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Randy’s Recipes: Fifteen Minute Macaroni Bisque


Randy’s Recipes: Fifteen Minute Macaroni Bisque (Randyjw; February 28, 2017)


1/2 box (12 oz.) macaroni, or other, pasta

1 can (10.5 oz.) bisque soup (seafood, lobster, chowder, corn, vegetable, etc.)

12 oz. chicken stock (two chicken bouillon cubes dissolved in travel mug sized coffee cup)

1/4 – 1/2 Tablespoon butter

1/8 teaspoon (4 shakes) garlic powder

1 bay leaf, small

4 drops apple-cider vinegar

Thickener, if desired (cornstarch, flour, etc.)

Optional Add-Ins: Port-Wine Cheese Spread (like Kaukauna) (I haven’t actually tried this, yet…)



Boil pasta, as per package directions; then, strain and set aside.


Combine the remaining ingredients in a saucepan until heated through, reducing sauce with continued heat to thicken. If using thickener, use some of the heated sauce and add to the powdered thickener in a separate bowl, to dissolve and to temper the thickener to the desired consistency; then add to sauce and stir. Pour over pasta. Season to taste.

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Rock On, Aileron


Rock On, Aileron (Randyjw; February 28, 2017)


Can you catch me on radar

As I’m flying super-sonar

lane change, again

weaving wheels to highway

meeting arms to air

I swear

I just want you to be happy

The trunk is full

and neither of us have got the room

for a heart of gloom

Let’s take it on the road

fly this car right in the air

Are you a passenger along for the ride

or will you add another wing

Get this car soaring

and take it into flight


I haven’t got all night

but the rest of my life

for you to be mine

No ideas, nobody in mind

Just a song I’ll sing

I’m alone again

Rock on, aileron

Rock on, my heart, and soar


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Jedda Knight


Jedda Knight (Randyjw; February 26, 2017)


Thank you for planting a tree in Israel. May it provide life and its bounteous blessings. Shukrun.


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Thank You


Thank you (Randyjw; February 25, 2017)


The words you wrote the other night

made me cry

for all the time I’ve let go by

and all the hurt I’ve kept inside

and for all the things I’ve tried to deny

Thinking I could beat it til it died

It didn’t, and it arised

But I couldn’t even realize

since I kept closing my eyes

and thought it could hide

til my breath caught in my side

What you wrote in those lines

was just the same like I had lived

so the resemblance was no lie

but the scars they still apply

and the residue will always remain

I don’t really feel like revisiting it all again

but, now that I know that this boondoggle is mine

I know what it is, and I’m gonna be fine


Thank you

You’re the only one that’s broken through

If you need an ear

I’m here, also, for you


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Comparable (Randyjw; February 25, 2017)


Are you sure you’ve seen

differences between us I

hadn’t known there’d been

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Always (Randyjw; February 25, 2017)


Believe in Me; And

Believe in You; For I Do.

With Love, You-Know-Who


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We are all the same

We are all one kind

All; one body

All; one mind


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The Train



The  Train (Randyjw; February 24, 2017)


It sounds like rain on the roof of the shack

but it’s just the train, going clickety-clack

the long whistle, and the rails below

travel the grand vista as though through a grimy window

Laying on that horn, all the way down

at 3:00, 5:00, 6:00 in the morn, ’til he gets to the next town

and I hear the howling roar of the fiercely driving rain

it sounds like the monsoon or a hurricane


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Wry Toast


Wry Toast (Randyjw; February 24, 2017)


Buttering wry toast

fallen on the floor instead;

crummy end of bread


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Aquarian Odyssey


Aquarian Odyssey (February 24, 2017)


In a news article posted yesterday at the Breaking Israel News website, Jewish News International Media reports the discovery of seven exoplanets orbiting an ultra-cool dwarf star in the constellation of Aquarius. Named the TRAPPIST-1 system after the Chilean observational telescope making the initial discovery of a couple of its planets, NASA soon discovered a total of seven planets orbiting the star.


JNI Media; February 23, 2017; via Breaking Israel — “NASA Reveals Several Earth-Like Planets Around a Sun”:




Within a circle of 360°, there are twelve equal divisions possible of 30° each. In a simplistic telling, these represent the quarterly three-month seasons of Winter, Spring, Summer and Fall; they represent the monthly divisional aspects of a year; and in the “tropical western zodiac” they represent the star’s constellations in fixed widths as they travel throughout these positions in the sky. The configurations of their fixed stars, which travel together in the group, are used in assigning the name to the corresponding zodiac sign on the 12-part wheel. Different cultures, with different methods and patterns, have devised other systems, and the resultant differences are reflected in varying dates and information.; “Zodiac”:




Aquarius is the “water-bearer” and those born under this zodiac sign will celebrate their birthdate during the approximate dates, varying for leap years and other factors, as follows:

Under the tropical zodiac = roughly between January 20th to February 18th.
Under the sidereal zodiac = roughly between February 15th to March 14th



