Well (Randyjw; January 14, 2017)


I didn’t know

that the well,

long since dried,

could once again

be filled

with the tears

that I cry.


No longer

the bitter sulfur

of desert waters

held in accursed lakes

could poison

the sweetest springs

from which I’ve drawn —

a thirst to slake


Gone down into earth

sure feet on cool stone

and tracing the path

of trails tread alone

the amphorae filled

with its vessel overflowing

that its sides might swell

and its shoulders soaking known


unburdened as emerging

into the light

reached down toward the vessel

and set it aright

and strode the path

and shared the cocoon of quiet nights

watering gardens

in moonshine’s beaming sight.



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7 responses to “Well

  1. Hi, Bhakitah. I’m not sure what everyone else is seeing, but the image still generates for me when I go to the site. Thanks for letting me know; I don’t know what it is. I often have loading problems with others’ sites (i.e., the “like” button, or photos, etc. — even all things at my own site). On my end, it’s just a matter of low-end tech without alot of computing power. I just have to work with what I’ve got. Generally, if I keep reloading the page/site several times, it will eventually make all its “synaptic” connections and will eventually bring up everything. Ocassionally, it takes days to do so. I miss out on seeing lots of photos, etc. Thanks for letting me know. Maybe you can try refreshing/reloading to see if it fixes that. If its the posts, I trend toward text-only, or might add something of my own. So, they’re often photo-free. Thanks again for telling me.


  2. Oh, thank you, Rose; so sweet! 🙂

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  3. Oh, thank you so much! That’s so sweet of you! I will be working on it! PS –I’ve been calling you Bakhitah. Is that proper? I see the other portion of your email name, and just want to make sure I’m getting it right (or maybe was wrong?), etc. And, I took the liberty to delete your second message about the award (it came through). Thanks alot! 😀

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    • I just posted it, but before I read your new comment; I’ll have to see if I spelled your name correctly, or need to change it. Thanks for your nomination, Bakhita; I really appreciate it. For personal reasons, I choose not to breach my little cocoon of perceived safety in praying that my personal information not go beyond our sortof secure community of vulnerable souls, and so I would hope to never go beyond a person’s private space, and wish that to be mine, as well, especially given the nature of the many topics I deal with, and the flashpoint nature of the scope of its arguments. Please understand, and do not take this as a personal rejection of your kindness and invitation, as a person, because I think you’re a kind and gentle soul, yourself. Wishing you much love and a bright and fulfilling journey ahead, Randy

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  4. Thank you for all your support! xo

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