B-Side Story


B-Side Story (Randyjw; January 20, 2017)


Drowning myself

in a sea of chocolates

feasting on sweethearts

that can never be mine.

The melodrama screened

through the tv screen

the prequel novella to my life.




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13 responses to “B-Side Story

  1. Thanks, alighting princess. Please be careful not to get pulled down with me.

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    • Lived, loved, lost…
      What can I claim?
      Faulty intelligence
      by another name.

      I think I almost died
      I’m really not too well
      For choices made to date in life
      I’m paid in kind from hell

      I don’t know how we should discern
      the lessons to apply
      But, turn to repeat, means it isn’t learned
      My failed heart and life now know why

      My heels have flipped in seconds flat
      I never thought they would
      Did unseen hands pull fast the mat
      as much I wish they could

      My heart I need to call back home
      it ran forth from my grasp
      to give another the chance of his own
      beyond my past, something better beyond that, to last

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  2. Yup. Chocolate to the rescue.

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