Here is an astrological “personality” horoscope “attributed” to those born under this sign* (disclaimer = *people vary):





And here’s a popular song from 1969 by The 5th Dimension, called “The Age of Aquarius”:




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Oh, Dear Me



Oh, Dear Me (Randyjw; February 23, 2017)



Dear Me:


Love me like there’s no tomorrow

and no more sorrow

for our tears

Love me like each breath you take

means what’s at stake

will last the years

Hug me when the bumpy roads

exact their tolls

reversing course

Hold me in your loving arms

and do no harm

with no remorse


Love, Me


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Solar Powered


Solar Powered (Randyjw; February 23, 2017)


At the beginning

when the Big Bang rang

and the heavens sang

and their bodies flew ever outward

They expanded and wandered

and moved continually forward

until they found rhythm in each others’ orbits

And drawn like the sun

they ellipsed with the one

and their wobbles grew steady and brighter

the axes were crossed

and were no longer lost

making galaxies that much more lighter


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Pre-Scribed (Randyjw; February 23, 2017)


When writing the script

it is knowing with hindsight

how things will work out


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Photo: “Guarding the Gan” (Randyjw; 2017)



Exodus (Randyjw; February 23, 2017)


Kitty is my feral friend and sometime snugglepuss. I like the name Kitty, because it reminds me of the nurse of the same name in the movie, Exodus, and because she’ll think everybody is friendly, since they seem to already call her by name. She’s got alot of spirit, and is very sensitive and really sweet. She still lives a feral life, but has become more of an outdoor cat of the neighborhood, settling inside with me during inclement weather, for the most part.


In the movie, Exodus, the part of Kitty Fremont, the American nurse who falls in love with a Jewish man during the struggle of Jews to reach Israel (called “Palestine”, at that time) during the British Mandatory assignment period, is played by Eva Marie Saint.


The 1960 movie is based on the 1958 book by Leon Uris of the same name and is a fictional account based loosely on events during the period it portrays. I’ve watched the movie several times on television, as well as having enjoyed listening to the famous theme title to the movie.


Leon Uris was a war correspondent during those years, and writes extensively on Jewish subject matter. His books in that genre include: Exodus; Mitla Pass; Mila 18; The Haj; and QB VII. His style is in the manner of a historical fiction writer, others of which would include Trinity and Redemption. I really enjoy his books.; “Exodus (1960 film)”:

(; “Leon Uris”:




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Gratitude (Randyjw; February 22, 2017)


That was amazing;

You’ve shown me how.

For whatever the reason,

I needed that just now.

It was the exact thing needed,

in the exact right place.

That’s what we receive from others,

and that’s what we give, in its place.

This will be a poem

I’m going to make for you,

and to all the others, like you,

in gratitude.


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From Where I Come


From Where I Come (Rachelgv; February 22, 2017)


From where I come

is by my ancestry.

By Adam and Eve

through Terach and Abraham


And, yet, again, in

further meanderings


Ur-Kasdim, and into Haran

in captivity in exile

by the rivers of Babylon

Asarah B’Tevet


By the well of Dotan

to the right of Pharoah’s rod

at Rameses and Pitom

in fields of Padan-Aram


and maybe by Paran

the cities of Shushan

released with help from King Ahashveros (of Iran)

who would assist us in rebuilding the Temple


We commemorate in memory

that the woman he wed to wife

Hadassah, known as Esther,

the Jewish Queen that saved our lives


And this is known as Purim

it’s also part of the Jewish story

and Chanukah you’ll know

by our defiance of Roman glory


From Egypt, in Goshen

having first lived in Knaan

through Avram’s sons and Yosef the one

and led out again by Moshe


And that’s the story of Passover

when we were freed from our bonds

When G-d redeemed us and saved us

with ten plagues to our oppressors rained down


When he brought us to the mount

and to the wilderness of Zin

and gave the commandments of Torah

the Sukkot and the Mishkan


And that’s the backgrounds of the holidays

of Passover, Shavuot, Sukkot,

of simple days under desert stars

happy in Simchat Torah


And back again

to the Holy Land

promised to us

and delivered by hand


Through Inquest, Expulsion,

and auto-da-fe,

through Kristallnacht, Holocaust,

forests and Babi Yar


In Zion, and Jaffa, Carmel and Ashdod,

Judea, Samaria and Jerusalem

In Ashkelon, Aza, and Yericho

in Hevron, and Shiloh, in the fields of Machpelah


By Isaac, by Jacob,

and all of his breed

and Rachel and Leah

and Ruth and David


Because where I come from

is where I have been

and by all of  G-d’s miracles,

Here I Am



Additional Information:; “Joseph (Genesis)”:


“The Bible offers two explanations of the name Yosef: first it is compared to the word asaf from the root /’sp/, “taken away”: “And she conceived, and bore a son; and said, God hath taken away my reproach”; Yosef is then identified with the similar root /ysp/, meaning “add”: “And she called his name Joseph; and said, The LORD shall add to me another son.”; “Jewish Holidays”:



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Grounded (Randyjw; February 22, 2017)





Add me to your blacklist

Block me from your call list

hang out the vacant sign

say you won’t be mine


I won’t chase you from behind

and cannot leave you, though I’ve tried

though I’m hiding in plain sight

I hope never to be found


My options all ran out

it’s ironic, without doubt

I’ve run and run around the sun

to finally stand my ground.



