Cool Girl


Cool Girl (Randyjw; January 13, 2017)


Hey, twirling girl at the edge of the pool

I wish I knew you; you look so totally cool

in that ruffly Rainbow Bright swimsuit

doin’ your Michael Jackson moves


We could play jacks, Miss Mary Mack

and slide down that rainbow barrel

I’ve got toe socks to match and

I’d share my goofy smile


I’d be your best friend

to the end

I’d validate the girl you are

I’d get a twinsy-matching set

We’d sing songs with your guitar


My super-duper-pluper smile

I share now with my friend

Meets the super-duper-pluper size

and fits the size I am




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7 responses to “Cool Girl

  1. I have a Michael Jackson “One” shirt… Heh-heh!! Glad to throw in some sisterly support. How ’bout, “Just Say No to Skinny B’s”?

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  2. Close enough for gubmint work. 🙂 hee-hee.

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  3. How ‘ bout a Panama hat?

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  4. I just made you a photo: Sister In Solidarity.

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  5. Thanks, Jilly. I was trying to post you a comment that I like your header artwork and hope you’ll feature more of your art at your website in the future. But, your site closed my connection, and wouldn’t let me comment further, so I’m telling you, here. Thanks for the nice comment on my poetry.

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