What The Soul Knows


What The Soul Knows (Randyjw; January 27, 2017)


I always loved that sabre-toothed tiger

pictured in the poster on the back of my door

Ringling Brothers, Barnum and Bailey Circus

Come to town

The colors of the big top tent

in satiny oranges, yellows and pinks

though I never really much cared for those clowns

Artifice just simply wasn’t the device

that one ought to use in dealing with kids

though in growing old

I could see the usefulness if perused

with its rightful intent

And through it all

even in permeable, malleable mutations

I also found that I could love you

yet again, and again, and again




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3 responses to “What The Soul Knows

    • Hey, Jyotee. Getting down to the wire. Think I’m going to be homeless for real in about a month or two, without a job. Look at Lemon-Guava Creamery Treat, and see if it’s something you want for your ezine. If it is, then go ahead and copy it from the blog site, if you want. I was just looking at your ezine the other day. The shackled hands drawing and poem was really nice. Hope you’re doing alright, too! Why did a different comment I wrote come back that you liked it, but it was changed and now has some kind of Outlook Add-In attachment ascribed to it? I don’t understand that. What is trying to open itself up into my system? Did you guys put that there? It’s not just a simple sentence anymore, but became a clickable link or something. Did you guys put that there?


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