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Socially Inept Media


Socially Inept Media (Randyjw; February 22, 2017)


the phone is an awkward

shape to snuggle

warm but a bit uncomfortable

the cord leaving trails of the struggle


nosed the reply above inadvertently

added the alphabet of your name mysteriously

different scenarios in which I’ve created you figuratively

sloshing through the downpours of my eyes’ floodgates interminably


Yahoo can supply no answers

and Jeeves has found a better vista

in virtual, and in some seemingly second life

I’ve simply become a word-processing spinster


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Nariman, Left Out


Nariman, Left Out (Randyjw; February 21, 2017)


walked the roads and in back


the lay of the track

and the bomb’s devices

The windowless alleys and the restaurant

the captainless vessel repainted and launched

Making ghosts of the life of this ship

in murderous image and deed equipped


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A+ (Randyjw; February 21, 2017)



according to his “means”,

and the manner in which

the answers are seen.

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A (Randyjw; February 21, 2017)


The questions received

and the answers written

are the answers perceived

by the questions given


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Elusive Conclusion


Elusive Conclusion (Randyjw; February 21, 2017)


It is good to think,

and to ponder;

To question

and to wonder.


Do we pose

the answers to our thoughts

through assumptions

in our blunders?


Or draw extractions

from the truths

found inherent

in our natures?


The lesson

to be discerned

is in how to pose

the proper question


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5 Recommended Authors and Their Books


5 Recommended Authors and Their Books (Randyjw; February 20, 2017)


Here are some of my recommendations from (mostly) popular authors and several of their books. I’ve listed them in my preferred reading order, not by when they were written. Most are very emotionally written, with gorgeous verse, and that is what makes these appealing to me. James Michener’s works converted me from hater, to lover, of history.




1) Malika Oufkir —


Freedom: The Story of My Second Life


Stolen Lives



2) Amy Tan —


The Joy Luck Club


The Hundred Secret Senses


The Kitchen God’s Wife


The Bonesetter’s Daughter



3) James Michener —


The Covenant





4) Khaled Hosseini —


The Kite Runner


A Thousand Splendid Suns



5) Saira Shah —


The Storyteller’s Daughter



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Thank You To You


Thank You To You (Randyjw; February 20, 2017)


I’d melt myself into a puddle of goo

stick myself to the bottom of your shoe

turn myself upside down and right-side round

rightside-in and inside-out

is there anything else I wouldn’t do

to let you know I appreciate you.

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Peekaboo Hues




Peekaboo Hues (Randyjw; February 20, 2017)

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Pong (Randyjw; February 20, 2017)


Ping. Ping. Ping. Ping. Ping.

the sound of you giving me

reflections of thee


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A Theft, Bereft


A Theft, Bereft (Randyjw; February 20, 2017)


Sometimes I take

what isn’t mine

atone for sins

and pay in kind


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Kinetically Coincidental


Kinetically Coincidental (Randyjw; February 20, 2017)


This time, it’s purpose was meant

and intentional

this theft, a depraved heart bereft

has beat kinetically coincidental.


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Reflections (Randyjw; February 20, 2017)

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Humanity Will Never Find The Missing Link


Humanity Will Never Find The Missing Link (Randyjw; February 19, 2017)


You, child of the light

Come out from the night

where you hide in its sight.


Why do you not incorporate

the light of the day

into your innocent play?


the absence of color

divided from the white

from whence it comes?


Split into multiple facets

its varying faces

singularly presented


Forgive me for inquiring,

if it is organic and natural

to the essence of your being.


I’ve been in that reality

and I know its closeness

its presence in my family


I know it’s a part of humanity

things others wish not to see

a stigma, stigmata, a yoke of the unfree


And that’s okay with me

I find beauty in the mentally free

but I don’t wish to lose my mind

in things that can never be


That’s a hypocrisy, what I just wrote

for I do it all the time

my heart leads my feelings although my head is completely blind


My youth was won over in this way

and I’ve since then turned to grey

the colors were muted from the dark of the day


Why do you divide yourself in so many hues?

