Obsession: Screen It


Obsession: Radical Islam’s War Against the West, took the world by storm in its burst upon the landscape in 2005. Much like the introduction of Islam to the world, coming out swinging, as it did, from the confines of Saudi Arabia in the 600’s of the Common Era to the world at-large, Obsession, the movie, was a phenomenon which blazed its way into the stuff legends are made out of when it advanced simultaneously across all branches of the digital-print divide.


Following in the footsteps of modern-day terror-trackers Daniel Pipes and Steve Emerson and on the heels of the multiple American Terror attacks of 2001, Obsession sought to show the radical interpretations of Islamic doctrine, which would have potentially influenced the followers of Jihadist ideology in their proceeding forth to carry out such attacks against a culture it perceptibly conceives, in certain light, as incompatible to its existence. The film clearly states that it is not a broadly painted smear brush with which to taint the feelings, practices and expressions of a singular religion.


The film was a wildly popular success and remains in the annals of groundbreaking, innovative documentaries, which cross borders into the mainstream alongside their more popular, commercial successes. Yet, it still maintains that grassroots groundswell of indie art-film meeting cult-hero worship of true investigative, undercover pizzazz with impeccable scholarly credentials that earn the people in these circles top intelligence accolades and respect.


The Clarion Project.org presents the opportunity to screen Obsession, or two others of its phenomenal offerings, The Third Jihad or Iranium (Yes, I know… Iranium — Can you believe it?), at your facility or to your group, and might possibly even be able to pencil in an appearance by one of their guest speakers for your event. Can you believe this?


Yes, I know! Do you hold study meetings, or run an agency that might benefit its body with lecture series? Get talking and get going. Write The Clarion Project for more information and to learn how.


Contact The Clarion Project.org using their convenient contact form:




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