because our shared bonds held something in place which transcended time and distance, shortening the spaces in-between and strengthening the bonds of our youth.


Time — that old friend granting us beginning and end — lengthened the existence of our entity, and strengthened its structure as a reality. It transitioned our youthful, hormonally-perceived experiences into the gracefully-mellowed enhancements only age and experience can provide.


My reflections today, although with undue thought, would be considered thus:


Happiness is an elusive characteristic of a fleeting emotion. Peace comes by working through the short-term hurdles to realize the cohesion of a pair or the community. Its structure provides the strength needed to fend off the smaller detractions which could lessen a weaker, or singular, structure. Joy is attained as a result of having done so, and contentment is the ultimate bliss in its long-lasting state. Nirvana of Life, described.




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3 responses to “Peace, Love, Joy, Long Denim Skirts, and The Grateful Dead, Man. Like, Cosmic… Wow!!!

  1. I don’t know. Ask me at the end, and I’ll tell you, then. No stone inscriptions on this one, though.


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