Though we’re no singular colors

and hopefully free to choose


A warrior’s strategy of an incredible mind

to become someone else even less unkind

the angel on the left and the devil on the right


Easily able to include all the good

under the one umbrella

and rain down hate and scorn under the other


the multiple accounts and avatars

giving a reason for cover

to everything that you hide within


each a glorious personality

in their similarities and diversities

and the darkness exalted from obscurity


Ah, but a most-convenient device

to say the things that aren’t so nice

and yet remain impeccable since no-one notices


It’s okay, I’ll remain at bay

more for you than for me

since I’d already fallen


But, fallen I’ve fell before

through several of many unfortunate doors

and I’ve learned because I’ve always lost those scores


the methodology taught me and the flags are raised

not white in surrender, where my heart was razed

but the red of a warning leaving my hackles raised


It’s the worst kind of regret

that the shackles have links

and that we never met


the past ties me in chains

and you need your release.


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Don’t Ask Me To Explain


Don’t Ask Me To Explain (Randyjw; February 17, 2017)


How many times did I ask of G-d

to grant me the bliss of forgetfulness

to wash the slate clean and let me live

without reliving memories I wanted to miss?


And how often did I pray that when they finally disappeared

that those memories would return so that I could lastly clear

the disappointment and denigration

the hardship and humiliation

and rid myself of all those real-life fears?


Reliving what I’ve been through

again and again

Does nobody any good

and just draws out the pain


So if I try to make myself smile

and hide the hurts of my past

It doesn’t mean that my life is not worthwhile

when I wear these masks


And my heart found love

and brought with it the soul that found new dances

but the irony of it all

is that because of my choices, I’d used up all my chances


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Upright (Randyjw; February 17, 2017)


Upright in balance

Of left and right, black and white

Like a piano


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Sweet (Rachelgv/Randyjw; February 17, 2017)


Special friend to me

In your mouth, thirty-two teeth

Each one of them sweet



To Yasmin ❤


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I Still Love Candy


I Still Love Candy (Randyjw; February 16, 2017)


Like a chocolate bar

melting on dashboard of car;

sweetness travels far


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Plane Truth


Plane Truth (Randyjw; February 16, 2017)


Origami crane:

unfolds flight by string. But, plane:

untold heights, with wings.



“Cranes in Japanese Art Kimonos”. Google Search:



“Crane (bird)”. See, especially, “In Mythology and Symbolism” under the subsection listings.



“Fold A Paper Crane”. Wikihow:



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The Crane, Painted


The Crane, Painted (Randyjw; February 16, 2017)


Black and gold cranes tick

three-panelled, painted tryptich

brush strokes daubed cryptic


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Oznaim (Rachelgv/Randyjw; February 15, 2017)


The function of ears:

like friends, and two cups for tea;

collecting the tears.

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Ray (Randyjw; February 15, 2017)


You’ve shown, in the myriad ways

of your heart and your soul

that all of its major incarnations

are gifts by the depths of its revelations


I’ve known, that your light to my day

from behind and above and around and within

burns brighter and longer and farther and stronger

shone deeply on all with way more than its being


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Back-in-the-Box (Randyjw; February 14, 2017)


Thank goodness for heartstrings

for when mine chooses to dance in pirouettes beyond its ribcage

I can just reel it back in by the springs it sprang out from

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Sunshine Blogger Award


Sunshine Blogger Award


My lovely gift of this Sunshine Blogger Award corresponds to Valentine’s Day, and who more lovely to share it with than Tosha Michelle? I love discovering the beautiful feelings she puts to poetry, her always kind-hearted ways, her amazing artwork, her heartfelt songs (hear her on Souncloud, or visit my “Randyjw” souncloud “Special Songs” selections to hear my favorites of hers, including my special request, “Leaving On A Jet Plane”). She is a really considerate, thoughtful person who will always try to make life better, and does, for everyone she meets. (


Thank you for living with care to see

that what you’re giving expands so exponentially

and really does make the world into what it can be

a better place for you and me.


(Happy Valentine’s Day, Tosha!)


Here are the Rules:


Post the award on your blog.

Thank the person who nominated you.

Post the award on your blog.

Answer the 11 questions they set you.

Pick another 11 bloggers.

Give them 11 questions.



11 Questions and Answers:


Q1. why did you start blogging?

A1. To put my poetry out there. To show Israel from my particular perspective.


Q2. What authors inspire you?

A2. Amy Tan; James Michener; Theodor Seuss Geisel; the Biblical behemoths; Joan Peters; Bernard Lewis; certain WordPress writers…


Q3. If you were a mixed drink, what would you be?

A3. Only read if you’re of legal drinking age, responsible, and a competent adult (if not, skip to next question):

Chambord Raspberry and Honey Liqueur. This is my elegant, lady-like expression. It also happens to make a really nice raspberry lime-rickey with sparkling soda, or Mountain Dew, etc. over crushed ice with lime-sugar slurry, freshly squeezed lime and maybe some spearmint (sortof like a Mint Julep).

A Long Island Iced Tea would speak to my Sabra essence: actually rather sweet, but can present a facade of bluster, if need be.

Or, maybe a coffee with Kahlua, Bailey’s Irish Creme, and whipped cream. My relaxed bookworm by the fireplace homebody.


