Abstract Extract


Abstract Extract (Randyjw; January 8, 2016)


Let’s put all these names into a hat, shall we?

Draw one, by luck, and see what on it’s surface, shall it be?

But, they shan’t be drawn from any real-life resemblances

But solely appropriated, most inappropriately,

from such semblances, as known, of any actually-known, real-life nations

Had they been based on real characters and events, which had certainly happened in history

Instead of having been placed into a perpetual mystery of side-noted notations alluding to those who have vanished into iniquity

Then their existence might actually have given a lineage to this narrative cobbled together from the detritus and waste bins in the brief annotations of the people without a history


A specious claim based on a kingly mindset of I told you so

And parental exercise of a mindly authority often exasperated into Because I said so

without ever proof or just scientific reasoning to explain why the sky is blue, how the rainbow forms, let alone it’s G-dly significance, and just plain happiness for it’s reason of being


Instead, the disclaimer and disclosures must ultimately be glossed over, referred to edited chapters cut from the best scenes of the Good Book in all its various forms

The ones which wound up on the cutting room floor

Piled like snakes of celluloid in a supposed memory only imagined that was cut from the scene

Blamed on directors and producers of past and present schemes

And total disregard for the continuation department explaining that movement occurring between disjointed segments needs continuing flow in order to be believed

Same colors, same directions, same moments made to look like they never really stopped in time, but just picked up from where they last left off and so then, once again, began


And don’t forget the reality of the supernal singular being

the cycle, the chain, the kismet-kissed pangs of those yearnings unearthing identity

Forget all its evidences spoken of in the battles of extraneous armies

whose victory steles and obelisks and mandelas all blend but differ truth to their personal bending

Nevertheless, and always the same, they cite the source of their glorious embattled victims’ names

and funnily, as it turns out, these extraneous sources and material resources all point in one direction to the truths that we claim


In that case, I’m happy that the veracity of this same is borne out by reality in sociology, by archaeology and by our humanity


Otherwise, I could claim Zeus eminent and ancestral birthright almighty

Or, if that being the case, I’d throw my trident in the air

Like a three-pronged monster’s spear, and say,

Oh, Hellas!

I think I’d much prefer Aphrodite.




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