Ferally Yours




Ferally Yours (Randyjw; January 13, 2017)


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Ferally Yours,


Kitty  🐈




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8 responses to “Ferally Yours

  1. Look at her little crossed paws! And her black heart-shaped nose! She doesn’t stay over very often, but we’ve been having some sleepovers the last couple nights or so. She’s so cute! She makes little kitty snoring sounds. I probably shouldn’t be saying that, but…

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  2. I haven’t been around alot of cats, so, at present, I find that the black-and-whites look so much alike — like, they’re all related! I’ve got a collage of her pix in the sidebar.

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    • I haven’t remembered any dreams in a very, very long time. But, just recently, I did. And it was that Kitty had turned into a grey kitten. She was sitting, but pushed her body away, like, “ick”. A recurring nightmare I used to have all the time came true. I didn’t know what it meant, but had a great number of metaphorical meanings assigned to them, which, I’m sure, were also true. There could have been no mistaking it’s clear and blunt meaning, but I thought it was shrouded in veiled meanings. My old friend from the volunteer days stated it’s meaning directly to me, before the real-life event occurred. Her gift was like Josef’s; how I wish this hadn’t been so, or that we’d searched until we found how it would be so.

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