Q4. How would you describe yourself in three words?

A4. Well, I’ll pick new words, since I’ve answered this before. A homebody, sensitive, and I like to be artistic.


Q5. If you were Alice in Wonderland, would you stay there or come back and tell the story?

A5. I’ve never read this, but it seems like a trip! I’d probably have to tell people all about it.


Q6. Are you more like fire or ice?

A6. Fire. And ice. I was just looking up Pat Benatar’s song of the same name:



Q7. What’s your favorite quote?

A7. My favorite “anythings” are fickle. I’d have to pick something from the Bible. This one is nice to hang on the fridge as a reminder:

“Be strong and of good courage; be not affrighted, neither be thou dismayed: for the LORD thy God is with thee whithersoever thou goest.” – Jewish Publication Society (JPS); Tanakh, 1917


Q8. Milk chocolate or dark?

A8. Definitely milk. But, I also love white! And peppermint bark. And mint with chocolate. And Elite (from Israel) tri-colored bar. I await April for Cadbury Creme Eggs. Cadbury Fruit and Nut. Cadbury Caramello. Toblerone. Nestle’s 100 Grand. Milky Way. Three Musketeers. Snickers. Not Godiva; I don’t like Godiva.


Q9. What’s your idea of a perfect day?

A9. Being alive! Ideally, to share it with those you love. To have no problems, to be in good health. To appreciate aspects of it. I had one today (well, it’s since become yesterday). There were very sad, unpleasant aspects of it, but the good moments helped dispel them. I saw a beautiful, hazy, white sun, shining on a small lake and saw the sun flickering through the trees — it was beautiful. I had a couple of laughs with a young girl who sat beside me on the bus bench. She had no money for the bus. I gave her a dollar. She started singing with this incredible voice — it was simply amazing. I translated that into a story about an old friend of mine with a voice like a cross between Pat Benatar and Janis Joplin, who had a band in high school and college. But, it never went beyond that. And I told her that I used to have a sortof sweet, alright voice, but now I’m tone-deaf and squeaky and can’t sing at all. I guess the moral of the story was to utilize the gifts of G-d’s blessings, for they can disappear. She took a phone call, and someone had come to pick her up, so she tried to give me back the dollar. But, I told her to keep it, as kindof a tip for the song. In another perspective, it’s like making a small (even though very small) investment in the future of a young kid. She gave me a reason to feel that I’d done something good. I visited my mother and brought her some small gifts I’d been saving up for her. I treated myself to a fast-food meal out. It was a wonderful day for me.


Q10. If you could live in any other country, where would you choose?

A10. Absolutely Israel!


Q11. What’s your favorite movie? Why?

A11. Animated ones, for their artistry, and, often, humor. Some of my faves: Fantasia; Aristocats, Lady and the Tramp; The Jungle Book (the original); Horton Hears a Who; Chitty Chitty Bang Bang.



My 11 Nominees:


1. (

2. (

3. (

4. (

5. (

6. (

7. (

8. (

9. (

10. (

11. (



My 11 Questions:


1. Which is your favorite season?

2. Which day of the week do you favor?

3. Which themes find repetition in your works?

4. Which most resembles you: Earth, Air, Fire or Water?

5. Which locale suits your favored living mode: Mountains; City; Waterfront; Suburbia; Rural or Farm; etc.?

6. Which genre do you prefer to read?

7. Who are some of your favorite authors?

8. Who are some of the people you admire?

9. What are the traits in a person you find admirable?

10. What are your own favorite traits?

11. What country do you most admire, and why?


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Happy Valentine’s Day







Happy Valentine’s Day (Randyjw; February 13, 2017)

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Fed-Up Cup


Fed-Up Cup (Randyjw; February 12, 2017)


Well, once again,

I’m getting ready to serve

my double-handed


killer backhand

just a fingers’ span

over the net

against those with the nerve

to sing the Nazi anthem

ever again

or even here

hard to believe

in this land



I’m here to win this set

nor could I even stop

just yet

for underspinning drops

and lobs and faults

they’ll call a let


I just don’t get…


I’m not interested in deuce

gonna slam it back to you

because I know the biased truths

which are used to exclude the Jews


You can’t give me the halt

when you ump to make that call

singing Deutschland Uber Alles

On that score, I’ll roar, Love: All





Background Articles and Information:






International Tennis Federation:


2017 Fed Cup Sponsors:

BNP Paribas Title Sponsor

Adecco International Sponsor

Bein Sport Official Media Rights Partner


United States Tennis Association:



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In Time


In Time (Randyjw; February 11, 2017)


Time is short, so use it well

You can’t know first the hands you’re dealt

Time is an asset, non-depreciated

best when given and well-appreciated.


