Reconnect (Randyjw; January 13, 2017)


Most people, at least,
are at last
with regards to the year
gone past
able to admit was unkind
and now solder the splice in their mind



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13 responses to “Reconnect

  1. I don’t mind; it’s okay. The year was unkind. (The people were, too.)

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  2. Not my greatest poem, ever. Implied word, for poetic aural purposes. But, I often need help with grammar, and, more often, make up words and rules as I go.

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  3. Actually, now that’s confusing me. “It” (became implied, referring to the year).

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    • Ooh, thanks; that’s awesome. I just soaked it up through osmosis and didn’t pay attention, or missed the whole grammar set, for the most part, at school. Daydreamed out the window.

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      • Not at all! I used to do the same thing, myself. Still don’t think I like “it” there, though… We’ll see…

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        • Hmmmm… Well, I have other instances where I’ve chosen wrong words or made them up, and liked it better than the correct word would have been. For instance, I used “insistingly” rather than “insistently”, and preferred the wrong choice. Sometimes I change things, and then I’m usually sorry I didn’t stay with what just blurted out. Instinctual choices. They’re generally the “right” ones for me, even after doubt’s come in and tried to reason with me, otherwise. Heart, over intellect, although I’m one of those militant types (or used to be) about… everything.

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