This Is A Test


This Is A Test (Randyjw; January 16, 2017)


“T H I S  I S  A  T E S T

of the Emergency Heartbeat System.”

For the next 60-score years, plus the rest,

we want to be sure of the force of its cantillation.


That its echo chambers respond to the call

that its answers are matched to their tunes

that the plaques hung with care on its walls

in this four-room foyer toward the center of its moon


issued to its occupant-in-residence

ameets the self-same certifications

and courses the body evident

past the airlocked valves of anabolic impediment


The notes of harp played

in diastolic pentameter

soothing the arrythmia

of the spastic synaptic muscle’s

electrical contractions


Brought on by the sudden arrest and seizure

whereby toxins were slowly introduced into its system.

This one here, as they all truly are,

was slated for greatness, and goodness, and kindness, by far


Bring over the defibrillator, stat

for it would be hypocritical to not provide

the resurrection of life with its feelings intact

apart from this vessel within which it dwells inside


“Move that piece of paper, so we can get a connection.”

“Have you a moment to read what it says in that letter?”

“Yes, Sir, for I think that we have truly saved her…”

“What’s wrought there displays, ‘It was certainly worth it.'”








Thump-thump; thump-thump; thump-thump; thump-thump.








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9 responses to “This Is A Test

  1. I’m laughing. Call it “light-hearted”.

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  2. Wow, Cecilia… Thank you so much!

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  3. Wooh. I just read Glenn Thomas’s poem, “Breathe Underwater”, at; talk about intense! Go check that out! Wooh!

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