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Moon Songs and Moon Sets


Moon Songs And Moon Sets (Randyjw; February 11, 2017)



Moonormous (Randyjw; February 10, 2017)

“Bright Moon at Autumn’s Dawn” /

(TaiGekTou): (


Moon Pearl (Randyjw; February 10, 2017)

“Immortal Beloved Moonlight Sonata Scene”/ (siriandesert): (


Moon So Cool (Randyjw; February 10, 2017)

“Moon Dance” – Patricia Spero /

(Frizzy Frizz): (


Moon Phoenix (Randyjw; February 10, 2017)

“Moon Dance” – Mehdi

(Seven7Lives): (


Moon Soaring (Randyjw; February 10, 2017)

“Moon Dance” – China / Paul Horn:



Moon Angel (Randyjw; February 10, 2017)

“MoonDance” – Tino Balsamello:



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Tamid Va’ed


Tamid Va’ed (Randyjw; February 10, 2017)

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Astral Harmonies


Astral Harmonies (Randyjw; February 9, 2017)


Tomorrow after sundown will mark the beginning of the Jewish holiday, known as Tu B’Shvat. The Jewish day is marked from after sunset, when at least three stars are visible in the sky, through the morrow and following sunset. The reason this is so is due to the wording of the Torah in B’reishit (which means, “In the beginning…”), or “Genesis”, by its anglicized name, in which the sentence describing each day puts the evening before the morn: “And there was evening, and there was morning Day One”, and so on.


Judaism is also based on a lunar, rather than a solar, calendar cycle, which is why holidays don’t fall on the same Gregorian calendar cycle that we use today. Tu B’shvat has its origins in lunar-based festival celebrations, and is considered to be the “New Year of the Trees”.


This particular year of 2017 will see a confluence of incredible astronomical events to enhance the spiritual aspects of the festival. In addition to a full moon, there will be a penumbra eclipse and the passing of a nearby comet.


What wonders in the heavens and how mysterious G-d’s ways.


For additional details on these events and their pertinence from the Talmud and the Zohar, please read Adam Eliyahu Berkowitz’s Breaking Israel News article, below:


Berkowitz, Adam Eliyahu. “Astonishing Astral Confluence Will See Eclipse, Full Moon, and Comet on Jewish Holiday”. Breaking Israel; February 9, 2017:




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Sheva (Randyjw; February 9, 2017)

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Cast-Iron Cauldron


Cast-Iron Cauldron (Randyjw; February 8, 2017)


What am I but an unreasonable seasoning

no pretext of reasoning

no leaven to rise




And whenceforth would I

cast stone to an eye

from scorch-blackened pot to douse kettle’s cry


Put fire to flame and it renders the same

impurities float to the surface

but often its known

beaten colder and slow

that emulsions will blend to its purpose


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When Lamb Met World


Graphic descriptions; Caution advised.


When Lamb Met World (Randyjw; February 8, 2017)


As the pelt is lowered beyond the rim

into the balm of the dyer’s vats

the smell of lanolin on a freshly tanned skin

is separated from its liquefied reservoirs of fat


May the lamb never meet through its loving

in the vat into which it is boiled

the living cells subject to suffering

the sins wherethrough all become soiled


With new life as a car seat

a pocketbook and a sweater

does the lamb envision

that it’s life is made sweet

by the ones who would fashion it better?


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Wish I Might


Wish I Might (Randyjw; February 7, 2017)

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Nariman (Randyjw; February 6, 2017)


How does one mark the passage of time;

nary a one to the stone of a mile

Not by the anniversary of the date of one’s birth

but instead in the laying of body to earth




Nariman / Chabad House, India


In memoriam to the victims of the massacre in India, 2008.




For background information, see:

“2008 Mumbai Attacks” /



PTI. “26/11 Mumbai attack case: Lakhvi, others to be charged for abetment to murder”. Times of; February 6, 2017:




Update / Additional:

Sones, Mordechai. “Israel demands Pakistan put killers on trial”.; November 28, 2019:




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Tulip Shvat







Tulip Shvat (Randyjw; February 5, 2017)

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Tu B’Shvat


Tu B’Shvat (Randyjw; February 4, 2017)

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The Israeli West Bank


The Israeli West Bank (Randyjw; February 3, 2017)


I wrote an article a number of years ago in which I stated my premise that there had never been an Arab Palestinian state, since there had never been defined borders for such.


The so-called “Palestinian” entity of ancient times was actually the land of Israel/Judah, which the Romans had come to occupy (while still, for a time, operating with Herodian kings of Israel) over 1,800 years ago. Our conquerors renamed the land after our long-ago Philistine enemies, said to be THEN in the land during the time of David, our second Jewish king.


A state of government can exist in exile, if it had once been an actual state. A body of people who have never had a state to rule over can not be said to be a government in exile, although the replicated provisional bodies may have formed. They hold no real legal status as a government corpus over any real entity, since the entity is imaginary, to begin with.


To use the example I gave in my initial article, I stated that I could call myself President of Randyland — but, I wouldn’t be President over one square inch of land, if the entity of Randyland never existed, to begin with. This is the actual status of the Palestinians trying to declare themselves a state, when the realities are that they are still occupying lands within land that is Israel.


