Review Too Late


Review Too Late (Randyjw; January 11, 2017)


History has this way of interfering

revealing to all the mystery of its meanings

Attached to ideologies and blind without seeing

the inherent qualities of these movements’ true leanings

Until we establish that it was just bearing

the marks of a master whose slaves want their freeing

We’ll stay chained to continuance and eternal repeating

the practice of freedom having now lost its meaning



Safeguarding freedom, one must continually fight for its preservation. Here’s a great post by Tim Miller today:





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3 responses to “Review Too Late

  1. Thanks, Tim. I appreciate this, and your other piece, as well… especially the concluding paragraphs. I’d also like to put your article on my Page site, “Read”, a category page of information and articles I feel that people should read.


  2. Thanks, Tosha. 💛

    Reconnect (Randyjw; January 13, 2017)

    Most people, at least,
    are at last
    with regards to the year
    gone past
    able to admit was unkind
    and now solder the splice in their mind

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