Annie Lennox


Don’t mean to be your t.v. guide this evening (how boring), but this is a night for soul sisters in blues. It’s speaking to me. Awesome. First Alicia Keys, and now the astounding Annie Lennox.


I remember how popular Annie Lennox was, back in the days. But, I never realized how much more beyond alt-pop she went. Her program this evening on Great Performances’ “Annie Lennox: Nostalgia Live In Concert” (PBS/Channel 2, or your local US station, if available and programmed) has, so far, included those kindof smoky, dreamy, and also bluesy classics, like “Georgia On My Mind” (yeah; had to belt out my squeaky voice along with that one — and, G-d, that felt great), “Summertime”, and “I Put A Spell On You” (oh, yeah…). Hope you’re watching it.

(Mix – Annie Lennox – I Put A Spell On You:




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5 responses to “Annie Lennox

  1. She was at the vanguard of originality with her wildly popular songs, yet, it seems to me to have also have had the effect of corralling her talents into a formulaic commercialism, perhaps. She, indeed, has a depth of character, style and soul beyond the singular style of the pop charts, which is a very refreshing discovery.

    I followed your lead to “Desert Island Discs” and will provide the lead-in, here. Desert Island Discs is a radio program presented through The BBC (accessed January 21, 2017), which format involves an interviewer and featured guest discussing the eight audio recordings the guest would want with them, if cast away to a deserted island. For more information about present BBC news and programming:

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