For that matter, the state of Jordan is an illegal creation wrested from the eastern portion of this so-called “Palestine”, when Britain took over a mandate of the League of Nations to administer the stewardship of the land, and to see to the “close settlement” of the Jews within it, according to the 1917 Balfour Declaration, which recognized Jewish historical claims to its rights to the land, and not based on suffrance.


Furthermore, when the Jordanians joined the collaborative 5-state Arab attack upon Israel in 1948, launched from their illegal portion of land designated for the Jewish state which was illegally hacked off from the whole of Israel/Palestine to begin with, the Arab victories in winning the Old City in Jerusalem and by Egypt’s win of Gaza in the south, and a small northern bit bordering Lebanon, were all considered illegal and were never recognized, but by one country, because they were won in an AGGRESSIVE attack upon the sovereignty of another nation, and not through the acquisition of lands via a DEFENSIVE action during a time of attack. These have legal meaning, which the world ignores in condemning Israel. These lands were legitimately regained by Israel in a defensive action to stave off the massing of Arab troops at Israel’s borders in 1967, and so have never lost Israeli designation. However, the world continues its anti-Semitic stances, and so favors the illegitimacy of the short-termed 19-year Arab occupation of Israeli land. Turkey, being the seat of the Ottoman Empire which previously held that land (in a chain of conquerors stretching back to Israel as the first, real recognized people indigenous to the land, being that the Canaanites no longer exist), legitimately lost it by continuing to take the losing side in the World Wars, as well as by the fact that it was never closely settled by them and was only tended, if at all, in an absentee ownership state of effendi-fellaheen relations, where a serfdom of indenturehood, such as that of a sharecropper, was practiced, with the serf living on the land in order to cultivate the produce of which was turned over, minus his own percentage in payment-in-kind, toward the effendi’s (absentee-owner’s) coffers.


My article, dated January 13, 2014, declared that there was no true government of Arab Palestinians, let alone a state in any part of the land. This is quite contrary to the actual Jewish government-in-exile status that Israel had had as a corporeal body of land in factual historicity. Theirs, if I’m using the correct legal terminologies here, were both a de jure state and a de facto state, ratified many times over in the reaffirmation of countless declarations, such as the Balfour Declaration and others.


I find it rather bothersome, and it’s unwarranted here for my proceding to do so, but it rankles me when we pretend that knowing such things, as we have known throughout history, is suddenly such a big surprise; and that we also pretend not to have such long-standing thousands-of-year ties to the land so that when we “rediscover” an ancient connection, like an archaeological item or ancient scrolls, we suddenly feign astonishment at the revelation. I don’t know what’s up with that, but we need to stop these pretenses, because others are starting to believe them!


In this vein, another “new” analysis by Ezequiel Doiny helps to synthesize many salient points, via his discovery of an article ©Jean-Patrick Grumberg for addressing the Appeals Court ruling in Versailles, France that Israel, and not the Palestinians, were the rightful historical claimants to the land, even beyond the 1949 Armistice lines, which are not territorial demarcation lines by any account.


The article had, according to Doiny, taken into consideration the outside ruling of a foreign court in a matter involving Israeli land sovereignty, as it applied to a case involving the light rail system. Mahmoud Abbas was listed within it. An appeals Court date lists March 22, 2013, but there is no further pages attached here beyond this first, to follow along with the decisions as they had been made, per se, by the Court, as far as what looks to be the case to a non-French speaker, such as myself.


Doiny applies additional further considerations for the legal case for Israel’s sovereignty to the land, which is a nice addition to all of the other legal bases for determining that Israel is the true owner of the land. It’s unfortunate that such legal rulings are overturned by the popular vote in such bodies like the United Nations, whose supposed function is to clear any confusion of such issues.


Here is my original article:


Randyjw. “Any Leader of a State Without Recognized Borders is Illegitimate”. News Notes; January 13, 2014:



And here is the article by Ezequiel Doiny:


Doiny, Ezequiel. “French Court Ruling: Israeli Presence in the ‘West Bank’ is Legal”. Israel National; January 31, 2017:




The main site link of origination, as per Doiny’s mention: / ©Jean-Patrick Grumberg for (


Update: February 4, 2017: Added additional paragraph.



(Update: December 30, 2019):


Israel, David. “Prosecutor Bensouda Asking Hague Court to Rule on Indicting Israel for ‘War Crimes’;; December 21, 2019:




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Presently Prescient


Presently Prescient (Randyjw; February 3, 2017)


Prostrate on the ground

One man faces down

acknowledging humbly

where some things are found


The other a nit

the feeding of ticks

consumes parasitic

disgorging the spit


The first now on hands

shared communion with ants

and in vantage now stands

with both G-d and with man


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Infinitely Be


Infinitely Be (Randyjw; February 3, 2017)


No thing.

