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Randy’s Recipes: Fifteen Minute Macaroni Bisque


Randy’s Recipes: Fifteen Minute Macaroni Bisque (Randyjw; February 28, 2017)


1/2 box (12 oz.) macaroni, or other, pasta

1 can (10.5 oz.) bisque soup (seafood, lobster, chowder, corn, vegetable, etc.)

12 oz. chicken stock (two chicken bouillon cubes dissolved in travel mug sized coffee cup)

1/4 – 1/2 Tablespoon butter

1/8 teaspoon (4 shakes) garlic powder

1 bay leaf, small

4 drops apple-cider vinegar

Thickener, if desired (cornstarch, flour, etc.)

Optional Add-Ins: Port-Wine Cheese Spread (like Kaukauna) (I haven’t actually tried this, yet…)



Boil pasta, as per package directions; then, strain and set aside.


Combine the remaining ingredients in a saucepan until heated through, reducing sauce with continued heat to thicken. If using thickener, use some of the heated sauce and add to the powdered thickener in a separate bowl, to dissolve and to temper the thickener to the desired consistency; then add to sauce and stir. Pour over pasta. Season to taste.

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Rock On, Aileron


Rock On, Aileron (Randyjw; February 28, 2017)


Can you catch me on radar

As I’m flying super-sonar

lane change, again

weaving wheels to highway

meeting arms to air

I swear

I just want you to be happy

The trunk is full

and neither of us have got the room

for a heart of gloom

Let’s take it on the road

fly this car right in the air

Are you a passenger along for the ride

or will you add another wing

Get this car soaring

and take it into flight


I haven’t got all night

but the rest of my life

for you to be mine

No ideas, nobody in mind

Just a song I’ll sing

I’m alone again

Rock on, aileron

Rock on, my heart, and soar


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Jedda Knight


Jedda Knight (Randyjw; February 26, 2017)


Thank you for planting a tree in Israel. May it provide life and its bounteous blessings. Shukrun.


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Thank You


Thank you (Randyjw; February 25, 2017)


The words you wrote the other night

made me cry

for all the time I’ve let go by

and all the hurt I’ve kept inside

and for all the things I’ve tried to deny

Thinking I could beat it til it died

It didn’t, and it arised

But I couldn’t even realize

since I kept closing my eyes

and thought it could hide

til my breath caught in my side

What you wrote in those lines

was just the same like I had lived

so the resemblance was no lie

but the scars they still apply

and the residue will always remain

I don’t really feel like revisiting it all again

but, now that I know that this boondoggle is mine

I know what it is, and I’m gonna be fine


Thank you

You’re the only one that’s broken through

If you need an ear

I’m here, also, for you


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Comparable (Randyjw; February 25, 2017)


Are you sure you’ve seen

differences between us I

hadn’t known there’d been

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Always (Randyjw; February 25, 2017)


Believe in Me; And

Believe in You; For I Do.

With Love, You-Know-Who


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We are all the same

We are all one kind

All; one body

All; one mind


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