Make No Scents


Make No Scents (Randyjw; January 26, 2017)


I read the mythology story

at the site you linked me to

It was really nice

Enjoyed getting lost there for a few


Though it makes for beautiful poetry

and a story of incredible drama

I prefer the red-hued stones and lore

of the real-life mountain of Masada


For there we write our own roles

of our history and traditions and dreams

Captured in incredible scrolls

stored in vessels in caves near Essenes


That culture made inroads to ours

Rending seams which divided our philosophy

Leaving two-thousand year-old scars

in a split of comparative anatomy


Yet the mosaics that tile the floors and halls

Like the patterns resembling life

seen in frescoes that plaster the palace walls

the incense of perfumers’ spice


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