Not me.

I am.

That I am the great being

that was made by the great “I Am”

and that there was created a one

as lucky as I am

That among the sands I am

too numerous to be counted

That among the stars I am

sparkling in my illuminescence

and that in my nature

Amongst all nature

with so much kindness in my benevolence

I am as also that such I am

as ever I could have been most-fortunately granted

And this is the essence of me

all that I am and should ever be

but nothing is not a reality

for always my energy essential to He


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Spam Check


Spam Check (Randyjw; February 3, 2017)


One way to check for spam in your comments section is to take a minute to review its content. The message will be seen in full, so you will be able to see whether it is just some site trying to promote a number of different products, or whether the sentence structures are complete, or an amalgam of articles mashed together to give body to a message for an unrelated site.


I find that the present types of spam I’ve encountered often use complimentary or inquisitive language regarding the theme or visual display of your blog, designed to elicit a responsive, sympathetic action from its creator. I have often so similarly commented at others’ sites, and so, it might, at times, be difficult to differentiate a legitimate questioner from a spammer’s sniffing around at your site. And you might get fooled — but we can try not to be.


First, many of the WordPress themes are designated within the footer field at the bottom of the screen, especially with the free “” themes. If the comment message you receive asks what theme you are using, but it already appears at the bottom of your blog, then you can see a credible enough reason to assume that this is a likely spam message (judging leeway for innocence via other methods, if necessary).


Check that the “username” appearing at the top of the message matches the email account name, and also look at the suffix from which country the email is being supposedly sent; they often seem to have a different country designation. What do I mean by that? Well, this would be the, generally, two-letter suffix in the URL, such as: “.de”, which stands for Germany; or “.ru”, which stands for Russia.


Does the “username” match the email name in gender? Often, there are discrepancies. Does the username match the stylistic essence of the email name or of the written content? Discrepancies indicate that these might be good indications of a spamming attempt upon your blog site. Does the body of the written content contain many links, or inappropriate links (such as to dating sites, etc.)? These are likely phishing attempts to check the validity of your site and to extract personal information from you, or to insert malware, spyware, worms, viruses and trojan horses into your site. Akismet will try to catch alot of spam for you, but extra firewalls and protective anti-virus and cleaning programs should be used to help try to ward off these attempted attacks on your site.


Be proactive in searching for these discrepancies, and help turn away unwanted attacks at your blog site.


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Salt (Randyjw; February 2, 2017)


I’m too simple to understand what you mean

I was made with the salt of too much ocean

to sow a fertile earth

to keep held back

from my sleeves or from its screens

It’s everywhere that can be seen

glistening on my brow and behind the backs of my knees

Caught up in rivulets

never missed

in the blue hope shining of abalone

never gone, never go, always been


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Obsession: Screen It


Obsession: Radical Islam’s War Against the West, took the world by storm in its burst upon the landscape in 2005. Much like the introduction of Islam to the world, coming out swinging, as it did, from the confines of Saudi Arabia in the 600’s of the Common Era to the world at-large, Obsession, the movie, was a phenomenon which blazed its way into the stuff legends are made out of when it advanced simultaneously across all branches of the digital-print divide.


Following in the footsteps of modern-day terror-trackers Daniel Pipes and Steve Emerson and on the heels of the multiple American Terror attacks of 2001, Obsession sought to show the radical interpretations of Islamic doctrine, which would have potentially influenced the followers of Jihadist ideology in their proceeding forth to carry out such attacks against a culture it perceptibly conceives, in certain light, as incompatible to its existence. The film clearly states that it is not a broadly painted smear brush with which to taint the feelings, practices and expressions of a singular religion.


The film was a wildly popular success and remains in the annals of groundbreaking, innovative documentaries, which cross borders into the mainstream alongside their more popular, commercial successes. Yet, it still maintains that grassroots groundswell of indie art-film meeting cult-hero worship of true investigative, undercover pizzazz with impeccable scholarly credentials that earn the people in these circles top intelligence accolades and respect.


The Clarion presents the opportunity to screen Obsession, or two others of its phenomenal offerings, The Third Jihad or Iranium (Yes, I know… Iranium — Can you believe it?), at your facility or to your group, and might possibly even be able to pencil in an appearance by one of their guest speakers for your event. Can you believe this?


Yes, I know! Do you hold study meetings, or run an agency that might benefit its body with lecture series? Get talking and get going. Write The Clarion Project for more information and to learn how.


Contact The Clarion using their convenient contact form:




All copyrights, trademarks, patents and intellectual property rights, etc., reserved to their respective owners.



Update (April 9, 2019):


Obsession is now available for $0.99 cents:


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Tea For Me And You Makes Two


Tea For Me And You Makes Two (Randyjw; February 2, 2017)


Isn’t it rye?

to wish a toast

to dear ones missed

on separate coasts


So let’s just raise

our cups of tea

on the one hand for you

and on the other for me

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