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I Have A Question (Randyjw; January 30, 2017)


As I sit here reviewing a lovely abundance of email notifications in my account’s inbox, I’m struck by an interesting question posed in my mind.


The question came about as I was looking at a picture from a Nazi death camp during the Holocaust. The picture was featured on yesterday’s The Algemeiner.com (January 29, 2017), and shows a street filled with the bodies of dead victims, probably Jewish, lining a long and wide stretch, while other people are standing nearby.


It’s hard to see who the people are standing nearby. Are they German concentration camp administrators? Gestapo? American or Russian liberators?


I’ve never seen this particular image before. I don’t know how far into the indexing, researching, and cataloguing the documentarians have come in processing the miles upon miles of Nazi files shelved in their warehouses, and whether this one happens to be a recent release.


I have an awful thought. It suddenly occurred to me as I stared for awhile at the horror of all my people and all of the others who were murdered. I know that the liberators recorded their thoughts upon seeing the camps, which became enshrined as part of the historical record.


The liberated victims began their beginnings of a free life. Veterans returned home, and people began to pick up the pieces and resume living, once again. Both groups couldn’t bear to speak about the horrors that they went through and witnessed. The Holocaust was too much pain to bear, let alone utter the horrors of what was experienced.


War takes a tremendous psychological toll on everyone: perpetrator and victim, as well. It’s always far worse for the victims, though. Especially the innocent ones, who didn’t ask to be any part of this.


It wasn’t just World War Two from which veterans refrained from speaking — but, it’s been an effect from all of the wars. People tend to bottle up these horrors inside, because these atrocities are too difficult to speak aloud and to renew their energies.


But, why didn’t the veterans come to speak out against the Holocaust deniers, who deny the number of our dead, or the fact that it even happened at all? Why have the Jewish victims had to speak about the reality of the Holocaust for ourselves, and why haven’t the liberators, who have seen these atrocities with their own eyes, spoken out to the public on any regular basis, if at all? Is there a gag order in place, preventing military men from commenting on the Holocaust?


I have already informed you that the meticulously-kept Nazi documents during the Holocaust were turned over as part of the surrender, and placed within miles and miles of shelving in warehouses for cataloguing and review.


I have shown you already the forty-plus years’ time delay by the Office of Strategic Services (OSS), which office became defunct when replaced by the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA), in declassifying Nazi documents, from 1941 and 1947 (?) respectively, showing the present status for that time of the whereabouts and ownership of confiscated Jewish art collections, which was taken over by the Einsatzstab Rosenberg. For more on this, see my article: Stolen Art, Stolen Lives (https://newsnotes1.wordpress.com/2016/11/14/stolen-art-stolen-lives/). The declassification of the specific document(s) didn’t occur until 1984. Did it take them forty-plus years to just get to this document, or has it been withheld without being released for that long? These are important questions to answer.


Were veterans ordered not to speak about the Holocaust? Is this a reason why they have not appeared as speakers to lend their support to the veracity of the statements that Jews to this day must still continue to uphold and prove true? I just really haven’t seen this happening; have you? Shouldn’t they have been? PS: I admire and have the utmost respect for veterans of free nations and I’m thankful for your service. But, I really want to know. If anybody does know, or has seen this, I hope you’ll weigh in. Thank you.


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