The Pizza Wheel


The Pizza Wheel (Randyjw; January 22, 2017)


Had an old friend once

This is for real

Never liked my evaluations

Called me a pizza wheel


I appreciated his ear

at a relationships’ dead end

with the tiniest bit of care

it might’ve helped me to mend


It wasn’t a one way street

I backed him up and bailed him out

when he couldn’t see past the trees

the pizza cutter chopped them down


I picked up your forgotten groceries

paid the rent on your monthly storage

I prodded you to keep pace with your industry

and paid that expense toward your knowledge


Your paranoid, crazy parents

surely did you no child-rearing favors

though they worked at the finest establishment

it was solely a dressing for their fishy flavor


I’m glad that in ferrying you to your girlfriend’s place

I finally got to step inside

and got a chance to meet to her face

rather than just be your convenient ride


I know now why you thought the world of her

and I’m sorry my feelings were made known

each situation seemed good only just for the girl

from the way you described it by phone


I could only consider from what I could hear

the notions you put in my head

So forgive me for slicing with a pizza wheel

when our bread should be broken instead


I’m glad that I met her and hope you are cured

It’s a shame that MS took her life

Just remember that day when you prayed to your L-rd

and instead use a dull butter knife


(Extra cheese,

preferably cheddar;

lace the edges,

So much better!)



Love, Pizza Wheel from He…..





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